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a Guide to What is Your SIP Address

Posted on: June 12, 2019

Locating call recipients and talking with them on their different user agents is done by using a SIP address. If you are thinking that it sounds like an email address, you are kind of right! SIP addresses are often indistinguishable from email addresses. Think of a SIP address as an email address that allows you to access your real time IP communications.

A SIP address is used to find the user’s network location so that they can be reached anywhere. SIP addresses are registered to the actual end user as opposed to their different devices. So if a user has a desktop, laptop and mobile phone, the SIP address is used only for the user as well as their multiple devices. The adoption of SIP addresses will hopefully spell an end to contact information that only corresponds to a specific device or location.

SIP addresses differ greatly from phone numbers. With phone numbers, you are assigned one to your home, a different one to your work and a third to your mobile. With SIP addresses, you can have only one contact ‘number’ or address and this number follows you wherever you go and whatever device you want to be reached. So regardless of someone tries you on your desk phone or your mobile phone, you are reachable by your SIP address.

Using a registration credentials, V1 VoIP can assign as many devices as you need with your own address. Contact us now to learn more about how we do this and get started.

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