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Can You Afford to Have Your Business Look Down

Posted on: March 22, 2022

Can your business afford to look down to customers? It’s a simple and yet interesting question. In the current business economy can you afford for a day, an hour, or even a minute, to have your company look like it is not currently operating to a potential customer?

Let’s face it, the answer is no.

Recently a bakery contacted V1 VoIP about our phone services. They were having a class at the bakery and there was a massive storm going on outside. While the power to the building did not go out, their phones service went down. Three different customers were trying to call to cancel the class because of the weather and could not reach the bakery. What was worse, the phones were down for a week.

Think of it… an entire week with customers unable to reach you. With no outgoing message saying ‘please leave a message.’ Instead someone saying the number was not in service. How many customers did they lose during that week?

When they signed up for V1 VoIP services, they now can have those calls forwarded to their cellular phones in the case of an outage like that. They can change their outgoing message with ease. They have added on hold notifications about classes, promotions, and directing visitors to their website to see their gallery of wedding cakes. And they have even become a reseller offering our services to the other companies in their shopping plaza.

Can you afford to have your business look down to prospective customers? No. You cannot. Contact V1 VoIP today to learn how your company can appear to never be out of business again.

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