One Tier Pricing for Entire United States

How many tiers is too many when it comes to billing your VoIP customers? Three? Five? Twenty seven? At V1 VoIP we want to give our providers ease of use when it comes to creating a bill for their customers. As a carrier of VoIP services, we offer our resellers one tier of pricing.

Yes, you heard us right, ONE TIER of pricing. For the ENTIRE United States.

Your bill does not need to be complicated. Your bill shouldn’t be five pages long and so convoluted that neither you nor your customers understand what they are looking at. That is why at V1 VoIP, we made it easy for you. And for your customers. If you make a call, it’s billed at one rate. It doesn’t matter if you are calling a big city like New York or Los Angeles and it doesn’t matter if you are calling a farm in Iowa. It’s one price.

In fact, our one tier pricing is where we get our name from. The ‘1’ in V1 refers to our one tier pricing.

Why should you have a difficult bill or wonder what tier your customer calls are going to be billed at? Stop worrying and wondering! Contact V1 VoIP today and learn more about one tier pricing structure for your carrier service needs.

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Marketing Your Business with Vanity Numbers

Does your company need the benefit of a vanity number? Vanity phone numbers are phone words, a number that incorporates a toll-free prefix and a few words or an acronym one of the best is 1-800-FLOWERS.

Why your business needs a vanity number
Vanity numbers are easy to remember. Which is easier for you to remember: 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-356-9377? vanity phone number helps your business (even if it is rather small) to look like a big corporation with international coverage. Survey subjects mentioned that a vanity number made businesses look more professional. While the 1-800 prefix is associated with considerable business scale, the “vanity part” of it proves that a company invested in its communication strategy.

A vanity phone number provides excellent opportunities for brand building. If you complement it with the corresponding domain name (e.g., you will automatically enhance its advertising effect. As for advertising campaigns, vanity phone numbers generate 25-50% more response. In audio advertisements, where capturing a telephone number in the word flow is even more difficult, the addition of a vanity number can lead to a 60% increase in response.

Ready to make a step forward and order a vanity phone number with a complete package of VoIP services? Contact V1 VoIP today to get your business it’s own vanity number.

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Understanding VoIP Redundancy

There is no chance to control nature, but there is definitely a chance to reduce the dependency of your telephony system on the ISP. This is what we call Internet redundancy. Redundancy is about providing a backup plan for everything.

But with all the benefits that VoIP origination offers to small businesses and big international companies, the vulnerable spot is still the the Internet connection. Whether its a natural disaster or a construction crew doing work to the streets, you cannot control the Internet. This will lead to breaks in communication as well, which translates to lost opportunities and inability to talk to clients and partners.

What is redundancy?
Imagine you are driving to work and find out that the road is blocked. Instead of waiting until the way is cleared, you simply switch your route. A similar process occurs in your data network if the VoIP redundancy principle is complied with: the data simply travels an alternative route, thus, your communications do not suffer.

Many businesses are use the approach of two Internet service providers, knowing that they can’t afford any connection downtime. The distribution of services between those two ISPs can be different. Some choose to assign different functions to them, and if one fails, its functions are automatically transferred to the other. Another scheme is to use one of the ISPs for backup purposes, i. e. most of the time it is non-active and used only in case of emergency.

Just like any other cutting-edge technology, VoIP requires a complex approach to work at its highest efficiency, and Internet connection redundancy is its major component. If you’d like to learn more about how a strong VoIP termination package with superb global coverage and redundancy can help your business, contact V1 VoIP today to prevent ever being down.

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Give Business Makeover with New V1 VoIP Phone Number

If your business is looking for an image makeover, a more targeted calling operation, increased visibility, or a phone number that makes a better impression on prospects, you might want to consider purchasing a new inbound number with your new phone system. Buying a new phone number gives you a chance to customize your number for the convenience of your customers. You can purchase a vanity, toll free, or vanity toll free number to increase your business’s visibility and accessibility.

Set Up Today
Get your business up and running so your team can start making and receiving calls right away. Purchasing a phone number from V1 VoIP will allow you to setup your phone system in some cases, less than a few hours. You can select and assign most inbound phone numbers directly from your phone system’s admin web page.

Vanity and Toll Free Numbers
A vanity number (555-BUY-CARS) spells out a name or phrase, which makes it easier for customers to remember your phone number. A vanity toll free number could make a difference in the way customers communicate with you and purchase your product. A toll free number (1-800-555-5555) allows customers to call you without incurring any charges. Studies have found consumers are< 75% more likely to recall a vanity toll free number than a numeric toll free number. Lower Phone Costs
Porting a phone number generally costs between $15 – $30 dollars per number. If you have multiple phone numbers than that can add up really quickly. In comparison, purchasing a new number comes at a relatively low cost. The average local area code number costs about $10 to purchase, along with a small monthly fee thereafter. Toll free numbers go for around $10, while vanity numbers can go for $30, with monthly charges thereafter. At these low rates, you can purchase not just a new inbound phone number, but a few outbound lines for calling customers outside of your area code.

Businesses in highly competitive markets like big cities have only so many phone numbers available within each area code, and in some cases, the scarcity of the numbers outweighs the demand to use them. That’s why finding a new number for a very popular area code might be tough. In this scneario, porting an existing number may be preferable to purchasing a new one with a different area code.

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10 VoIP Reseller Phone Sales Tips You Need

There are hundreds of strategies for how to sell over the phone. Here are the five of the best tips from V1 VoIP that you can implement today in closing your VoIP reseller customer.

1. Smile
When you smile, not only will smiling make you sound friendlier, it can also make the person on the other end of the line smile as well. It’s much harder to say no when you’re smiling! Changing your voice to sound happier will actually make you feel that way.

2. Visualize the other person
When you make dozens of phone calls every day, it can be easy to forget that you’re talking to a real person. It’s much easier to empathize with someone when we see them in front of us. Look up a picture of your prospect and keep it in front of you during the call. This will help loosen up any stiffness in your script and keep your tone conversational.

3. Match the other person’s pace
People talk at different speeds, depending on their mood and the situation. The best way to set your pace is to listen to the other person and try to match their tempo. At the beginning of your call, ask questions and engage in small talk to get a sense of how they talk.

4. Listen actively
It can be difficult to convey that you are actively listening to someone on the phone. You don’t have eye contact, and the other person can’t see if you’re paying attention or nodding. Despite the lack of visual cues, you can still show the other person that you are engaged in the call.

5. Say thank you
Regardless of how the call goes, always thank the other person for their time. Starting and ending your conversation in a polite manner will leave a good impression after the call is over. You want to present a professional image of yourself and your company, even if the call doesn’t result in a sale.

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When to Port Your Current Business Phone Number

If you’re an established company with brand recognition, high visibility, substantial inbound calls, and a large customer base, porting your existing phone number is a necessity. Porting will keep disruptions to your daily operations at a minimum. For these businesses, V1 VoIP explains why porting a business number is essential.

Unedited Materials
If you port your existing number, you won’t have to change any marketing, website information, signage, or anything else that has that phone number printed on it. Replacing all these mentions of an old number takes money, manpower, and time.

Brand Consistency
Customers who are used to your current phone number might get confused by a new one. This is especially true if your current number is a distinctive number that you’ve used for years. If your store has used “555-FTL-DOGS” for the past eighteen years, that number has become a part of your identity. New phone numbers can accidentally make customers think you’re a different business, or somehow unaffiliated with your brand, even if you update your business caller ID name. By porting your current number over to your new phone system, you’re ensuring that your customers won’t mistake your business for a copycat or someone else.

Keep Competitive
Want to keep your competitor’s paws off your business, don’t let them obtain your phone number from you! If you decide to let your current phone number expire instead of porting it, the number will go back into a pool of phone numbers available to the public. From there, anybody can purchase the number, including your competitors. Customers who call the number and speak with your competitor will likely assume that you’ve either gone out of business or merged with another company. In any case, your competitor will have the ear of a lead that’s supposed to be yours.

It’s worthy to note that the wait time to port over your existing phone number can take up to several weeks. If your port gets delayed or held up, you’ll end up getting charged by your previous provider for service until the port has completed. However, many providers offer temporary phone numbers and call forwarding from your old number while the port is ongoing to help with the transition.

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