No More Busy Signals with V1 VoIP Business Phone Features

V1 VoIP business solutions offer features replace the awful busy signal with smarter and more beneficial business features. V1 VoIP resellers see their prospective business customers jump at the idea of having their clients never hear a busy signal again. This way you can expedite the waiting process and enhance the calling experience as customers wait for a representative. This allows your business to minimize dropped calls and keep callers engaged, even if nobody is currently available to answer the phone.

Ring Groups
Ring groups diminish waiting times for customers by notifying more people of incoming calls. By utilizing ring groups, a caller will ring multiple employees simultaneously so their call will be answered sooner. Perhaps someone is busy on a call, but other members of the department are available to take it. Ring groups enable these team-wide calling strategies. Ring groups direct calls to multiple people rather than a single phone. This setup ensures that calls are answered not based on any single employee’s availability, but rather on the availability of the group. In a hunt group, members are called in a specified order, with each caller given a set window of time to answer the call before it moves on to the next phone.

Music on Hold
A study was recently conducted saying customers left on hold for 30 seconds without any music thought the wait was 90 seconds long, while customers who listened to music for the same duration thought the wait was only 15 seconds long. The conclusions are clear: if you place customers on hold, it’s much more enticing to play music in the background. But music on hold can also mean incorporating a custom message to offer information about your product or service while you have callers on the line.

Call Queues
Queues eliminate the need for a receptionist to route calls, saving your business money, and preventing human error from losing track of what call came in first. Call queues are configured to automatically distribute calls so that the caller who has waited the longest is matched with the next agent who becomes available. This matches callers with agents in the most efficient manner possible, thus minimizing wait times. Queues can also have rules such as maximum wait time, so during busy hours, callers are immediately routed to a voicemail box or secondary line, instead of being put on hold indefinitely.

The worst part of a caller getting a busy signal is the idea that you’re “unavailable” to the customer. In a world of social media, email, and video calls, the busy signal is not just an annoying beeping noise. It’s essentially a dead end for customers, and an invitation for them to contact one of your competitors. Contact V1 VoIP or sign up now so that your customers never hear a busy signal again.

Become a V1 VoIP Cloud Hosted PBX Reseller

Hosted PBX services have far surpassed the benefits and features offered by on-premise systems. As a V1 VoIP hosted PBX VoIP reseller we offer a variety of ways for you to make money, including a private label solution. V1 VoIP’s hosted PBX services offer new ways to perform day-to-day business functions.

One of the great ways that hosted PBX services aid businesses is with our integration with popular CRM solutions which give a sales or support agent valuable information about the caller even before the call is answered. For example, integrations with Salesforce provide soft phones right within the Salesforce interface, as well as incoming caller popups that display information about the caller (name, phone number, Salesforce lead or account information). Having this basic info on hand will allow an agent to focus on selling or resolving the customer’s issue.

Hosted phone systems also offer a variety of billing options, allowing a business to choose a plan that best fits its needs. V1 VoIP hosted billing plans range from pay-as-you-go models, where the company pays for calling usage and features selected, to per seat unlimited plans, where the company pays a flat amount for each seat on its account.

As a V1 VoIP white label reseller of hosted PBX services, you set and keep all revenue. Setting up a hosted PBX for a particular customer will entitle you to ongoing commissions from that provider through the life of that account. These commissions typically are a percentage of the total revenue brought to the provider, and you can increase your percentage as you increase the amount of revenue you bring. V1 VoIP also offers a complete white label solution, so you are a fully branded company and can charge and add on additional fees that are completely under your control. These fees can cover situations such as: initial consultation with the customer to discuss business requirements, dedicated ongoing support, and initial phone setup and/or network configuration.

Adding a hosted PBX platform to your portfolio of services is a smart move to make. Hosted phone systems allow a degree of customization not offered by the “one-size-fits-all” on-premise phone systems. This customization will allow you to expand your revenue and offer your services to a wider variety of businesses.

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Why V1 VoIP SIP Phone Service Beats On-Premise PBX

Managing You can argue the pros and cons of both services. But there’s a solid amount of unique advantages a hosted service holds over an on-premise solution.

V1 VoIP resellers are seeing a rise in SIP phone services from their customers. One thing they stress to these businesses is that managing a hosted SIP phone service and managing an on-premise PBX will lead to two different experiences and thusly a decision about which way to go. V1 VoIP definitely sees more benefits to using a hosted service and here are a few ways our resellers relay it’s superiority.

1. V1 VoIP’s SIP service allows you to partake of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and use any SIP phone on the market you choose. A hosted phone system makes it easier to provision phones, and you can purchase phones that optimize your network’s potential. Plus you’ll get to choose the phones that are the right fit for your office, not pre-selected options that don’t take your own needs into account. If you want to change the phone at a later date, you simply change the phones not the service. An on-premise PBX may require purchasing a specific kind of phone so if a change of phone systems is ever needed, the phones might not even work with the new service.

2. First and foremost you want your phone service to actually work. V1 VoIP SIP phone services have almost 100% uptime and provide failover to mobile phones for just in case situations. Should something happen with an on-premise PBX, the results can sometimes be disastrous. If something gets seriously disrupted, your phone service could be down until a new server is purchased and installed. Your company would make zero phone calls in this timeframe. No bueno.

3. V1 VoIP SIP services are outfitted with our proprietary VoIP Portal. The VoIP Portal allows you to make instant changes to users, phones, and features across your phone system, giving you immediate access and full control over everything. Conversely, an on-premise PBX does not run on VoIP Portal. They rely on Asterisk and other interfaces requiring on-site employee to oversee it, an investment of labor and time. And then there’s the maintenance issues, don’t get us started…

4. On-premise PBXes require on site hardware. The “hosted” in hosted VoIP references the off-site servers that power your SIP phone system. SIP phone service hosts these servers, and performs technical maintenance on them. You don’t have to worry about outages or hardware failures that occur with the equipment. Server malfunctions are dealt with by in-house engineers employed by the hosted VoIP company. Whereas an on-premise PBX is your total responsibility. If a server breaks down for hardware reasons, or crashes indefinitely, it is your job to figure out what’s wrong and rectify it immediately. This could lead to hours – or even days – without phone service.

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Resell V1 VoIP Cloud Services Business Communications

Business owners are always looking for how they can make their business stand above the rest. Business owners are looking into ditching that old-fashioned landline and wanting information about how they can integrate V1 VoIP services and solutions into their businesses. They want to sign up for the cloud communication services available because they’re beginning to understand that VoIP and cloud adoption are the way of the future.

Because there are so many different types of businesses, each are going to require a variety of different needs and that’s where V1 VoIP resellers come in. One of the more important things any business needs to have is an efficient business communication system which means having access to the newest and best business communication services that can take their business to the next level. An efficient communications system will allow them to expand their reach in the marketplace to let people know who they are, and why they’re able to provide products and/or services better than their competition can.

Cloud service adoption is changing the way a business owner is able to manage their business. One of the more important benefits that a business owner can expect to receive via cloud adoption is the ability to create a unified communications system. Creating a unified communications system allows a business the ability to unite voice, data, e-mail and other vital applications, which is increasingly important these days. Other benefits that a business owner can expect to receive when choosing cloud communications includes:

* Scalability
* Flexibility
* Increased Productivity
* Reduced Spending

Turnkey VoIP businesses are already experiencing turnkey VoIP services and features, which means that they have an edge when it comes to business communications. Currently, all of the small and midsized business owners who are still utilizing an outdated landline as the platform for their business communication system are closely watching these turnkey VoIP businesses. They’re watching to see how VoIP technology and cloud adoption is helping these business owners run their business better, and what they’re finding out is making them look deeper into how cloud communications can help them in their particular type of business.

So what business owners need to do these days is find an affordable and efficient way to communicate with others. And because they now know that they can afford to integrate the high-tech VoIP services that will allow them to do this, they’re looking for the best VoIP reseller to give their business to.

If you can resell cloud VoIP services to the small and midsized business owners who are in need of updating their current business communication system, contact V1 VoIP today or sign up now to get started. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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