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Business Mobile V1 VoIP Usage on the Rise

Posted on: September 28, 2017

grow your v1 voip reseller business by offering your customers mobile

Mobile VoIP is an extension of VoIP that allows for IP-based calls to be made from a mobile handset. Voice traffic travels over the available broadband connection, whether that connection is 3G, EDGE, Wi-Fi, or GPRS. Like fixed VoIP, mobile VoIP is being adopted in both the consumer and business segments, but has only recently begun to be implemented in the business environment. Yet growth rates are strong and by 2016, users will have grown to nearly 83 million lines/seats. This makes it a great time for resellers to start offering V1 VoIP mobile services.

The main reason adopting mobile VoIP makes sense is the ability to take the desktop phone experience with you, the ability to utilize the benefits of IP-based communication features, a cheaper international long-distance cost, an easy implementation path, and better indoor coverage where cellphone reception has historically been poor.

Here are some more reasons to start reselling V1 mobile VoIP services and solutions:
* Business mobile VoIP users will increase tenfold over the next five years.
* IP PBX users will account for the majority of business mobile VoIP usage.
* Mobile operators are increasingly embracing mobile VoIP as they realize that demand for these offerings is not subsiding.
* Hotspots open the potential for using VoIP over Wi-Fi as more of a mobile service rather than a residential or business service.

Grow your reseller business by offering mobile VoIP to your customers. Contact V1 VoIP now about our mobile VoIP services and solutions.

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