Quality of Service for V1 VoIP Turnkey System Reseller

Quality of service for V1 VoIP resellers of turnkey VoIP systems

Any-sized business can now take advantage of utilizing turnkey V1 VoIP systems to upgrade from their current and most likely outdated communication system. Smaller businesses who simply couldn’t ocmpete with an enterprise business budget can now gain that competitive edge in new technology.

Small and medium-sized businesses are now actively seeking to add VoIP communication systems to their companies and that’s where V1 VoIP and our resellers come in. V1 VoIP strives to not only meet expectations, but exceed them. When we look at our resellers, we think of their success as our success. This is why the quality of a customer’s VoIP service is crucial.

The quality of the VoIP service is going to depend on the actual network, as well as how a business chooses to connect to the internet. As businesses are still learning about VoIP technology, it is up to V1 VoIP resellers to explain call quality so they can make the best decision for their businesses.

Because VoIP phone systems are a new technology that most businesses are still learning about, people are looking for a VoIP service provider who will assist them in making the right decisions every step of the way.

There are several ways VoIP quality testing can be performed. The most utilized is called a ping test, which is done from a command prompt on a computer. This easy measurement is able to let one know how much time it takes to get a reply once a message is sent out. This will help determine receipt of the fast access to the high-quality VoIP services that people expect. Once a business has an understanding of the call quality they can expect to receive, they can then have an idea of how well VoIP is going to work for their particular business.

Do you understand how call quality will effect each and every one of your reseller customers? If not, contact V1 VoIP today. We are happy to educate you in QoS so you can inform your customers.

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V1 VoIP Guide to Everything SIP

Welcome to the V1 VoIP guide to SIP. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, and here we will help you learn what SIP does, why it is used, and how you can earn recurring income as a SIP reseller.

What is SIP?
SIP is a signaling protocol used primarily for setting up communications within an IP network. The role of SIP within an IP communications network is to allow callers to easily locate their targeted recipients, and deliver session invitations effectively regardless of where the end users are located or what devices they are using. SIP is the de facto standard protocol for establishing, manipulating and terminating VoIP communication sessions.

What is a SIP trunk?
SIP Trunking is a service provided to businesses that allows them to connect their in-house IP PBX systems to the outside world – the public switched telephone network or PSTN. Without SIP Trunking, devices within a PBX can only talk to other devices on the same network. The ITSPs gives their clients a pipe or a “trunk”, which makes the connection to the PSTN, thereby exponentially increasing the reach and usefulness of their PBXs. V1 VoIP resellers are able to build on the traditional SIP trunk service and create entirely new business models; and these new “SIP Providers” are changing the face of the VoIP industry.

What is Hosted SIP (PBX)?
While a SIP trunk only caters to firms who already have their own IP PBX system built and are ready to hook up to the PSTN, the latest breed of SIP providers don’t require their clients to have anything other than phones. These ITSPs have their own PBXs hosted on their servers and allow businesses to make use of them, delivering VoIP services at extremely low prices. ‘Hosted PBX’ services come with built-in connections to the PSTN network, eliminating their clients’ need to purchase trunking separately.

What is a SIP address?
A SIP address looks just like an email. By default, the domain of the email – the part just before the “.com” will belong to the ITSP providing the service. When you use V1 VoIP, your SIP address will look similar to this: “employee@companyname.v1voip.com.” V1 VoIP also allows you the ability to change the SIP address domain to match the corporate email ID which your employees use.

At V1 VoIP, we offer SIP hosting, which along with the ability to make VoIP calls means businesses can get SIP accounts to distribute to their employees, which allows anyone using a SIP device to call them for free as long as they know the SIP address associated with that account. If you are interested in reselling any of V1 VoIP’s SIP services, please contact us today to learn more about SIP, what it can do for businesses, and how you can earn recurring monthly revenue from it.

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Why You Should Start Reselling V1 VoIP Today

and start making money” src=”http://www.v1voip.com/images/2016/start-reselling-v1-voip-services-and-solutions-make-money.jpg” alt=”start reselling V1 VoIP services and solutions today and start making money” />

VoIP technology is here to stay. In fact, it’s only going to get better and better as more and more advances are being made within the business communication arena. Predictions of huge jumps in small and medium size businesses signing up for services previously only available to large corporations are coming true. It’s not only SMBs anymore either, even single entrepreneurs are also wanting to know how this high-tech telephony can help them succeed, too.

If you have been thinking about getting into the VoIP reselling game, right now is the perfect time to become a V1 VoIP reseller. V1 VoIP services are benefiting companies 10 times over and the room for growth is exponential. This new communication platform is only going to improve with time, making it so that in the near future every business will be utilizing high-tech VoIP telephony services. If a business wants to stay up-to-date and connected in today’s fast world of business, they will partake of these amazing and cost saving services.

Here at V1 VoIP, we educate and arm our resellers with the knowledge they will need to answer questions asked by prospective customers. Our resellers understand what they customers need and connect them with the services that will give them what they want. At V1 VoIP, when our resellers succeed, we succeed and that is important to us. If you are ready to start reselling VoIP services today, contact V1 VoIP and take your first step on to the path of success.

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Why Businesses Should to Switch to SIP Trunks

V1 VoIP explains why businesses should make the switch to SIP trunks

Some businesses are still reluctant to make the switchover from ISDN to SIP trunking because they believe that it will not be a cost-effective venture. V1 VoIP understands that the advantage that SIP Trunks have over ISDN connections is that they deliver greater flexibility, reliability and one of the most important factors for a growing business, scalability.

Here are a few reasons why V1 VoIP sees customers making the switch to SIP Trunks:

1. Continuation of business without disrupting their connectivity

Customers switching over to SIP Trunks will be required to use their existing internet connection in order to upgrade their telephone system to make calls and video conferences over the internet. You can also upgrade their existing internet service if they feel that speed and performance are going to cause issues in the near future. With this approach, customers will be able to minimize any service disruption associated with installing a new network service.

2. Business will become scalable for the future
Once you switch to SIP trunks you will start to see the savings which will increase your overall profit margin. As you will not be required to pay the costs for obsolete and poor-quality telephone lines, there will be even more money saved. These cost-saving factor will automatically turn in to a winning feature because of reduced costs incurred.

While using ISDN lines, businesses have to purchase additional lines beforehand in order to accommodate for growth. But with SIP Trunking, business and their respected customers will only be required to pay for the channels that they will needing.

3. Saving Money!
At the end of the day it’s all about the bottom line. With SIP, customers will be able to use a single connection in order to pass a high-quality voice and data calling service. This dual functionality will allow users to get rid of expensive ISDN hardware without compromising the Quality of Service of their calls.

Don’t wait any longer to make the switch to SIP trunking. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to learn more about this technology and our extremely competitive pricing.

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