V1 VoIP Explains How to Improve Your Call Quality

V1 VoIP explains how resellers improve businesses call quality QoS

V1 VoIP explains to our resellers that there are three main components pertinent to the success of VoIP technology in business: cost efficiency, functionality, and reliability. Our resellers’ customers love that the first two characteristics come standard with our VoIP services, but many desire a call quality guarantee. To improve VoIP call quality, or simply to ensure its consistency, our resellers look at the following to determine if there’s room for quality adjustment:

Network Infrastructure
The infrastructure of a business’ network is a very important factor to consider. Resellers will ask much bandwidth is available, how many users are active online and who is the internet provider. Since it is up to external facilities to transport voice data packets, businesses need to look outside of their immediate environment if they are experiencing poor VoIP call quality. To keep costs down, investigate your current data plan, so that you do not exceed your internet limitations trying to optimize your system.

V1 VoIP resellers recommend using top-grade lossless compression software, otherwise you will significantly deteriorate your VoIP system’s call quality. It is also important to keep your computer running properly, meaning that regular defragmentation, memory clean-up, and system backup are necessary to ensure VoIP call quality consistency.

Location and Wiring
The use of a network monitoring device is a must; it enables tracking for each voice data packet, allowing for easy troubleshoot if a call goes awry. Similarly — and this is not something many people think to check — look into installing high-quality network cables to reduce static. Not only will this stop severe weather conditions from affecting your VoIP call quality, but it will improve the longevity of the network overall. To reduce in-house interference, always place your VoIP ATA away from the router; the placement of equipment can also affect VoIP call quality.

Is your call quality as clear as should be? As clear as it could be? Contact V1 VoIP today to talk to us about call quality issues, how to overcome them, and be in touch with a reseller who can provide you the best call quality in VoIP service and solutions for your business.

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V1 VoIP Explains Difference Between SIP Trunking and PRI

V1 VoIP offers both SIP Trunking and Virtual PRI to our resellers and wholesalers. But what are these VoIP services and how do they differ from each other. Here, V1 VoIP will explain what each one is, how they differ and which one can be more beneficial for your business.

What is Virtual PRI?
PRI stands for Primary Rate Interface, and it is a physical connection between your business and the PSTN. V1 VoIP offers Virtual PRI, a circuit-switched technology, which means that a physical path is reserved for the entire duration of a certain connection between two end points and no other data can be sent along this path while it is in use.

What is SIP trunking?
SIP trunking is also commonly referred to as VoIP termination and represent a packet-switched technology. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is the V1 VoIP service that allows you to send calls through a carrier’s network. A packet-switched technology means that small units of data – packets – are sent through the network and do not prevent other packets from entering the channel at the same time.

What are the main differences between the two?
SIP trunking is a versatile technology which can be aligned with your specific business needs. Its capacity is dependant only on the amount of bandwidth available and can be extended to accommodate an unlimited number of connections. Extra capacity can be easily purchased by phone and will take only a couple of hours to set up. SIP trunks are also not stagnant. If they are not used, the corresponding bandwidth can be applied for other purposes.

PRI usage is related to high costs as they are charged per circuit on a monthly basis. Installation of every line takes time and can be on the expensive side. While the line is not in use, it cannot be applied for other purposes. Moreover, it is capable of carrying only voice data. A PRI is a physical telephone line which enables you to have 23 or 32 simultaneous calls respectively. Even with 50 phone numbers, a business will only be able to have a pre-defined number of connections at the same time. If your call volume is larger and you face the need to increase the capacity, you will have to purchase an additional phone lines with 23 or 32 more channels. Even if you need only 1 channel more, it will still require an entire new line.

While PRIs have their benefits such as a guaranteed call quality, they’re a thing of the past now. We do offer Virtual PRIs, however, we recommend our resellers use SIP Trunking for their business customer needs. Contact V1 VoIP now to take advantage of our SIP trunking services and ask about our wholesale pricing.

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Advantages of the V1 VoIP Private Label Reseller Program


V1 VoIP private label resellers receive deeply discounted wholesale rates and private branding of all the services V1 VoIP offers. Our private label resellers can launch their own VoIP business under their own brand name with no sign up fee to start and the only requirement is to enjoy growing your own VoIP business.

Here is what the V1 VoIP Private Label VoIP Reseller Program offers:

1. Complete turn-key solution for today’s highly competitive international telecom market
2. Private branding of all services V1 VoIP offers to its customers and sub-resellers with transparent on-line control panel
3. Highly competitive start up wholesale rates and progressive discount plan for increasing business volume
4. Professional back office support through personal attention of an expert Business Development Coordinator
5. The ability to create sub-resellers with complete automation and access to on-line account management
6. Assign and modify multiple retail rates (for various customer groups), and customized sub-reseller wholesale rates for each sub-reseller account
7. Access to daily wholesale/retail production and Call Detail Records (CDR)
8. Full control over accounts with ability to view payment history, transfer funds to sub-reseller accounts, distribute funds to individual customer accounts
9. Create calling card PINs on-line and assign specific expiration dates and retail values
10. Create separate recharge PINs to provide the convenience of recharging an access number on-line, by phone or by callback
11. Modify account settings (billing increments, discount percentage, access fee, language, etc.) for each customer account
12. Provide on-line account management for individual customers with complete access to invoices, retail call detail records, and various tools to modify account settings

V1 VoIP offers a reliable telecommunications platform, unique services, and competitive pricing, is the right telecommunications partner that you can rely on for your future business.

Is there a reason you are waiting to start your own VoIP business or procrastinating in growing your existing one? Don’t wait any longer. Sign up now with V1 VoIP and a member of our team will be happy to get you started making money in your VoIP busineses.

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Start Your Own Telecom Company Business with V1 VoIP

start your own telecom company business wtih v1 voip as your wholesale agent

If you are looking to start your own telecom business, you can launch today without taking the huge financial risk.

V1 VoIP resellers don’t have to invest heavily in equipment, software and technology, or follow lengthy processes to sign up with carriers to make deposits with them. Within only a few business days, V1 VoIP reseller accounts are set up and activated and they can start rendering services to their customers.

V1 VoIP Reseller Features:
* Resellers purchase voice traffic from V1 VoIP at wholesale rates
* There’s no huge up front investment required
* Excellent voice quality
* No sign up or monthly fees
* You can sell services and solutions under your own brand or company name
* Completely customizable business management platform is provided
* Provide wholesale services to other resellers (V1 VoIP offers several complete options for managing resellers)

With the V1 VoIP platform resellers can:
* Set their own rates for their customers.
* Create different rate plans with different billing increments (rounding to seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute etc.), connection and disconnection charges, monthly fees and other parameters.

With V1, billing can be done in your local currency.
* Credit and charge amounts to/from accounts
* Configure postpaid or prepaid billing types for the customers
* Record own voice greetings and messages
* See the billing and errors for each account
* Configure speed dial numbers or services for the customers
* Generate pin codes for calling cards
* Web-based Agent Account Management (AAM) interface
* Mobile Account Management (MAM) interface accessible through mobile phones (smart phones) connected to the Internet

Possibility to provide the Customer Account Management (CAM) interface at Agent’s web-site. (Agents can choose from several predefined skin designs, add their own logo, company name, customer service phone and e-mail). This feature is subject to recurring monthly fees. Using this CAM interface Agent’s customers will be able to:

* See their balance or current monthly Usage
* See their pin codes and trigger numbers
* Change the callback numbers and add/remove/edit CLIs to the accounts
* See and print billing reports and invoices
* Update personal information (i.e. address, phone, e-mail etc.)
* Voice prompts available in multiple languages
* Excellent customer service
* Fast account activation

To launch your own telecom business today, contact a V1 VoIP representative. We think of your success as our success and are ready to start you off and running toward professional success and freedom.

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