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If you current business landline phone system is working smoothly, you might not realize that you can make incredible improvements that will help your business and save it money in the process. VoIP technology has made a huge leaps over the last decade, and using obsolete solutions is the equivalent to business suicide. Only by taking a closer look at your your business telecommunication system, it’s uses, features and expenses will tell you it is time that your company embrace all that V1 VoIP can offer.

Current System Costs
You may not even realize how much money your current phone system is costing you. Take a good look at that monthly bill. What are you getting charged for local and long distance calls? Is there a separate charge for a toll free number? By making the switch to V1 VoIP, we can help you lower those monthly phone bills every single month moving forward.

Communication Systems Maintenance
Would you try and fix a VCR? No, you would simply bite the bullet and get a DVD player. This is what trying to fix and old phone system has become. How much did you spend the last time you repaired your phone system? As phone equipment grows older, and all technology will, manufacturers simply stop supporting it. If you are spending more and more resources to revitalize your desk phones, then probably it will be more cost-efficient to replace them completely.

Limited Calling Restrictions
Do employees try to make calls to clients only to find out there are no lines available to use?. Are you getting phone calls you can’t answer? It means that your phone system is not coping with its tasks and not functional enough to meet your business needs. V1 VoIP can optimize your phones to maximize their capabilities.

Need for New Infrastructure
Part of planning for a growing business is including new offices. Even if these are only plans, it is better to think in advance and get ready for the related costs. Establishing the telephone infrastructure from scratch in a new location is time-consuming and expensive. V1 VoIP does not entail any additional expenses and saves time, as no additional infrastructure is needed. You can use your existing Internet equipment.

Whether you are ready to admit it or not, you have probably outgrown your old telephone system. V1 VoIP business services like hosted pbx, SIP trunking and termination are essential to support your growth, as well as to have your back on an already existing business level.

Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to learn about what we can do to improve your business communications and save you money in the process.

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V1 VoIP White Label Hosted PBX Resellers

V1 VoIP offers a white label cloud hosted PBX reseller program

V1 VoIP offers all the latest and most technologically advanced features that cloud hosted PBX has to offer. With cloud hosted PBX, there is very little hardware management involved and this technology is easily scalable from anywhere from one to thousands of users.

Another way to take advantage of V1 VoIP’s cloud hosted PBX is by becoming a PBX reseller, providing a rich revenue stream with high levels of technical support. V1 VoIP offers a white label cloud hosted PBX reseller program. By becoming a V1 VoIP white label reseller your company maintains it’s own customer base, providing services to the individual customers on the front end, while still partnering with V1 VoIP as the system provider. The savings can be passed onto the customer, providing telephone solutions that are cost-effective for the customer, yet still with high profit margins for the providing company. The company works as client development, as well as a sales team.

With either of these Hosted PBX options, a company can develop a regular revenue through providing customer service and sales directly to the customer, while avoiding the difficult technical maintenance and infrastructure development. If you think you or your company could benefit from a Hosted PBX partnership from V1, contact us with your questions or to get started today.

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