V1 VoIP Offers A to Z Origination and Termination

V1 VoIP offers competitive A to Z origination and termination carrier services

V1 VoIP offers competitive rates for A to Z origination and termination carriers services. Our carrier services offers operators the precise tools to execute dependable and steady telecommunication system and realizing the full potential of your business to be more competitive and globally-established.

A customized solution to suit your needs:

V1 VoIP’s suite of carrier services provides a complete international transport capacity for VoIP carriers. At V1 VoIp we provide SIP termination services to numerous telecommunication companies in different countries and states. VoIP carriers gain benefits from having competitively priced termination.

Whether you prefer a TDM or IP interconnection, we have the service to suit your network’s requirements. In addition, TDM in band signaling and Primary Rate Interface services are available, V1 VoIP has extensive connectivity with a national SS7 hub provider.

Here are only a few features and benefits of V1 VoIP carrier services:
* Optimal Network Performance
* City-specific Origination Capabilities
* Success rate 99.99%
* Signaling Protocol SIP / H.323
* Transmission Protocol TCP and UDP
* Excellent Service from the V1 VoIP’s Customer Support Management Team
* Customers may port-in TN’s within the local calling area
* Audio Codes G.711 and G.729
* Handoff SIP or TDM to your gateway, PBX, or softswitch

For a free demo of the powerful suite of carrier services, contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today.

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Cliffs Notes for V1 VoIP Cloud Based PBX Resellers

V1 VoIP offers a cliff notes guide to cloud based PBX resellers services solutions

V1 VoIP cloud hosted PBX resellers offer small and medium-sized businesses an affordable way to outsource their communication services. Being one of our cloud PBX resellers means not needing the start-up costs necessary and instead you get to focus on how you can provide your customers with the best services possible so they can start utilizing the many benefits that a cloud PBX system can offer them.

Whether a business is looking to change their landline to the latest in cloud PBX technology, or simply looking to upgrade their current and most likely outdated system so they can receive more benefits, V1 VoIP can help you. Our resellers know that utilizing the cloud and all its many benefits is the way to go. Plus switching to cloud based services is going to save money, which is one of the major incentives for a business deciding to update their current telephone technologies.

V1 VoIP answers all the questions our resellers have about offering cloud-hosted PBX services so you can add them to your reseller portfolio. At V1 VoIP, it’s our job to be knowledgeable in all things cloud PBX-related, so we can train you properly and your customers will see you as informed.

Here is the V1 VoIP Cliff’s Notes for being a cloud based PBX reseller.

1. The cloud will save customers money
It always comes down to money. Customers are going to want to know how much money they’re going to save by making this big switch with you. The answer will depend on the size of the company, but a rough estimate is about $20 a month or about $250 a year for a small company.

2. How does the cloud work?
Cloud computing technology is dependent on the internet so you must have an internet connection for it to work. Instead of data being stored on a piece of hardware, it’s stored in a virtual ‘cloud’ that floats around in space holding onto its bits of data.

3. Ok, so what Does PBX mean and what does it do?
PBX stands for Public Branch Exchange, and refers to the technology utilized to route the phone calls. PBX units were previously quite standard, as well as bulky in size, but were required for any medium or large-sized companies that used this technology. With cloud services, it has become usable for even small companies without taking up the space.

4. So I will save money, but why else should I use it?
Yes, saving money is the number one benefit of cloud-based PBX, but it offers companies so much more. One of the greatest benefits it affords is flexibility. Cloud PBX systems can expand when the business needs it without a lot of complications, as well as the fact that there’s more office space due to this being a wireless system are also two more big advantages.

5. My employees are mobile. What about them?
Of course they can! Using a cloud PBX system means employees can make their business calls from anywhere. Calls can also be easily routed from the office to an employee’s personal phone, which means that they don’t have to miss any more phone calls or potential opportunities.

Modern technology is once again changing how we communicate, making it so that businesses have more choices than using landlines for their voice communications these days. If you have been looking to add cloud-based PBX services to your reseller portfolio, contact V1 VoIP today to learn more about how your customers can benefit from this technology.

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Unified Cloud Based Hosted Communications by V1 VoIP

advantages of the cost saving unified cloud based communications solutions of V1 VoIP Hosted VoIP

There is no such thing as two businesses which run exactly alike. This is why V1 VoIP offers resellers the flexibility of calling plans and features to meet the needs of each company and its employees.

Resellers are making the switch to V1 VoIP’s Hosted services because businesses see the advantages of combining cost-saving, cloud-based telephony with the efficiency of unified communications. With V1 VoIP’s cloud based hosted VoIP solutions, voice mail, web services, video, instant messaging and presence, fax and phone services are combined into one powerful solution.

The following are some of the benefits of V1 VoIP’s cloud based hosted unified communications:

1. V1 VoIP will save you money! Since cost savings are the first thing prospective customers ask us, let us break down how many ways V1 VoIP’s cloud based hosted solutions will make your phone bill less each month:
* With V1 VoIP hosted VoIP, you can forget the cost of leasing, buying and maintaining a PBX or Key System. We take care of it for you
* By taking business to the cloud, you will reduce the cost of telecom and IT support
* Move, add and change employees quickly using a simple web-based portal.
* Think you’ll have to pay extra when switching broadband services or providers. Nope, there’s no cost.
* Save time and money when integrating and training your employees with a one-stop solution.

2. There’s no shortage of features that will increase productivity and collaboration with your employees.
* Take advantage of superior calling features like Find Me/Follow Me so you never miss a call, and Fixed Mobile Convergence to seamlessly move calls between mobile and office phones.
* Connect whenever, wherever with affordable communication and collaboration features to work across devices and locations.
* Improve voice mail communications with voice mail-to-email and voice email-to-text transcription. It makes out of office communications a breeze.
* Client applications to enable services on any device from your desktop PC to your iOS or Android device.
* Video Calling and Instant Desktop Sharing to improve collaboration.

3. Flexibility! V1 VoIP’s hosted VoIP solutions allow you to customize to your needs.
* Choose which calling plans you want and use different billing options for any type of business.
* Decide between options of affordable long distance plans.
* Mix and match Hosted Voice & Hosted Unified Communication feature sets based on individual employee needs.
* Use your own broadband or choose from Broadvox DSL, T1 and Ethernet services.
* Choose from a large selection of phones and network equipment.
* Installation and training services, tailored to the needs of your employees.

Still have questions or want to get started today? Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to learn more and get started!

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V1 VoIP Offers A-Z Wholesale VoIP Termination

V1 VoIP offers A-Z wholesale voip termination services

V1 VoIP provides wholesale customers with the best VoIP services available. Our A to Z wholesale VoIP termination has interconnections with up to 100 tier 1 carriers and national telecoms offering extremely competitive rates.

By providing low-rate A to Z VoIP wholesale termination services, V1 VoIP broadens our geographical scope and we obtain more customers with each passing day. V1 VoIP has a strong position in the world market when it comes to wholesale A to Z termination.

V1 VoIP services providers of all types and sizes, Whether you are a call shop, corporate provider, reseller of small or medium-sized VoIP, we offer your our amazing services and solutions. Turn around and offer your own rates to your customers where you set the profit margins. V1 VoIP customers need to configure VoIP software, register in our web site, make the prepayment and enjoy the package of high-grade services we offer.

With V1 VoIP as your wholesale VoIP provider you can make inexpensive VoIP calls and even simultaneous VoIP calls at any corner of the world! Moreover, we allow our customers an opportunity to check the quality of call.

Choosing V1 VoIP as your wholesale VoIP termination provider means making quality, fast and inexpensive calls with A to Z termination. Contact us now to demo our services.

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