Feel Safe in an Emergency with V1 VoIP E911

E911 stands for “Enhanced 911”, which is the V1 VoIP service for making 911 calls over an Internet connection instead of over a standard wireline or cellular tower routing system. Beginning in 2005 all VoIP providers have had standard E911 capabilities included in all VoIP plans. So, even if you are not with V1 VoIP, you can be confident that you will have a reliable 911 service at all times.

Because VoIP E911 is not quite the same as regular 911 service with landline providers, 911 operators cannot automatically trace an E911 number to the physical location from which the call originated as they can with traditional 911 services. When a 911 call is made from a traditional wire landline, 911 operators are able to trace the call to the physical location from which the call originates. i.e. your home or office. When a 911 call is made from a cell phone, the cellular towers create a triangular mapping system to find the location of the caller. VoIP calls work a little differently from both of these technologies.

Many people don’t really understand the actual limitations of VoIP E911 and so have an unnecessary amount of anxiety about it. VoIP calls are not traceable to physical locations. So, when a customer gets VoIP service, they need to register their VoIP phone number with their home or office address. This way the 911 operator will be able to see what physical address the VoIP phone number is connected to.

V1 VoIP providers instruct resellers to update their customers’ registered address any time they register for service and/or move to a new address so that emergency workers don’t show up at the wrong house during an emergency. And when a VoIP customer wants to make calls through their VoIP number when they are traveling, VoIP providers recommend that the user changes their E911 registered address to the address that you are staying at, whether that is a hotel or relative’s home.

Because VoIP service depends on a reliable Internet connection, it also depends on a reliable energy source. This means that in the event of inclement weather or other power outage situations, you should be prepared with a back-up power source for your Internet connection like a battery plug-in, or a generator if you expect long periods of power outage.

Accidents may happen while you travel, or in the comfort of your own home. Emergencies can’t be predicted, but having a lifesaver just a dial away with VoIP is all the assurance that you need. No one wants to make a 911 call, but if an emergency does occur, users can feel safe with V1 VoIP E911.


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Awesome Unified Communications Features You Will Love

Unified Communications, commonly refereed to as UC, arethe integration of real-time communication services. These include instant messaging, voice, video, data sharing and call control with non-real-time communication services such as voicemail, e-mail, mobile messaging and fax. It’s a set of products and capabilities that provides a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types.

What’s really amazing about adding V1 VoIP UC to your customers is that they will see their benefits immediately. Here are some of the ways V1 VoIP UC features will improve a business owners life:

1. Consolidated Inbox
Oh the crowded inbox, say goodbye to it! By unifying your communications into a single digital format, you’re able to consolidate and share information based on people, subjects, topics and events without regard for media type.

2. Fax Sharing with Ease
Faxing has gotten a makeover! With UC, faxes are just data. When you receive a fax and need to share it, simply forward it on just like you would forward an email. Less paper less mess!

3. Voice to Text
Need to read your voice mail? No problem, voice to text transcription is another great benefit made possible with V1 VoIP unified communications features.

4. Bring Your Own Device
Businesses are adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. This creates integration hassles for IT as they have to figure out ways to handle both data and mobile voice into their communications infrastructure.

5. Integration with Big Systems
UC allows you easily integrate between customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other applications like Salesforce and SAP. Similar integrations can be done with supply chain management (SCM) and other data management and reporting applications.

With V1 VoIP Unified Communications features once you start using them, you will wonder how you ever did business without them. Contact V1 VoIP today or sign up now to learn more about our Unified Communications features for resellers and businesses.

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Excuses Why Businesses Do Not Switch to VoIP

Ever wonder about the excuses a potential customer gives you for not switching to VoIP? At V1 VoIP, our resellers have a laugh at why a company wouldn’t want to save money while increasing productivity and unifying communications. It should be a no-brainer right? So why are these small businesses not making the switch? Here are the four most common reasons our resellers say they are given:

1. They Don’t Understand the Technology
Knowing as much as we know, it’s easy to forget that to someone who isn’t in our industry VoIP can be very confusing. It is easy to say that V1 VoIP services and solutions will be less expensive and more efficient but business owners often hear a lot of legalese. Plus it almost sounds too good to be true.

2. They are Too Busy
A business should never be too busy to keep up with what their competition is doing. And their competition is adding hosted PBX services, allowing for mobile workforce, and they are saving money by doing so, which may lead to new hires or expansion.

3. Too Much Hassle
Too much change can be a bad thing and business owners often think that making the switch will be a total disruption to their company. On top of that, people are simply resistant to change. So implementing any new technology will certainly have an impact. Productivity is not going to be negatively impacted by making the switch and don’t forget that the money saved will far outweighs that initial challenge.

4. They are Just Stubborn
The phones are ringing and they hear voices when they talk into them. So if it aint broke right? Wrong. Many companies not deploying VoIP services are just plain lazy. While many amazing business owners and employees are competitive workaholics, they lack this same drive and focus to making sure their communications are optimized. Or they want to make the switch but don’t want the extra work that it might entail.

A business can save over 50% on their monthly phone bill by switching to V1 VoIP services. Don’t let you potential customers give you one of these excuses. Contact V1 VoIP today or sign up now for more reseller sales advice.

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Virtual PBX Allows for Better Maternity Leave

Hey VoIP resellers! Here’s a sales pitch for your small business customers: Want to make it easier for employees to take maternity leave? The answer is virtual PBX by V1 VoIP. A virtual PBX means that your phone system is hosted in the cloud as opposed to being hosted in your office. This can be a cost-saving, no-hassle option for a lot of small companies.

Along with the money it will save a small business, one of the huge benefits of deploying a V1 VoIP’s virtual PBX is how easy it allows your employees to take maternity leave. Virtual PBX makes it a breeze to enable a mobile work force and mobile workers. Your workers can now be where the work is, wherever that may be. And during maternity leave, the work should be home.

It also allows new moms to be at home with their newborn and still work effectively. Communications become easier when they are unified. An employee on leave can have their office phone line ring forward to the mobile or their home so they can keep up with their work responsibilities and make adjusting to motherhood easier. That all can be done with your Virtual PBX.

And did we mention the cost savings? If making maternity leave easier for your employees then know that virtual PBX requires no major investment up front. Instead your initial costs are usually just your phones and maybe an updated router if you need it. Because it is hosted remotely, it does not need to be upgraded and it is not on you to keep it running. All you need to pay for are the phones, the router and the features that you want to use.

Contact V1 VoIP or sign up now to learn about how to offer virtual PBX to your customers.

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