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Did you know V1 VoIP gives our resellers the option to also resell cloud VoIP services? No? We are glad we are telling you because many of our resellers are adding cloud-based high-tech VoIP services to their current reselling portfolio.

Cloud services–or cloud anything at this point–are very hot. The cloud is growing in its popularity each and every day, mainly because there’s been a huge focus on making more services available using cloud technology. And because the business world is one that’s so very competitive, many business owners are looking for ways to make their business stand out far above the rest of those within their niche, and using the cloud can help them do just that.

The high majority of small and medium-sized business owners have been using a landline for upwards of 20 years, which means that they’re way overdue when it comes to upgrading their business communication system. The reason being they simply couldn’t afford the high costs associated with upgrading to VoIP communication technology. But now that all the pricing to improve has come down, that’s no longer a problem. And businesses are actively seeking to upgrade to the cloud!

Resellers who got in early on the action are reporting that they’ve been very busy helping business owners upgrade from a landline based communication system to one that can now support high-tech VoIP services. They’ve been doing everything in their power in order to build a large customer base, which wasn’t difficult to do due to the fact that the majority of small and medium-sized business owners were looking to perform this upgrade, and were simply looking for the best VoIP reseller to help them through the process.

V1 VoIP resellers who choose to also resell cloud VoIP services are finding more success, compared to reselling VoIP services only. This is due to business owners wanting more communication options. There are many things to consider when wanting to add reselling cloud services to a current reselling portfolio. That’s why it’s a good idea to partner with V1 VoIP, because we have all the knowledge, guidance and answers to your questions about reselling cloud communication services.

V1 VoIP resellers who resell VoIP services and cloud communication services are finding more success than those who are choosing to resell high-tech VoIP services alone. At V1 VoIP we are ready to inform you how adding cloud-based services to your reseller portfolio can increase your sales high…all the way to the clouds!

Contact V1 VoIP today to learn more about how to resell cloud-based VoIP services.

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Benefits of Becoming a V1 VoIP Reseller

If you are interested in entering the world of telecom service, becoming a V1 VoIP reseller is one of the easiest options for entry. V1 VoIP specifically offers our resellers many benefits, and we will explain some of them below.

What is a V1 VoIP reseller?
A V1 VoIP reseller purchases our VoIP services and solutions, and then sells them to their customers. Our resellers are not responsible for the care and upkeep of an entire complex telecom VoIP system, as the major hardware for VoIP service is still handled by us. In the eyes of the reseller’s customers, the reseller is the primary service provider. Unless you decide to let them know it, your customers will never know their VoIP service comes from a reseller.

What does V1 VoIP provide resellers?
V1 VoIP resellers purchase all the basic elements of a VoIP plan (minutes, numbers/DIDs, E911 service, etc.) from us at extremely low rates. V1 VoIP resellers gain access to our proprietary back end control panel called VoIP Portal, where you can completely customize and automate services for your customers.

Why would I want to become a V1 VoIP reseller? Can’t I just start my own company?
You absolutely can, but you will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build out your network, hire empmloyees to service, and not to mention spend hours getting it together. V1 VoIP makes it so that all you have to do is sell. You have the freedom to charge whatever monthly rates they want, and even choose the services that you want. Let’s say you want to focus simply on offering toll free phone numbers? Done!

OK, I want to resell V1 VoIP services. How do I make money as a reseller?
A low rate like $15.99/month for landline home phone service for customers can still turn a profit for resellers. The $15.99/month plan might include pre-paid minutes, but those minutes may only cost the reseller about $5.00 at a rate of $0.01/minute. So, a reseller that charges $15.99 for a monthly plan stands to make almost $10 per customer. Then start multiplying!

Don’t wait any longer to enter the VoIP market and start reaping the benefits of being a V1 VoIP reseller. Sign up with us today and we will show you how easy it is to start making money with V1 VoIP.

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Start Reselling DIDs with V1 VoIP Carrier Services

Virtual phone numbers are called Direct Inbound Dialing numbers or DID phone numbers. As a V1 VoIP reseller, you can start reselling DIDs in minutes when you access our database of phone numbers. DIDs are one of the best money makers for V1 VoIP reseller and are a vital business segment of VoIP, where DIDs are assigned to IP Phones or VoIP accounts.

DID phone numbers are ideal for businesses looking to establish a larger point of presence. For instance, if your business is located in New York but you want to have a number in Texas or Florida, you simply purchase a DID for that area. Not only does it create the look or a larger business, but clients and customers will no longer have to incur long-distance or international call costs to reach you.

How big is the DID marketplace. It estimated more than $7 billion last year. As people look to assign virtual telephone numbers, whether for business purposes or to their Skype username, DID numbers have become popular…and a necessity.

If you would like to start your own DID reseller service or simply add phone numbers from our extensive database, contact V1 VoIP today. We have the largest database of North American DIDs for you to choose from and thousands of others internationally. There’s hardly any start up costs and we can have you up and running within 24 hours.

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Features of V1 VoIP Private Label Cloud Based PBX for Resellers

benefits and features of V1 VoIP private label cloud based PBX phone sytem

V1 VoIP offers private label cloud based PBX to meet business communication needs. Needing only a reliable Internet connection and an existing phone system, companies can satisfy their individual communications needs and stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace with a V1 VoIP cloud based PBX system.

Cloud based PBX does not require the huge capital investment to customers compared to traditional telephone systems, which is why it’s become more popular along with it’s disaster recovery capabilities in the business world.

Resellers of the V1 private label cloud based PBX can now offer their customers unified communications for mobile phones, soft phones, laptops, tablets for remote employees. Employees can now work from anywhere, a feature that most traditional PBX systems do not offer. Even if your business is an enterprise with remote locations, this intelligent VoIP solution designed with beneficial features in mind.

With a V1 VoIP cloud based PBX system, resellers allow their customers to easily customize, change, upgrade or expand the services they need as their businesses or organizations grow. And because the infrastructure is maintained at V1 , customers only spend on fixed monthly fees based on the services they require at rates set by the reseller.

One feature benefit of V1 VoIP’s private label cloud based PBX is that maintaining hardware and software is never a chore for customers because this task is handled by V1’s highly skilled staff. A reseller’s customers take care of their desktops and existing phone systems while enjoying full technical support. It takes the focus of a retail business’ mind on their business, without the need to hire more staff to babysit the system.

When it comes to business, security is always a high concern. Alleviate your customers security concerns with a private label cloud based PBX system because all data and communication is secured. The use of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) as well as firewalls, data encryption and real time monitoring are all implemented to offer secure protection.

Understanding the features and benefits of a cloud based PBX are key to choosing a purposeful communications system. V1 VoIP’s private label cloud based PBX is an inexpensive and responsive telecommunications solution for modern businesses of all sizes. Contact a V1 VoIP team member today to find out more about reselling our cloud based PBX system.

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