V1 VoIP Premium Carrier Services and Solutions

V1 VoIP offers premium voip carrier services and solutions to white private label resellers

V1 VoIP is a premium carrier of VoIP services and solutions. From high-end carrier services for PTTs and mobile operators, to white label and private label reseller services, V1 VoIP is the expert in VoIP services. V1 VoIP corporate business services are comprehensive enough to manage the communication needs of large organizations quite efficiently. With managed partitioning services and specialized solutions for ISPs, we supply technical assistance to specific client groups.

V1 VoIP Premium Managed Partitioning Services:

These on-demand technical solutions come with dedicated switches, using which our customers can offer VoIP enabled services to end-users. We help our customers to create their own brand identities and develop fulfilling relationships with clients.

V1 VoIP Premium Reseller Services:

Business users wanting to enter the lucrative world of VoIP, but lack the technical expertise for the same, can depend on V1 VoIP’s reselling services. The investment requirements are minimal. With options for white label and private label VoIP brand building and round-the-clock technical support, our reseller services are among the best in the industry.

V1 VoIP Premium Carrier Services:

V1 customers and clients can benefit from the collaborative agreements with global network providers. We are a carrier’s carrier driving economic growth through a range of value-added services conforming to the highest quality standards. We offer A-Z call termination at industry leading costs.

V1 VoIP Premium Solutions for ISPs:

ISPs can make the most of our customized solutions to sell voice services to end-users. With equipment specifications, technical support and round-the-clock monitoring, these solutions are proving to be quite valuable in different contexts.

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Selling V1 VoIP To College Students

selling V1 voip to college students

VoIP technology that enables users to make calls over the Internet is the most cost-effective way to call long distance. V1 VoIP’s low cost phone service is ideal for students who have computers but don’t necessarily have the budget for expensive landline or mobile calling plans.

Every year there comes a time when college freshmen pack up and set off to discover themselves in their quest for higher education. While there are many who choose to study near their homes, the vast majority fly from the nest to broaden their horizons. The transition to living hundreds or sometimes thousands of miles from home is a huge step for students who frequently find themselves calling family and high school friends. To ease this time of initial separation and to keep the lines of communications open throughout the school year, VoIP technology has proven to be an extremely useful tool for calling home easily and affordable.

College dorms are frequently provided with WiFi clouds, but students have no way to hook a VoIP internet phone adapter to the university’s modem. Hotel rooms and internet coffee shops are other places where you might not be able to physically hook into a modem. So what can you do about it?

A wireless voip phone might be the easiest solution, however you shouldn’t overlook the possibility that a WiFi bridge might solve your problem. Bridges receive the wireless internet signal that’s being broadcast and allow you to physically plug in devices like VoIP adapters or a computer. Then you can connect your phone line to the adapter and bam! You have VoIP! Without all the geekery of speaking to your computer.

Many students might be interested in finding out that you can use your computer as a wireless VoIP bridge if you use your Wireless and Ethernet cards at the same time. Just, plug your phone adapter into the Ethernet port and grab a signal using your wireless card. Enjoy your VoIP!

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V1 VoIP Offers State of the Art Hosted PBX

V1 VoIP offers a hosted PBX system specifically designed for resellers and installers of conventional CPE-based systems who are looking for a way to offer hosted VoIP services. Hosted PBX is the all-in-one platform for delivering these services to the SMB market. V1 VoIP hosted PBX solves this challenge at a fraction of the typical cost.

V1 VoIP offers state of the art hosted pbx platform

In addition to supporting cutting edge PBX and Unified Communications features expected of an advanced telephony system, V1 VoIP offers an integrated billing solution that handles call-based accounting, a complete eCommerce solution, an invoicing package – even an optional integrated smartphone application. V1 VoIP private label resellers effectively service small companies with as few as two extensions to organizations with thousands of extensions worldwide.

With the ever-increasing demand for cloud-based telephony, VoIP service providers need better ways to administer, deploy, and manage their offerings. Service providers looking to deliver hosted IP PBX solutions to their customers typically face very expensive start-up costs or used systems that lacked in necessary features and manageability. V1 VoIP allows traditional telephony resellers to support their customers from the Cloud, with no on-site hardware to purchase, manage, or maintain.

V1’s private label reseller program and hosted PBX system comes at a critical time for those faced with paying large sums of money for billing software and soft switch products or for those just looking to break into the cloud based hosted VoIP market.”

If you are already in (or are considering getting into) the hosted VoIP service provider market, you owe it to yourself to take a look at V1 VoIP’s hosted PBX and private label VoIP reseller program. Contact us now to see the best in the business.

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V1 VoIP Hosted PBX Systems for Resellers

V1 VoIP offers resellers the ability to offer business customers Hosted PBX services and solutions and even the ability to private label resell Hosted PBX. What is Hosted PBX? A Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a service provided by the telephone company’s exchange. Take the traditional PBX system employs a telephone operator attended manual switchboard console, and update it to the new millennium with advanced VoIP Hosted PBX system. The V1 VoIP system provides all the facilities of a Hosted PBX system along with the perks of VoIP.

There are two reasons a Hosted PBX system becomes an easy sell for V1 VoIP resellers with business customers. First, with a Hosted PBX system, a customer does not need to invest in buying or installation of PBX equipment as the services are rendered over a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or the internet. The second reason is the wealth of features and capabilities that our Hosted PBX systems offer which businesses view as necessities, including:

Call forwarding and blocking: Where a call can be forwarded to another location within the same organization or the user can choose not to receive calls from a particular number by blocking it beforehand.

Conference Call: The user can converse with two or more people at different geographical locations at the same time.

Automatic call distributor: The Hosted PBX system can distribute a received call to a group of extensions where the call can be received.

Call Waiting: If another party tries to call the user while he is busy, the second calling party’s details are flashed on the display screen and the call is put to waiting.

Speed dialing: Important numbers can be stored in the memory and attached to numerals.

Do not disturb: This feature blocks all the incoming calls when the user doesn’t want to receive any calls.

Follow-me: The caller is routed to a list of numbers if it does not get an answer from the number dialed.

Voice Mail: In case there is no answer to a call, the calling party can drop a voice mail.

If your business customers are interested in these features and more, contact V1 VoIP today to learn more about our Hosted PBX systems for resellers.

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