The Landline Offifially Dead to Millenials

Comedian Iliza Schlesinger released her new comedy special on Netlix called “Elder Millenial”. At 35, she begins by discussing things that kids of an ever-so-slightly younger generation do not understand. One joke she says ina witches voice: “Gather round the Snapchat children and I will tell you the legend of the landline.

It is official, the landline is a thing of the past. To this next generation of millenials time of death has been called. It is a relic that if you are under 30 you hear about in past tense because you were not there to experience it. Like boomboxes, the discman, and beepers. Sure, they are still areound, but hard to find and pieces of iconography of a time gone.

If you are still dbating about switching to VoIP the time is now. Landline users are on a technology that is already on its way out. Those graduating from high school this year do not know a world without social media. Do you think any of them talk on a house phone? No. Do you think once they integrate into the professional world they will want to be landlocked? No.

Besides, there’s a good chance landlines will be obsolete by then anyway.

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V1 VoIP Toll-Free Number Calls are Trending

V1 VoIP’s toll-free numbers provide a great way for customers to reach you without having to shell out money for the call. While previously associated with larger businesses with multiple locations, medium and even one-man operations are beginning to use toll-free numbers through their VoIP service more frequently for a number of reasons.

Strengthen your company brand
Toll-free numbers can help smaller companies stand out from the crowd. Combine a toll-free number with catchy company marketing and you could a have a nice tool for customers to better recognize you with and for use in promotional materials. Toll-free numbers make businesses seem more professional and credible as they are easier to contact, and the numbers themselves can even serve as a brand identity if done right.

Expand your international presence
Providing toll-free numbers for customers abroad can make a smaller company look like a giant. When customers can reach you from wherever they are located free of charge, this instantly boosts credibility and customers are more likely to call you concerning your services or products. By having an international presence whether you are a small or larger business, there is a higher likelihood of calls coming in and ultimately sales made!

Low Costs
Compared to traditional toll-free numbers used with wired phone systems, V1 VoIP Toll-free numbers are available at much better rates.

It’s all about the customer
It is important to indicate that you have your customers’ interests in mind. With toll-free numbers, customers not only can reach you with ease, it is free for them to call you. Once you assure your customers you are easy to reach, watch the number of calls increase and ultimately sales will follow suit.

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Rising Gas Prices Lead to More VoIP

Have you noticed how gas prices keep going up? Prices were at $1.25 a gallon less than twenty years ago and now the national average hovers around $2.65. It’s insane! But one thing that these higher prices have led to is an increase in VoIP services as businesses continue to allow employees to work from home or on the go.

By working remotely from home only one or two days a week a business can save 20% or more on gas. With the allowing of these, businesses continue to invest in V1 VoIP services and solutions to unify their communications. Allowing mobile empolyees the ability to work from home while being connected to the office via V1 VOIP services means they can fully participate in all work calls.

Customers need never know that they have reached an employee at their home office and they can easily participate in conference calls or transfer callers to remote colleagues with ease. By utilizing V1 VoIP services, a customer can call in on the business phone line and it will ring forward so an employee can answer on a home line, cell phone or softphone. They can also retrieve missed calls through the voice mail system.

Working smarter remotely with V1 VoIP services and solutions saves a company time and money and makes for a more productive employee. Contact V1 VoIP today or sign up now to learn more about how your company can save money on gas prices by switching to VoIP.

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V1 VoIP Resellers Sales Rebuttals for Switching to VoIP

V1 VoIP resellers hear a host of reasons why small businesses are not ready to make the switch to VoIP services and solutions. Some say “the phones work fine” with the ‘if it aint broke’ reasoning. Some say they would rather “keep things running smoothly” as opposed to trying something possibly disruptive. Some want to minimize risk instead of integrating with the newest technology they are unfamiliar with.

These were all valid reasons… ten years ago. VoIP services and solutions have come a long way since then and have since become the norm in the communications world. This is why V1 VoIP teaches resellers to be ready with rebuttals to these responses.

“But my phone works…”
Change is not usually described as something ‘fun’. In the past businesses only made the switch to VoIP only when they become completely dissatisfied with their current system. Phone systems are essential to businesses, but they’re often seen as a utility, something that just need to “get the job done.” Many don’t understand that not only will VoIP services make a business run more smoothly, efficiently, and unified, but save them money almost immediately.

Just to make the point, here is a list of some other ‘technological’ office items that do work, but have the same problems as old phone service in that they ‘work’ but are outdated, break down a lot, and are considered relics.

1. Typewriter
2. Floppy Disc
3. Answering Machines
4. Dot Matrix printers

Do I need to go on?

Don’t let a potential business customer tell you that their communications are ‘just fine’ the way they are. Be armed with the knowledge of a V1 VoIP reseller today. Contact us or sign up nowto learn more about how to make the sale.

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The Current Cost of Plain Old Telephone Service

current cost of plain old telephone service instead of voip solutionsIf you have ever gone on a road trip then you have noticed that even in the age of VoIP and mobile services, telephone lines seem to stretch on infinitely. These unsightly poles and wires still add up to POTS or ‘plain old telephone service’.

Who is using this service? Well the United States government wants to make sure that even if you do not, that you at least have the option to use it. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the government body in charge of phone service allocates up to $4 billion dollars a year to ensure that every area in the United States has access to telephone service. And it doesn’t matter if you use it or not.

What a waste!

Now that nearly all of U.S. households have access to wireless broadband, utilizing IP telephony seems like a more reasonable alternative to traditional telephone lines. Today, nearly all 100% of U.S. households have access to mobile voice service and 99.5% to wireless broadband.

Studies raise many questions about the future of telephony in the United States, and many of IP telephony’s benefits come into sharp focus when paired alongside the costly landline services described in the study. One of the primary benefits of using an IP PBX is that it lacks the cumbersome and expensive physical hardware that has apparently resulted in billions of dollars of waste at the federal level.

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Is the Desk Phone Dying in the Softphone VoIP Age?

Remember the rotary phone? Depending on your age, you might be asking ‘what’s that?’. They don’t make rotary phones any more, in fact, they haven’t in years. Is your office desk phone headed in that direction?

Sure, you use your phone while you’re at work. But in this decade, an employees’ cell phones are now competent alternatives to the one-desk-with-a-hard-phone office culture that has dominated American work life for previous decades.

Why are people using their desk phone less? Reasons vary depending on the company. The obvious answer is of course cost savings. Businesses save a significant amount of money by switching over to VoIP services and softphones, and gain in utility and application integration. Softphones, while chipping away at the supremacy of the desk phone, have not completely extinguished the latter’s ubiquity.

But money aside, the social element of a desk phone may be at play. lamented that “the death of the desk phone is rooted in the daily voicemail clutter as well as the fear of accidentally talking to one of these [spam] callers.”

There is no question that desk phone usage has declined, and will almost certainly continue to do so. But to say that desk phones are “dead” is perhaps an extreme, and at the very least, imprecise way of labeling this downward trend. The metaphor of death has become so central to the way the viability of a technology is judged, and this black-and-white terminology often obscures the fact that the product is still being used by a sizeable portion of the population. A more accurate term, perhaps, would be the “slow but steady decline” of the desktop phone. Not a summary invalidation of its viability, but a tacit acknowledgement that it may eventually be supplanted by other technologies.

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Resellers Save Businesses Money with V1 VoIP

One reason V1 VoIP resellers see hesitation in business customers investing in a new IP phone system, is they do not want to spend money on phone systems when they are currently working. The problem with this thought process is business owners are wrong. They think their phones are working and worse, they think they working at an optimized level.

Here are several ways a V1 VoIP reseller can convince a business owner that making the switch to VoIP services and solutions can save them money.

1. VoIP is cheaper than landlines.
Looking at only inbound and outbound calling alone, VoIP calling is cheaper than traditional phone calling, and that is before all the other features and enhancements VoIP offers. Instead of being charged one rate to long distance here and another for long distance there, VoIP services are offered at a flat rate. Once businesses make the switch to V1 VoIP, they will see their monthly savings begin to add up immediately in calls alone.

2. Awesome Features
Speaking of those features and enhancements, V1 VoIP services can streamline communications so a business can run smoother, faster, and with a more unifies mobile workforce. And did we mention for less money?

V1 VoIP offers the amenities businesses need to remain competitive like simaltaneous calls, call forwarding, text to voice mails, music on hold, eFax, call forwarding to mobile phones and so much more.

3. Future hardware costs.
Those phones you think are working fine are actually dinosaurs. Technicians to service them will become increasingly hard to find as eveyone is now being trained to service new VoIP technology. Ones who can service this outdated hardware will become more expensive, and that’s before you get to the actual phone parts, which are no longer being made. By contrast, VoIP hardware requires less maintenance, which in turn means cheaper prices in the long run.

4. Get Mobile!
VoIP technology is great for companies with remote workers. Office extensions can be programmed to ring on any Internet-enabled devices, including home phones, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. If a company has several remote workers who prefer to use smartphones or other mobile devices as the main method of communication, then V1 VoIP services will unify them regardless of where they are.

V1 VoIP resellers understand a business owner’s hesitation about switching to VoIP for moneyary reasons. But they also understand how V1 VoIP will save them money. Contact us now to become a V1 VoIP reseller today or sign up now and begin saving others money now.

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How Being a V1 VoIP Reseller Works

Short and simple, if you want to be able to offer phone services to others, you can do so with the simple step of becoming a V1 VoIP reseller. For white label resellers, V1 VoIP offers the ability to completely brand the entire VoIP service.

V1 VoIP resellers can also offer either a SIP trunk service or a Hosted PBX, or both of these programs together as a hybrid. With the SIP trunk service—the most efficient approach—traditional phone lines are completely replaced with a PSTN connected line. With the hosted PBX program, an interface is required to connect the PBX to the SIP truck service.

With little upfront cost, VoIP will provide customers with the technology they are demanding, create a continuing cash flow, increase revenue, and provide high-margin returns. The key to success is locating a VoIP provider that will approach its relationships with its resellers as partnerships.

When you partner with V1 VoIP as a reseller, we want you to succeed. We think of success as our resellers succeeding. We will walk you through what you need to know to offer customers the services and solutions they are asking for. With V1 VoIP as your partner, your success and monetary profits are only limited by your desire to be successful.

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Difference Between Virtual Private Cloud and Public Cloud

The cloud is everywhere these days. From movie plots to news blurbs, everyone is talking about what the cloud is. But do you know what it is and how it can be used for businesses? When it comes to VoIP services and solutions, they come in two different types: virtual private and public. Here V1 VoIP explains the differences between the two.

Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual private cloud refers to a private network that’s held in a public cloud. This way, a business is able to utilize the many benefits that a public cloud can offer, while still being able to keep certain information in a private part of the cloud that only can be accessed by them alone. With a virtual private cloud, only certain individuals are have access, so wit limited users comes the ability to improve the cloud’s conformance greatly increases, which really helps when it comes to calculating bandwidth.

Public Cloud

A public cloud is the same except for the big difference that it is open to everyone. While it does allows benefits like cheaper IT costs and offers scalability, the accessibility is where businesses shy away from it. It is this accessibility why a virtual private cloud is becoming the more popular choice.

Here are some of the top reasons V1 VoIP resellers are giving a business to use a virtual private cloud as part of their business communication system.

Increased Performance
Because the resources a company needs is available to them whenever they need it, they can easily expect to have an increase in their performance.

Cloud administrators make it so that any traffic coming into or out of your cloud infrastructure is completely protected.

When using a virtual private cloud, a company can easily scale up or scale down in order to meet their specific needs at any particular time.

To find out more about virtual private cloud services V1 VoIP offers to resellers, contact us today or or sign up now and make more money with your customers.

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