V1 VoIP Definitions for New Resellers

v1 VoIP glossary of commonly used VoIP terms for new resellers

V1 VoIP is a premium provider of VoIP services and solutions and we welcome resellers to join our team. Even if you have no experience in the VoIP technology world previously, V1 can give you the tools you need to be a success and all you have to do is sell, sell, sell!

If you are a newbie to the VoIP reseller world… welcome! Here is V1 VoIP’s guide of commonly used definitions you will definitely want to familiarize yourself with as you get started reselling our services and solutions. For instance, did you know that VoIP is an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol? If not, then read on! These terms in alphabetical order and simplified so you can begin your journey in the telephony communications field!

ASR: Short for Answer / Seizure Ratio, it’s the number of successfully answered calls divided by the number of attempted calls.

ATA: Stands for Analogue Telephone Adaptor. A hardware device used to connect a PSTN telephone to the Internet. VoIP gateways and modems perform similar functions.

Bandwidth: The maximum amount of data that can be uploaded/downloaded over a single line over a fixed duration (measured in bits per second).

Broadband: High speed internet via cable TV, DSL, or telecom.

Codec: Short for compression-decompression process; it compacts data into a smaller format for lighter transmission, then unpacks it again at the destination.

Echo-Path Delay: The duration between a transmitted signal and its reflection.

Echo-Path Loss: The difference in signal strength between a transmitted signal and its reflection.

Interactive Voice Response: Commonly abbreviated as IVR, it is a platform that translates a caller’s touch-tones and voice commands into computer information for access over the phone or vice versa. For example, a voice menu that requires a caller to punch in a pin or select an option.

IP: The Internet Protocol dictates how data packets are transmitted over the internet.

IP Address: An Internet Protocol Address is a unique identifier machines use to connect to the Internet. Both fixed and dynamic IP addresses exist, ranging from to IP mapping is the process of geographically locating a device based on its IP address.

Jitter: A temporary transmission flux caused by early or delayed data packets. Read more about and transfer of data.

Packet: A group of datum containing both a destination and source. Packet loss occurs due to latency or switching overload, at which point the data never reaches its destination.

POTS: Easy to remember, it stands for Plain Old Telephone Service and means traditional phone service over the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Router: A network device that stores and forwards packets.

Sampling: A method used to measure and encode analogue signals into a digital format.

SIP: Stands for Session Initiaion Protofol and is standard for initiating, maintaining, and terminating interactive user sessions like video calling, instant messaging, or VoIP.

WiFi Hotspot: A wireless Internet access point, typically found in public, retail, and corporate environments.


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Opportunities to Become a V1 VoIP Reseller

opportunities to become a v1 voip reseller

V1 VoIp offers unique reseller partnership programs specifically for telecom partners seeking high quality service, competitive rates, innovative services, and flexibility. Becoming a VoIP reseller or VoIP agent is also very easy and lucrative with V1 VoIP. Our VoIP reseller program provides competitive wholesale rates for VoIP service.

By become a V1 VoIP reseller partner you will have access to the most innovative telecom services V1 VoIP offers including:

* VoIP (Wholesale – Retail)
* International Local Access Numbers
* International Toll Free Access Numbers
* Calling Cards (Prepaid – Postpaid)
* SMS Callback
* Web Callback
* CallerID / UANI Callback
* Call Forwarding (From toll free and local access numbers worldwide)
* UWT Mobile SIM

Choose from one of V1 VoIP’s resell partner programs that fits to your VoIP business profile. V1 VoIP offers partner programs for:

1. Private Label Reseller
2. Prepaid Agent
3. Postpaid Agent
4. Calling Card Distributor

For those looking to start their own telecom business, V1 VoIP offers a variety of telecom reseller programs and telecom reseller opportunities as well as beneficial tips for the beginner. With th V1 VoIP callback reseller program allows you to make high profits and to become a successful callback reseller. You can also choose to become a callback agent if you want to make high commissions. If you are looking to become a calling card distributor our wholesale calling cards are the perfect option for you. Being a phone card distributor, you will benefit from our support and competitive rates.

At V1 VoIP, we believe in maintaining the highest possible call quality even if it means higher cost to us. Over the years, our unyielding strive for quality has proven to be our greatest strength. Contact us now to get started growing your VoIP business.

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Ways To Make Money Reselling V1 VoIP

V1 Voip shows you ways to make money by selling voip service and products

V1 VoIP welcomes new resellers to the VoIP market. Whether you are an IT professional with an existing list of tech savvy clients or business owner looking to save money month over month on your office telecommunications bill, V1 VoIP provides the technical tools, tips, services, solutions and products that you need to be successful as a VoIP reseller.

There are many options for those entering the VoIP reseller market. Here V1 VoIP discusses a few of those options so you can decide which one will work best for you and your reseller goals.

Spend Huge Amounts of Money
If you’re not interested in becoming a V1 VoIP reseller, you might be in for a rude awakening. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in your own VoIP server platform, and it’s not an easy route to take. But don’t forget about the staff of technical experts who can launch it, maintain it, as well as stay ahead of the curve for software and hardware updates. They will also stay one step ahead of hackers looking to bring you down.

This expensive option is not for the business safe-player, and needs to be understood it could be years before you actually make any money. Considering the small number of “techies” out there who have actual experience with VoIP, and the fact that you could invest a lot in their training only to have them move on to a larger company once you’ve provided the training that improved their resume.

Become a V1 VoIP reseller
As a V1 VoIP reseller, we have taken the money and the guess work out of the equation for you. As a ‘reseller’ you become a valued sales agent of our company. You set your own profit margins, offer the products, services and solutions you want. You can decide this on a client by client basis or focus on the items you feel most familiar and comfortable with. The decision is all yours.

By becoming a V1 VoIP reseller you avoid the upfront costs of investing in your own platform because you have ours at your disposal. At the touch of your fingertips you have access to our state of the art and proprietary back end VoIP Portal, which gives you instant ability to set tariffs, port numbers, add features and so much more.

White label Your Business
Want to start resell V1 VoIP services, but under your own company name, logo and colors? V1 VoIP offers a complete white label solution to our resellers. With this private label option, your customers see your name and yours only. Unlike other companies, V1 VoIP does not look to poach our own reseller customers. They are yours to receive comission either one time or recurring on a month to month basis. At V1 VoIP we believe that when you succeed, we succeed.

Becoming a V1 VoIP reseller is not for everyone. But if this is the business for you, that’s when V1 VoIP comes in. We take care of all the technical stuff on the back-end, so that you can focus on reselling our services. And we’re happy to help you grow your business. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today with your questions or to get started!

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Advantages of the V1 VoIP Private Label Reseller Program


The V1 VoIP private label VoIP reseller program allows you the reseller to receive deeply discounted wholesale rates and private branding of all the services V1 VoIP offers. There is no sign up fee to start and your is only requirement is to enjoy growing your own VoIP business.

The V1 VoIP private label reseller is a turnkey solution to getting into VoIP business. V1 VoIP offers a reliable telecommunications platform, unique services, and competitive pricing, is the right telecommunications partner that you can rely on for your future business.

Here is what the V1 VoIP private label VoIP reseller program offers:

1. Complete turn-key solution for today’s highly competitive telecom market
2. Private branding of all services V1 VoIP offers to its customers and sub-resellers with transparent on-line control panel
3. Highly competitive start up wholesale rates and progressive discount plan for increasing business volume
4. Professional back office support through personal attention of an expert Business Development Coordinator
5. The ability to create sub-resellers with complete automation and access to on-line account management
6. Assign and modify multiple retail rates (for various customer groups), and customized sub-reseller wholesale rates for each sub-reseller account
7. Access to daily wholesale/retail production, Call Detail Records (CDR)
8. Ability to view payment history, transfer funds to sub-reseller accounts, distribute funds to individual customer accounts
9. Create calling card PINs on-line and assign specific expiration dates and retail values
10. Create separate recharge PINs to provide the convenience of recharging an access number on-line, by phone or by callback
11. Modify account settings (billing increments, discount percentage, access fee, language, etc.) for each customer account
12. Provide on-line account management for individual customers with complete access to invoices, retail call detail records, and various tools to modify account settings

To get started right now, contact a member of the V1 VoIP private label reseller team and one of our Business Development Coordinators will contact you as soon as possible to launch your VoIP business and answer any questions.

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