V1 VoIP Premium Carrier Services and Solutions

V1 VoIP offers premium voip carrier services and solutions to white private label resellers

V1 VoIP is a premium carrier of VoIP services and solutions. From high-end carrier services for PTTs and mobile operators, to white label and private label reseller services, V1 VoIP is the expert in VoIP services. V1 VoIP corporate business services are comprehensive enough to manage the communication needs of large organizations quite efficiently. With managed partitioning services and specialized solutions for ISPs, we supply technical assistance to specific client groups.

V1 VoIP Premium Managed Partitioning Services:

These on-demand technical solutions come with dedicated switches, using which our customers can offer VoIP enabled services to end-users. We help our customers to create their own brand identities and develop fulfilling relationships with clients.

V1 VoIP Premium Reseller Services:

Business users wanting to enter the lucrative world of VoIP, but lack the technical expertise for the same, can depend on V1 VoIP’s reselling services. The investment requirements are minimal. With options for white label and private label VoIP brand building and round-the-clock technical support, our reseller services are among the best in the industry.

V1 VoIP Premium Carrier Services:

V1 customers and clients can benefit from the collaborative agreements with global network providers. We are a carrier’s carrier driving economic growth through a range of value-added services conforming to the highest quality standards. We offer A-Z call termination at industry leading costs.

V1 VoIP Premium Solutions for ISPs:

ISPs can make the most of our customized solutions to sell voice services to end-users. With equipment specifications, technical support and round-the-clock monitoring, these solutions are proving to be quite valuable in different contexts.

Get your business started and growing today. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team and learn more about what our services and solutions can do for your VoIP business needs.

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Selling V1 VoIP To College Students

selling V1 voip to college studentsVoIP technology that enables users to make calls over the Internet is the most cost-effective way to call long distance. V1 VoIP’s low cost phone service is ideal for students who have computers but don’t necessarily have the budget for expensive landline or mobile calling plans.

Every year there comes a time when college freshmen pack up and set off to discover themselves in their quest for higher education. While there are many who choose to study near their homes, the vast majority fly from the nest to broaden their horizons. The transition to living hundreds or sometimes thousands of miles from home is a huge step for students who frequently find themselves calling family and high school friends. To ease this time of initial separation and to keep the lines of communications open throughout the school year, VoIP technology has proven to be an extremely useful tool for calling home easily and affordable.

College dorms are frequently provided with WiFi clouds, but students have no way to hook a VoIP internet phone adapter to the university’s modem. Hotel rooms and internet coffee shops are other places where you might not be able to physically hook into a modem. So what can you do about it?

A wireless voip phone might be the easiest solution, however you shouldn’t overlook the possibility that a WiFi bridge might solve your problem. Bridges receive the wireless internet signal that’s being broadcast and allow you to physically plug in devices like VoIP adapters or a computer. Then you can connect your phone line to the adapter and bam! You have VoIP! Without all the geekery of speaking to your computer.

Many students might be interested in finding out that you can use your computer as a wireless VoIP bridge if you use your Wireless and Ethernet cards at the same time. Just, plug your phone adapter into the Ethernet port and grab a signal using your wireless card. Enjoy your VoIP!

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V1 VoIP Offers State of the Art Hosted PBX

V1 VoIP offers a hosted PBX system specifically designed for resellers and installers of conventional CPE-based systems who are looking for a way to offer hosted VoIP services. Hosted PBX is the all-in-one platform for delivering these services to the SMB market. V1 VoIP hosted PBX solves this challenge at a fraction of the typical cost.

V1 VoIP offers state of the art hosted pbx platformIn addition to supporting cutting edge PBX and Unified Communications features expected of an advanced telephony system, V1 VoIP offers an integrated billing solution that handles call-based accounting, a complete eCommerce solution, an invoicing package – even an optional integrated smartphone application. V1 VoIP private label resellers effectively service small companies with as few as two extensions to organizations with thousands of extensions worldwide.

With the ever-increasing demand for cloud-based telephony, VoIP service providers need better ways to administer, deploy, and manage their offerings. Service providers looking to deliver hosted IP PBX solutions to their customers typically face very expensive start-up costs or used systems that lacked in necessary features and manageability. V1 VoIP allows traditional telephony resellers to support their customers from the Cloud, with no on-site hardware to purchase, manage, or maintain.

V1’s private label reseller program and hosted PBX system comes at a critical time for those faced with paying large sums of money for billing software and soft switch products or for those just looking to break into the cloud based hosted VoIP market.”

If you are already in (or are considering getting into) the hosted VoIP service provider market, you owe it to yourself to take a look at V1 VoIP’s hosted PBX and private label VoIP reseller program. Contact us now to see the best in the business.

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V1 VoIP Hosted PBX Systems for Resellers

V1 VoIP hosted PBX phone systems give resellers the service solutions capabilities and features that business customers wantV1 VoIP offers resellers the ability to offer business customers Hosted PBX services and solutions and even the ability to private label resell Hosted PBX. What is Hosted PBX? A Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a service provided by the telephone company’s exchange. Take the traditional PBX system employs a telephone operator attended manual switchboard console, and update it to the new millennium with advanced VoIP Hosted PBX system. The V1 VoIP system provides all the facilities of a Hosted PBX system along with the perks of VoIP.

There are two reasons a Hosted PBX system becomes an easy sell for V1 VoIP resellers with business customers. First, with a Hosted PBX system, a customer does not need to invest in buying or installation of PBX equipment as the services are rendered over a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or the internet. The second reason is the wealth of features and capabilities that our Hosted PBX systems offer which businesses view as necessities, including:

Call forwarding and blocking: Where a call can be forwarded to another location within the same organization or the user can choose not to receive calls from a particular number by blocking it beforehand.

Conference Call: The user can converse with two or more people at different geographical locations at the same time.

Automatic call distributor: The Hosted PBX system can distribute a received call to a group of extensions where the call can be received.

Call Waiting: If another party tries to call the user while he is busy, the second calling party’s details are flashed on the display screen and the call is put to waiting.

Speed dialing: Important numbers can be stored in the memory and attached to numerals.

Do not disturb: This feature blocks all the incoming calls when the user doesn’t want to receive any calls.

Follow-me: The caller is routed to a list of numbers if it does not get an answer from the number dialed.

Voice Mail: In case there is no answer to a call, the calling party can drop a voice mail.

If your business customers are interested in these features and more, contact V1 VoIP today to learn more about our Hosted PBX systems for resellers.

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Businesses Rely on V1 VoIP Conference Calls

V1 VoIP resellers business customers request conference calls and video conferencing service capabilitiesV1 VoIP resellers help businesses make conference calls and not just with audio services, but video too. Conference calls are more necessary than ever as a way to do business. This could mean with other office locations, mobile employees, new vendors, strategic partners and even customers. Video conferencing and web conferencing allows a business to connect with others using V1 VoIP technology.

Conference call capability is a fantastic way for businesses to stay connected. If a situation arises in which a business needs to call a meeting quickly, it can be done in a matter of minutes versus a number of hours. And not only can that conference meeting be held quickly, but you can now say goodbye to the extra monetary expenses of traveling, overnight stays, food and gas, as well as the expense of your time.

Even more beneficial to businesses with conferencing capabilities is the power to record a call. Not sure what sales terms were settled on, now you have an audio and visual reminder of what those terms were. Need to recall how much that loan was for? Find out with the click of a button.

Today’s business world is highly competitive. V1 VoIP resellers know it is imperative that businesses take advantage of the power of VoIP technology which can keep them competitive and advance them to the next level. Don’t wait any longer to add VoIP conference capabilities to your service portfolio. Contact V1 VoIP today to get started reselling VoIP conference calls.

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Retailers for V1 VoIP Reseller Services

V1 VoIP introduces retailers for white label voip reseller servicesV1 VoIP introduces VoIP Reseller Services for retailers, Internet Service Providers, call shops and all other interested business entities, aspiring to become VOIP Provider without going through the ordeal of setting up backbone operations, infrastructure, development, and conducting exhaustive research.

With the V1 VoIP reseller program, you can generate added recurring revenue from your existing and future client base by reselling V1 VoIP’s VoIP services to them on your brand, without any sort of technical, logistical and regulatory chores. Our reseller services ensure you an economical way of selling VoIP-enabled services to businesses having existing client-relationships in the captive audience for the same. All that you have to do is bring customers and we will handle the rest!

V1 VoIP resellers enjoy the following benefits

  • V1 VoIP resellers can fully re-brand our services as their own. Your customers will never see us or know about us.
  • V1 VoIP resellers enjoy the option of getting exclusive custom configured SIP Proxy and VoIP ATA provisioning system.
  • Our online tools are efficient enough to generate custom mark-ups in prices and complete online billing and reporting know the profits in business 24×7.
  • All end-users are entitled for our 24×7 help desk assistance.
  • Volume-based discounts with no commitments.
  • Get instant Reseller account activation with V1
Added Benefits offered by V1 VoIP
  • Timely software and patch updates, hire a developer program for customized applications.
  • Free Mobile dialer and SIP soft phone customized to your portal.
  • Easy to use billing and customer account management interfaces.
  • SIP encryption for VoIP blocked countries, encrypted devices available on request.

The V1 VoIP reseller program lets you offer commercial grade VoIP services in a rapid, hassle-free manner. Earn revenue right away! We let our small businesses associates start selling our services within minutes of their signing up with us. Want to get reselling our VoIP service? Sign up with V1 VoIP now!

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V1 VoIP Explains: VoIP Vanity Toll Free Numbers

One of the easiest ways to make it easier for customers to reach a business is to have a vanity number. At V1 VoIP, we can help resellers obtain the 800 vanity number of your dream for a low one-time fee.

Having a vanity 800 number is one of the best ways to get customers to remember your phone number. One of the best examples of a 800 number doing this is 1-800-FLOWERS.

Who uses a 1 800 number?

There are three known groups for which 800 telephone numbers are most applicable:

1) Large Businesses or Corporations
Large businesses use 1 800 numbers for their customer support line in order to become more accessible to the consumer. When using an 800 number, consumers are free to call for support or help at no charge.

2) Small Businesses
Small businesses use 800 numbers to increase visibility and to create an impression of national presence. Having a toll free number helps small businesses differentiate themselves from their competition by seeming more customer service friendly.

3) Individual Consumers
There are several reasons personal 800 number use; however, the most common users seem to be parents whose children are away at school. By obtaining an 800, 866, 877 or 888 number parents can provide a convenient way for family members to call home without having to pay a monthly premium or make a collect call.

Do you need a vanity toll free number for your clients? Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today.

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V1 VoIP Reseller Program is TurnKey

V1 VoIP's reseller program includes everything you need to run a successful VoIP businessFor resellers looking for a turn key way to enter the VoIP world, V1 VoIP’s reseller program includes everything you need to run a successful VoIP business. Our Private Label VoIP Reseller Program is designed to quickly enable professional service providers to offer their own business VoIP services using their brand. There are no extreme hardware down payments, no complicated network setups or carrier relations to manage.

V1 VoIP DID’s for $0.15

As a V1 VoIP reseller, you can order DID’s / phone numbers you need in real time using our propritary back end system VoIP Portal. Your pumbers are instantly active and ready to assign to your customers. In addition, you get access to high grade carriers with no minimum commitments to worry about. Leverage our buying power and sell VoIP services across the United States as well as more than 70 different countries.

While many wholesale VoIP providers offer exactly that “wholelsale VoIP”,

V1 VoIP: Handle Your Business with Ease

At V1 VoIP we understand that selling our services is only the first step in a successful VoIP reseller business. There’s also the business side of things and that’s why V1 VoIP doesn’t stop at services.

We bundle our integrated billing system into a complete unified solution. Now you can automatically create and email invoices to your customers, accept credit card payments using one of our many merchant gateway integration, and automatically notify any customers of unpaid and past due invoices, as well execute service suspensions based on preset collection rules. It’s a one stop shop for total business solutions.

As opposed to commission based VoIP resellers, V1 VoIP Private Label VoIP resellers directly invoice and collect from their customers keeping 100% of the profits.

Contact V1 VoIP today to learn more about our complete turnkey VoIP Reseller program.

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Reseller Customers Ask Questions About V1 VoIP Cloud

V1 VoIP resellers know about cloud based services solutions for business customersWhether you are reselling business VoIP services or a calling card company, when V1 VoIP resellers succeed, V1 succeeds. That’s why it is important that our resellers stay current with all of the VoIP services and solutions that V1 has available.

Right now the most popular questions our resellers are getting from their potential and existing customers are about the cloud. Clients want to know exactly what the cloud does and how it can aid in their telephony business needs.

The cloud is a really great word for virtual. Cloud computing means that infrastructure, storage and software are all stored in a virtual cloud, or not in the same location as their hardware. It’s like having all of your class books in a locker in high school, but the lockers exist off the campus. Information in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime, which is an extremely beneficial feature to many businesses. Another reason customers are enjoying floating in the cloud is that it offers a lot of flexibility. Options like the ability to pay as you go and to increase or decrease storage needs when necessary make the cloud a big hit.

V1 VoIP resellers are asking us about what the latest developments are concerning cloud telephony services. Customers have the option to choose from popular open source tools when they initially set up their cloud based service. From here an online content management system can be chosen, which are affordable and very easy to use. The flexibility of content creation programs allow customers to only pay for what they use instead of paying for solutions they don’t use or need.

V1 VoIP resellers know that there are currently many cloud choices available, and that we are here to help them if needed. When our resellers succeed, V1 VoIP succeeds. We mean that and we take it seriously. And the cloud means success for everyone!

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Conferencing Services and Solutions by V1 VoIP

Whether it’s a business meeting, speaking with multiple employees, or having a call from opposite ends of the coast, conferencing is a definite needs for businesses of all kinds. Conferencing capabilities provide a way for several users to communicate through the phone at the same time. This creates an excellent way for V1 VoIP resellers to stand out and improve the bottom line with a new service offering.

Conference services provided with V1 VoIP’s technology are especially important for your enterprise level clients that need help with multiple locations, dispersed customers or large sales forces to work together more efficiently.

From your customers prospective, it allows them to enjoy teleconferencing, inviting up to 40 callers in one virtual conference room to discuss common business project, conduct a seminar or training, and just chat between friends and relatives.

V1 VoIP Conferencing Service Benefits
* Easily and instantly provide a totally automated environment and always available tool for its customers to create virtual meeting rooms.
* Each user allowed to access conferencing service is provided with a self-care interface for scheduling conferences and managing various parameters, such as access codes.
* Customer can access the conferencing service with a dial-in number and an optional password to disseminate among the group of callers. Such a password to access the service can be either permanent, with a limited usage (number of calls, time period, etc.), or created only for a single teleconference session.
* Service users can schedule conferences at certain times, or stay in “always on” mode. They can also have multiple access numbers for example, US toll-free and overseas.
* The ITSP can use different models to charge clients for the service: fixed monthly fee, per session, time based (per minute, per hour, etc.), or alternatively, use the service as a definite differentiation of its service offering.

Even more features!
* Multiple meeting rooms for each account with customized names and sets of parameters
* Moderated and non-moderated conferences
* Customer web based self-care interface to add, edit, and delete meeting rooms
* Ability to schedule a conference to a specific time
* Up to one hundred simultaneous calls
* Capacity of up to 40 callers per virtual meeting room
* Various pricing models (time-based, per usage, mixed, etc.)

Contact V1 VoIP today to inquire about our conferencing services and solutions and to add them to your VoIP reseller portfolio.

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