V1 VoIP Vanity Number Business Guide

V1 VoIP vanity phone numbers provide businesses name recognition, marketing boost and branding opportunityBusinesses still rely on making phone calls. Whether it’s connecting with clients, providing customer service, making deals, or speaking with colleagues, the phone is always being utilized in the professional world. That’s why a good, memorable phone number is such a valuable asset. And V1 VoIP can provide resellers to businesses with the vanity phone numbers they have been looking for.

V1 VoIP Vanity Number Guide

Does a company remember your name? Brand recognition is a challenge with so many companies in the world. But if your existing and potential customers know it, your company’s name could be a critical component to selecting a vanity phone number. A vanity telephone number that’s used with a business phone system can play a strong role in reinforcing the brand association with a company’s product, service or even just its name.

If your business name is unavailable or if your company name is shorter than seven letters, do not worry. There are ways to create a memorable vanity number with phrases and keywords. For example, abbreviations and/or descriptive nouns and adjectives can expand or truncate a vanity number’s length. If your company name is Proud, your phone number could be 1-800-BE-PROUD. These tactics apply to businesses without name recognition as well, those that need catchy vanity numbers to reflect their offerings instead. Such strategies work in numerous other settings, including web addresses, domains and hashtags.

Add some instant recognition to your business with a V1 VoIP vanity phone number. The call becomes toll free for your customers and will give your company an instant marketing boost! Contact V1 VoIP for your vanity number availability today!

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Must Have Feature V1 VoIP Conference Bridges

benefits of V1 VoIP resellers offering hosted PBX feature conference bridges and virtual meeting room to businessesA conference bridge makes it easy to connect these employees in a conference call on your own VoIP system. Meetings between multiple colleagues and business partners can also require a secure conference calling solution. By utilizing V1 VoIP’s conference bridge, you are creating a password protected, secure call for your attendees. As a result, conference bridges are one of the most request feature of V1 VoIP’s cloud hosted PBX.

Whether your business is big or small, V1 makes state of the art features like our conference bridge available to everyone. It’s free for internal usage, and is a great way to connect employees who work from different locations. More and more small businesses have employees that work from home or on the road, while others stay in the office.

With conference bridge, businesses and individual employees will always have the same dedicated phone number. Meeting attendees will always know which number to use to reach the conference call, and the password can be changed as often as you want or need depending on the meeting, who is joining, employees coming or going, etc.

Conference bridges can help your company hold meetings with employees, woo future clients, update current ones and make it easy for everyone to congregate together. It’s just one of many business operation improving features of V1 VoIP’s cloud hosted PBX. Contact a member of V1 VoIP today to show you how you can grow your business with our solutions.

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Enterprise Unified Communications from V1 VoIP

Unify your enterprise business with unified communications from V1 VoIP backed by PortaOneHow do you take control and facilitate better interactions between employees, collaboration teams, vendors and customers across all your locations? V1 VoIP offers a unified communications solution to keep your team productive and fully connected regardless of whether they are sitting at their desk or in an out-of-office meeting.

If you want to run an enterprise business today, you and your many employees communicate with customers and each other using all kinds of devices and applications. Each day in business, you and your employees use desk phones, mobile phones, voice mail, SMS, email, chat, web conferencing, audio conference bridges, and even tele-presence. It is a lot to juggle and keep track of! Add to that, employees are no longer chained to their desks, but working on the road or at home.

Communications are becoming unified like never before. In the past, business communications were divided into multiple categories, with telephony being completely seperate. But with advancements in technology, communications have been revolutionized for businesses creating a unified front. By unifying different communicative elements with technology, it is almost always more cost effective than sticking with old technology and telephony is no different.

V1 VoIP’s Unified Communication is backed by powerful PortaOne technology and is cloud-based, meaning no huge capital expenditures, maintenance, upgrades, or headaches to deal with. It’s a secure, enterprise-grade, cloud-hosted solution to fit your business communication needs.

Get started with Unified Communications today. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP Unified Communications team right now.

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V1 VoIP Explains SIP Trunking for Resellers

V1 VoIP explains SIP and SIP trunking for resellersFor V1 VoIP resellers, SIP trunking is quickly becoming a go-to product to offer businesses from small to enterprise as it can save them up to 70% over traditional phone line usage. SIP trunking is completely replacing traditional and analog phone lines, instead combiming voice and data over a single circuit.

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is a “signaling” system for connecting, monitoring and disconnecting connections across the internet. A SIP Trunk is a network interface device that recognizes SIP signals and can process these signals to other SIP devices. SIP Trunking is provided by a Softswitch or SBC-Session Border Controller which provides, among other things, signal processing, protocol conversion, transcoding conversion, call routing, QoS-Quality of Service, AAA-Authorization, Authentication and Accounting functions as well as switching control interface to and from gateways.

SIP is a telephony signaling protocol that is used to establish a “communications session or connection” such as a telephone call, IM-Instant Message, conference call or other type of communications on an IP-Internet Protocol network. SIP is a request-response protocol that operates like a “communications browser” protocol such as HTTP-Hypertext Transfer Protocol. SIP is the communications equivalent to such internet protocols such as HTTP and SMTP-Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

Calls placed over the Internet are placed via a media gateway on the service provider’s network. SIP Trunking will work with old key systems or new IP PBXs, offering advanced VoIP features. Unlike PRI lines which contain 23 channels, SIP Trunking can be purchased in increments as low as one concurrent call, so businesses buy only what they need as they need it.

In an IP and traditional telephony network, for a voice call to take place, it is expected that the two telephones go through two different phases known as call setup and call processing. The call setup – the first phase – happens when the two telephones want to talk to each other. This phase takes charge of exchanging all the information needed to get these two phones through and can start the call. In call setup phase, SIP has gradually replaced the well-known H323 is widely used. When the call has been setup, the call processing phase will begin to transfer voice data back and forth between the two phones.

Offer SIP Trunking services to your business clients today. Contact V1 VoIP about our SIP reseller offerings.

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V1 VoIP Offers Wholesale Traffic Exchange Solution

V1 VoIP offers a wholesale voip traffic exchange solutionV1 VoIP offers a hosted switch VoIP exchange backed by the robust PortaSwitch engine. This exchange is a turnkey solution for VoIP providers with its centralized management for the VoIP network.

V1 VoIP’s hosted switch solution allows our clients to efficiently manage large traffic volumes, leveraging the full power of the hosted softswitch and hosted billing platform without capital investments into VoIP and billing infrastructure. Least-cost routing and priority-based routing allow VoIP providers to maximize their revenues. Adaptive routing allows to dynamically measure vendors’ performance parameters and adjust routing to control the quality of service.

Real time CDRs. Instant advanced statistics that includes hourly, daily, weekly ASR, ALOC, Cost, Gross Margin, Revenue and many more features that help providers run their wholesale VoIP business in the most efficient and profitable manner.

Key Features of V1 VoIP Wholesale VoIP Traffic Solutions:Voip wholesale international

* Turnkey switching solution integrated with billing
* Highly scalable (thousands of concurrent call channels)
* VPN Suppport
* H.323/SIP and SIP/H.323 transparent conversion
* Unlimited number of vendors
* Effective quality measurement for
o ASR (average success rate)
o PDD (post dial delay)
o ALOC (average length of call)
o PPM (profit per minute)
* Automatic adaptive routing based on quality measurements
* Unlimited routing plans (e.g., economy and premium) based on call prefix
* Fail-over routing ensures dynamic re-routing in case of vendor failures

Contact V1 VoIP to launch your own VoIP Wholesale traffic solution!

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V1 VoIP Wholesale Toll-Free Services and Products

V1 VoIP offers wholesale toll free services and solutions phone numbers DIDsWith V1 VoIP, wholesale telecommunication providers can offer cost-effective toll-free services available to their customers, prospects, and partners across the globe.

V1 VoIP wholesale toll-free services are built on our powerful, state-of-the-art IP and converged communications network. Our wholesale toll free customers have no additional equipment to install and manage. This network offers advanced features such as load balancing and intelligent routing, to support large call volumes and peak calling periods, while ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

Why does a voice provider want to offer toll free services? Studies show that toll-free numbers drive more calls to a business. Through the use of toll-free numbers, local businesses and global corporations in virtually every industry can improve their accessibility and make it easier for callers to contact them – resulting in expanded reach into new markets, increased sales, and enhanced customer service. This makes toll free numbers an easy sales offering to business customers.

V1 VoIP provides carriers around the globe with efficient, cost-effective direct inward dialing (DID) solutions. V1 VoIP DID services are built on our robust IP and converged communications network, so businesses are guaranteed the highest quality and reliability. Organizations with multiple offices, overseas locations, remote or telecommuting workers, or “virtual” branches can slash phone bills in half, and reduce their overall telecommunication costs. With V1 VoIP DID services, companies can easily establish a presence in multiple locations, or connect two geographically dispersed locations at local rates by instantly creating, setting up, and activating local or international phone numbers.

And, most importantly, our services help dramatically reduce the costs associated with maintaining toll-free numbers. We can dynamically link toll-free numbers to local phone lines, so incoming calls – regardless of where they are placed from – will be billed at a lower local rate, instead of at long distance prices.

Don’t wait any longer to be able to provider wholesale toll free services. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP wholesale team today for information on any of the wholesale products and services offered.

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V1 VoIP Hosted PBX Features Include Do Not Disturb

V1 VoIP hosted PBX features do not disturbIncrease your profits by offering your customers V1 VoIP hosted PBX phone systems with a wealth of advanced hosted PBX features. One of the most asked for state-of-the-art communications is the sophisticated Do Not Disturb service.

V1 Hosted PBX: Do not Disturb
The V1 PBX provides Hosted PBX VoIP services with features like Do Not Disturb (DND). This is a great feature for those who do not want to be disturbed by phone calls at particular times. Whether you are in the shower or having a snack break or just want a break from the usual hectic routine sparing sometime for yourself, you can choose not to receive any calls, anytime you want and for as long as you want.

Let your Special ones reach you
In case you have enabled Do Not Disturb feature with your Hosted PBX while you are engaged in an important task, you can let some special people to still be able to call you. Imagine life with a newborn baby and the only one whose call will ring is your spouse, it can be that easy. With a Unique 4 digit pass code these important people can reach you by bypassing the DND, while for the rest of the callers this feature will remain unaffected.

Receive calls when you want
Just because you took a nap or went downstairs for an ice-cream, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on important calls. With the V1 VoIP Hosted PBX’s Do Not Disturb feature your calls will automatically go to voicemail, where your callers can leave a message that can be retrieved whenever you want.

Let others pick your call if you want
It’s not necessary that if you have enabled Do Not Disturb service, then the calls have to go to the voicemail. You can configure a ringing sequence, so in case you are temporarily unavailable to attend those incoming calls your partner or the next available person can answer them for you. For a shared line our Small Business PBX DND service will only stop calls from coming to your phone. Rest of the lines will remain unaffected.

V1 Voip PBX Do Not Disturb stops all incoming calls from reaching you as long as the DND feature is activated. In case of Hosted PBX Systems the Do Not Disturb feature, blocks the calls from ringing your phone. All calls are directly sent to voicemail. The DND service if activated, will only work for your phone. The rest of the phones connected to the same line will remain unaffected. If you want, you can let e few important callers to reach you even when DND has been activated. For this a special 4 digit pass code is provided.

Contact us now to offer the Do Not Disturb hosted PBX feature by V1 VoIP!

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Start Reselling Turnkey Services from V1 VoIP

start reselling V1 VoIP turnkey services and solutions for small and medium size SMB businessesNow that the costs associated with integrating high-tech VoIP services into a business have lowered drastically, business owners are able to update their outdated communication system to one that uses updated VoIP technology. For VoIP resellers, V1 VoIP offers turnkey services which are completely affordable for any and all business owners who are still using an analog telephone system.

If you have a customer still using POTS, there’s simply no reason to continue using the same analog-based business communication system. It doesn’t matter whether your customer is a small-sized business owner, a medium-sized business owner or even a single entrepreneur, VoIP technology is going to help your customers better compete with other businesses that fall within your niche. And the ability to communicate well in today’s highly competitive world of business is critical when it comes to being successful.

Resellers might have some business owners concerned about how much VoIP services are going to cost them in comparison to what they’re paying now for their landline system. The good news is the majority of business owners can expect to pay less than what their paying now.

Some business owners have been on a landline system for so many years that they may not even want to think about upgrading their business communication system. They’ve adopted the ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’ mentality and the thought of learning a new way to communicate may seem a bit overwhelming. But business owners who haven’t upgraded their current business communication system yet aren’t going to be able to communicate nearly as efficiently as they could with those who have already made the choice to upgrade to using VoIP technology.

V1 VoIP resellers offer turnkey VoIP services to these businesses who are still on the edge of making the landline to VoIP switch. Turnkey VoIP services allow an easy transition for these nervous customers and provide a seamless transition to the high-tech world of VoIP

If you’re someone who’s interested in reselling turnkey VoIP services, contact V1 VoIP today to begin offering our services to these SMB customers. Many small and medium-sized business owners are still looking for you, the V1 VoIP reseller who can assist them in upgrading their current landline-based communication system.

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V1 VoIp Wholesale Provider Billing Solutions

V1 VoIP offers class 4 and class 5 billing wholesale solutions tools meeting all requirements for providers

Time is money. With V1 VoIP’s Class 4 and 5 wholesale softswitch solutions, wholesale resellers are provided with a comprehensive VoIP billing function. With no additional billing software required, our billing solutions meet all requirements for successful VoIP providers.

Meet the V1 VoIP Softswitch for Billing
Our class 4 and 5 solutions modules allows viewing current calls on-line statistics, generate invoices, export CDRs, import payments, control credit limits, check connection quality. Our Billing Module runs on Linux and PostgreSQL thus allowing high performance, distinguished security, native redundancy, flexibility and clustering.

The V1 VoIP billing solution consists of next main tools:

Traffic Tools
* include customers/suppliers calls statistics with various filters;
* current calls online display, sorting by operators/codes/numbers/IP addresses;
* routing display for customers/suppliers;
* the set of various reports and charts: nonauthorized/authorized incoming calls attempts, Internet traffic consumption, incoming calls duration etc.
Pricing Tools
* provide prompt and convenient provider’s price list management. You can upload or change as single code through “add price” menu as list of codes trough “add full price” menu.

Financial Tools
* allow to perform financial analysis of any selected client and any selected destination;
* generate and send invoices to customers;
* create and change financial parameters and limits for customers and suppliers;
* create total billing report for each company for a certain time period and other types of reports;

* allows to add and edit your company information, which will be included into the invoices and other documents;
* to edit your RTP servers data;
* provides efficient control of all changes by using filters made by VoIP billing interface;
* automatically monitoring of ACD statistics etc.

For more information about our V1 VoIP billing solution and take a free demo to see it’s power first hand, contact a representative from our team.

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V1 VoIP Wholesale VoIP Termination

V1 VoIP wholesale termination minutes provider for carriers

When V1 VoIP resellers reach a certain threshold of termination minutes, we recommend that they become wholesalers for VoIP termination usage. As a V1 VoIP wholesale termination provider, carriers deliver reliable long distance connectivity via the T2 IP network to terminate an IP-originated call to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). It enables enhanced service providers to offer long distance VoIP access to residential and commercial customers at wholesale rates.

V1 VoIP termination offers the following benefits to wholesalers:

* Eliminate the need to negotiate with multiple vendors or manage a variety of complex interconnection sites and contracts
Contract terms
* Nationwide interstate and intrastate termination (outbound) service
* Connectivity from an IP network to the PSTN for terminating domestic long distance calls
* Multiple interconnection options — both Session Initiation Protocol (“SIP”) and Time Division Multiplex (“TDM”)
* NPA NXX billing structure which enables aggressive pricing over LATA/OCN models
* All calls billed in six-second increments, with an initial six-second minimum
* Detailed usage reporting (hourly, daily, monthly)
* Transport your end-users’ long distance traffic, both interstate & intrastate, over the high speed T2 Tier 1, 3.2Tbps, MPLS-enabled IP backbone

Don’t wait any longer to start reselling V1 VoIP termination minutes at wholesale pricing! Contact a member of our wholesale team today to find out about our wholesale rates and see if you qualify to become one of our wholesale termination carriers.

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