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Advanced Call Forwarding with Hosted VoIP – Work Smarter

Posted on: November 28, 2020

Much has been written about the benefits of using hosted VoIP for your business. The obvious advantages include cost savings and telephone system integrations made possible by cloud VoIP.

But there are some less obvious, impactful advantages to be explored, such as advanced call forwarding.

As an example, missed calls can be sent to destinations beyond the voicemail box. Want to know how? Here are a few examples detailing how hosted VoIP can forward your incoming business calls to wherever you find yourself.

Business Hour Rules Can Send Calls to External Phone Numbers

Business hour rules in a Hosted PBX allow for advanced forwarding abilities
Using Hosted VoIP, send your business calls to an external destination
Business Hour Rules (BHR) are a staple of a corporate phone system. They allow up-to-the-minute control over how your incoming work calls get routed depending on time of the day and day of the week. With an on-premise phone system, your routing options are limited to on-site destinations such as phones in the office or voicemail boxes on the physical PBX.

Using a hosted VoIP platform opens up the possibilities of where to send incoming calls via BHR. VoIP platforms equip you to set up external destinations – such as a cell phone number – as a resource on the hosted PBX. This means that you can create call routing rules that forward incoming calls to your company’s main number to a cell phone – without the caller knowing s/he is reaching an outside phone. Answering after-hours work calls on a mobile phone has many benefits: your company won’t miss these important calls, while at the same time ensuring you and your employees’ privacy and flexibility to perform personal errands.

Personal Calling Options to Forward Your Calls

Set Your Office Extension’s Fail-over Destination to Your Cell Phone

You can also use your cell phone for other fail-over destinations on your hosted PBX. If you are away from your desk and miss a call to your extension, set the fail-over to your external cell number. Rather than leaving a voicemail, the caller will be sent to your mobile phone. This provides another opportunity to answer the call wherever you find yourself.

Send Your Voicemail Messages to Your Email Inbox

If you choose to send missed calls to your work voicemail, hosted VoIP offers the ability to send voicemails to your email address. Instead of having to dial codes on your desk phone to access your voicemail, your message will be emailed to you as an attachment that can be replayed on your computer. Your email will become a centralized dropbox for all of your business correspondence – freeing up time to focus on running your business.

Have Multiple Phones Registered at the Same Time

With hosted VoIP, you may not even have to worry about failover destinations! Since your company’s phone system is not tied to a physical PBX in an office telco closet, it can extend into outside locations.

Most VoIP providers have multiple simultaneous phone registrations as part of their offering. In addition to your office desk phone, you can also set up a phone in your home office, and register a softphone app on your cell phone or laptop. These simultaneous registrations mean that all phones are active at the same time. Your VoIP service will set incoming calls to ring all of these separate phones at the same time (‘simultaneous ring’) or set up a ‘find-me-follow-me’ type pattern where each phone rings in a sequential order, each for a few seconds before trying the next phone. The combinations of phones are as varied as your imagination allows.

Businessperson in his home office

Advanced call forwarding options offered by a VoIP service enable you to customize your VoIP phone system to fit your needs, instead of the other way around. Think about the ways that you want your phone system to operate, and chances are, hosted VoIP platforms will rise to the challenge.