White Label VoIP

In nearly all businesses it is possible to observe a big corporate player taking advantage of small and medium sized businesses, simply because they have the resources to do so. This is not a new phenomenon, or one that is strictly limited to any one particular field—John D. Rockefeller employed violent and subversive tactics against his competitors to ensure he dominated the oil industry in the early twentieth century. Even in modern times, we have recently seen the domination of financial syndicates on Wall Street that made it relatively impossible for smaller financial agencies and service providers to compete.

This comparison extends itself into the voice over IP, and associated services industry. In the past, a clearly visible trend has been set wherein you were either an MSP or an Interconnect. As an MSP you would service the data aspect for a client, or as an Interconnect, the voice side, and then integrate those two services together. After you had done all of the work involved in providing such a service, you were then required to bring in a Tier one carrier who would merely provide a dial tone or internet connectivity for your client. As they already had the existing network and the resources to provide this internet connectivity, you were analogous to a child dependent upon a parent for things that you could not provide for yourself due to a lack of resources. This was a severely flawed business model as it limited your revenue stream because you were forced to wait a decade or more before your clients required your services again, and not just those of the Tier one carrier.

White Label VoIP is perhaps one of the most revolutionary players in this service industry. Their service allows you to become your own phone company. No more bringing in a Tier one carrier to provide a simple service that would require minimal effort if you only had the resources. Instead, you become in essence, a reseller of the White Label VoIP network which enables you to compete with, and out service, the industry giants who have been lax in their efforts for far too long. When you become a part of the White Label VoIP network, not only have you leveled the playing field relative to the industry giants, but you also have access to a myriad of special features that allow you to extend your newly found service equality into an advantage over the industry leaders. This advantage is extended to you primarily, although not exclusively, through White Label’s VoIP SIP Trunking capability which far outpaces the traditional dial tone provided by Tier one carriers in the past.

White Label VoIPWhite Label’s VoIP is a revolutionary reseller service, and a key tool providing small and medium sized businesses the ability to out-service the larger industry providers who have been providing a service at the expense of the former party for far too long. Instead of just handing off your business to the tier one carriers after putting all the essential work into a client, now you can generate recurring revenue through the use of White Label’s reseller program. Instead of handing off the most profitable aspect of this industry to somebody else due to a simple lack of resources, now you can take advantage of White Label’s network and generate a recurring revenue stream that not only adds capital to your business, but also increases equity appreciation that could prove invaluable if a potential sale arises later down the road.

By adding a private label VoIP solution through White Label VoIP, and becoming the carrier themselves, clients of White Label become key players in the VoIP industry. Instead of being beholden to larger tier one carriers to provide a service, you can generate not only the revenue from the integration of the voice and data aspects, but also the revenue from the recurring use of your re-seller network. As a carrier, you have access to a much more effective business model that increases the value of your company, widens your potential client pool due to the comprehensive nature of your service, and attracts more clients simply because you are a one stop comprehensive service provider.

The Best Hosted VoIP Reseller Programs

So how do you find the service provider with the best Hosted VoIP reseller programs? Not all programs are created equally, with numerous different poorly constructed services claiming to be hosted VoIP reseller programs. There are several key fundamentals that are vital to the success of a hosted Voice over IP reseller program. Lacking these fundamentals will result in worsened end user customer retention and ultimately lower profit margins.

The cost of building out a service provider VoIP network is extreme, so most companies cannot reasonably afford to do so. In additional building and managing a voice network is a different business model in itself. Hosted VoIP reseller programs satisfy the dual needs of profitability and relative ease of operation. Let the service provider run the back end infrastructure while the reselling company’s time is free to conduct proper marketing operations on the front end. As well, the reseller does not need to go through the costly and complicated process of designing and building the infrastructure required to support Voice over IP functions.

The service provider that handles the infrastructure benefits from specializing in the back end aspects, while the reselling company is able to focus its efforts on marketing and customer service. As well, the end user customers receive feature rich functionality, so everyone benefits from these arrangements. However, the reselling company needs to be assured that the back end infrastructure is highly available to keep the end user customers satisfied. The following is what resellers should look for in a service provider.

hosted VoIP Reseller ProgramsFully Hosted PBX

A private branch exchange or PBX switchboard is an important feature for most any business. If there are more than a handful of phone lines needed for a business’s operations, they often have to rely on either a complicated network they have to build themselves or keep their phone system small. For a growing company with a small communications budget, this can be crippling. With a fully hosted PBX swtich board to offer, hosted VoIP reseller programs can offer customers a tremendous amount of flexibility.

SIP Trunking

With session initiation protocol or SIP trunking available, making and receiving calls through the network is exceptionally simple. When a reseller can offer its customers simple calling options regardless of the customer’s existing phone system setup, they can charge accordingly for this convenience and reap solid profit margins.

Automated Private Label Billing

The ability to customize billing is a small detail that bears mentioning because of its power. When a company invests heavily into its marketing, its billing needs to reflect the unique brand it has created. Without this branding, the product of hosted VoIP reseller programs can appear to be nothing more than a commodity. As well, this billing needs to be automated because of the complexity often associated with billing customers. Greater ease of use equals higher profit margins.

Line Provisioning and Porting

The more direct inward dialing or DID numbers a customer has access to, the better. Sometimes an advertising campaign can be built around the phone number alone. The provisional number a customer chooses should also be portable when possible, so it can follow either the company or an individual. Having the same phone number for an extended period of time presents a stable and long-lasting image to end users, and facilitates more easy communication with particular individuals.

Partner Resources

Knowledge is power. As such, having access to both solutions to common problems and ample information about features available in a service are a pair of definite bonuses to any hosted VoIP reseller programs that make use of these features. In the case of troubleshooting and best practices information, these can be vital pieces of information that can win and retain customers.

Ongoing Training and Support

Education on how to use system resources, how to make necessary changes for improved operation and maintain important functions is crucial. When employees are properly trained in how the system works, the entire operation can run smoothly. When this training is absent, employees are going to have far less direction to work with. When this training and information is readily available and easy for the reselling company to access, it will both ensure better customer relations and allow for more effective handling of issues. The better employees know how to do their jobs, the better they will do so.

There are several features that any kind of VoIP reselling program needs to have if it is going to be successful. There must be crucial features such as PBX and SIP trunking. As well, there must be the necessary training and documentation that is necessary to properly run a VoIP reselling company and keep employees doing their jobs effectively. When all of these factors exist in tandem with one another, the reselling company is able to market its wares effectively without the tremendous expense of establishing its own network infrastructure.

White Label VoIP Systems for Resellers

Connecting businesses with the outside world is vital in establishing a direct communication with the company and clients. Without an easy way to contact necessary individuals the company is going to struggle managing its customer base. Telephone lines are a must, yet most local telephone companies charge an astronomical amount of money and resources in order to enact and install all the necessary equipment and services. Due to this, businesses are constantly looking for alternative ways to cut costs, yet still maintain the line of communication. One such option growing in number over the past several years is VoIP. Short for Voice Over IP, VoIP is an Internet based telephone connection allowing individuals to make and receive phone calls, as if they had a landline connection, only this way utilizing the strong high-speed Internet already used for other business needs. With the desire to integrate VoIP into the business practice growing, more and more white label VoIP systems are required from resellers in local regions. This makes for an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to create their own brand and start up in the exciting new and rapidly expanding business.

VoIP is a far more cost effective method of communicating with clients and other business than what is available through the local cable and telephone companies. Telephone companies tend to charge for every little addition, ranging from long distance to international calls, caller ID and other desired technologies. However, with VoIP, a standard rate is typically paid for, with long distance, international calls and caller ID technology included in the base price. Plus, there is no need to pay just to have a phone line kept open and active, as the VoIP service works with an Internet connection. This way, the Internet connection is able to power not just accessing the Web, but communication as well.

When an individual becomes a white label VoIP systems reseller, they essentially are becoming a secondary provider. The main company provides the equipment, connection lines and the infrastructure for the new company to work with. The reseller though is able to select their own owner, clients, branding and it is up to them to market the product and service it to the clients. This provides an exceptional amount of freedom while creating the company and building it. As the reseller works with the primary VoIP provider the new company does not have to provide and build its on infrastructure from the ground up, as it is already utilizing a well designed system, giving the new business a head start on the competition. It is up to the reseller to make the bridge between new clients and the company, but outside of this, the difficult task of producing a new product and manufacturing it is already taken care of. As the market for telephone and cable company alternatives is growing, this is the perfect time to sign up and become a white label VoIP systems reseller.

The white label VoIP systems reseller directly negotiates with the primary provider a specific percentage split on the gross income. Typically, the reseller collects around 70 percent margins while the remaining 30 percent goes to the provider. This is to cover the cost of the equipment, support and other infrastructure services the primary provider must keep up and running in order to ensure all resellers are able to continue the local enterprises.

Signing up to become a reseller allows the potential business a strong existing service in which it is able to build upon. How large and how spread out the business becomes is completely up to the new company, as there is no limit to how many service packages and equipment is sold to new clients. For anyone looking to break into the world of technology, and a thriving at that, becoming a white label VoIP systems reseller is a profitable option.

Breaking into the telecommunication world is a difficult task, especially starting from scratch. Wither larger companies already running and dominating the local communities, trying to create and foot hold into any region often proves incredibly challenging. This is why partnering up with a business with a strong track record and all the necessary technology and inroads already paved is such a valuable opportunity. With the strong name recognition and services already present, a new business only has to become a white label VoIP systems reseller. As the technology, along with the drive and need for the equipment is growing, so too is the possible profits made from the services.

Turn-key VoIP For Rapid Market Entry

No matter the company or what kind of services and products the company provides, saving money and cutting down on expenses is very important. Communication is essential for any business today. It is also an expensive operative cost, not to mention it is difficult for any business to predict the monthly service fee, as it fluctuates month by month depending on how services are utilized. In order to maintain a current telephone bill and cut costs at the same time, a turn-key white label VoIP service is necessary. VoIP is becoming more and more popular throughout the country as it provides the ability to save money and increase communication features all at the same time. With the demand of white label VoIP services increasing, the need for additional service providers is much more essential and provides an exceptional business opportunity for any business looking to grow. Our turn-key White label VoIP ensures a business is able quickly install and improve its communication features while allowing the VoIP provider the chance at expanding its own business.

What is Turn-Key VoIP?

A turn-key VoIP service is quickly and easily installed. This way, the service provider does not have to spend a substantial amount of time hooking up all of the required equipment. In fact, outside of a present Internet connection, there is very little to hook up. This way, the white label VoIP recipient is able to begin using the Internet based telephone service quickly, often times the same day the service provider comes to install the equipment. It is important for any company to refrain from communication blackouts between clients and potential customers, as this might result in the individuals leaving for a different provider or a competing brand.

Quickly Turn a Profit

With the help of white label VoIP, it is possible for both the user and the service provider to quickly have the equipment up and running. The white label VoIP service provider doesn’t have to spend much time and money installing the equipment, as outside of the Internet connection, which is already present, the installation only takes a few hours, regardless of the size of the company or what kind of equipment the user requires. With the VoIP activated and ready to run, the company utilizing the new equipment is able to use the new communication features, while the service provider is able to continue with the installation for other companies ordering the service. The faster a service provider is able to install the equipment, the more businesses it is able to service in a single day and the faster it is able to grow. The user is able to directly use this to grow its own profits also, as not only is the white label VoIP service less expensive than most traditional telephone providers, but the company is then able to reinvest the saved money back into the business in order to grow if faster.

No matter the business or what kinds of services and features it provides, being able to enter the market place quickly and effectively is very important. The faster a business is able to enter the marketplace and make a strong impact, the faster it starts to make revenue and the quicker it is able to grow. With white label VoIP this holds true for both the service provider and the company opting into the equipment. The service provider is able to utilize the equipment from the wholesaler. This way, there is already a support system in place and the provider is able to focus its efforts on drawing in more business and install the necessary equipment. As for the company utilizing the equipment, the business is able to utilize the new equipment and directly begin saving money on communication technology over the traditional phone provider and start reinvesting the money it is saving back into the company.

White label VoIP is all about improving service quality to customers and allow the business to save money with the new Internet based telephone system. Due to this, it is important to always have an available service provider on hand to install the equipment, provided the necessary assistance and utilize the provided assistance from the VoIP wholesaler.