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V1 VoIP Private Label Resellers Billing Solutions

V1 VoIP offers resellers automated billing solutions for end user customers

At V1 VoIP our resellers are opting for private label options at an increasing rate. V1 VoIP’s private label ability lets you be your own phone company, giving you access to the steady revenue stream once only available to standard service providers. With the V1 VoIP private label option, resellers are given turnkey solutions that are built on a state-of-the-art-infrastructure, supported by an experienced partner, and scalable to the size and growth of your business.

V1 VoIP provides it’s resellers with full hosted PBX solutions which allow for Bring Your Own Device and are compatible with any SIP device. This is ideal for clients without premise SIP or legacy PBX system, or those who want to outsource their system. Premise SIP makes it possible to provide your dial tone solution to them in minutes. This is designed for new systems or existing systems that your customers or prospects have that accept native SIP.

V1 VoIP Reseller Billing Solutions
You’ve built your roster of customers and they’ve ordered the services they need. But what happens when it’s billing time? Many resellers underestimate the billing process. For first time resellers, the act of billing all your customers each month can seem quite daunting and lengthy in time. Calculating usage in local, long distance, toll free, as well as other features can add up, especially when you have multitudes of end users to bill. V1 VoIP offers our resellers software which is automated and takes care of the complicated billing process.

Our resellers rest easy knowing they do not need to worry about hiring someone to do their billing each month and can simply focus on selling and acquiring more resellers. V1 VoIP resellers can take advantage of the full range of our solutions so they can provide private label VoIP services that meets their clients’ needs or add new clients.

For those seeking excellent profits, minimal capital outlay and steady revenue in the telecom sector, V1 VoIP is how you can make your mark. Contact V1 VoIP today to learn more about our automated billing solutions and the portfolio of services we can offer you.

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V1 VoIP Reseller Cloud Security Tips and Advice

V1 VoIP explains cloud security tips for resellers

Have you seen the movie Sex Tape starring Cameron Diaz? The entire movie revovles around cloud security, or in this case, the lack thereof. Although the majority of cloud computing services work perfectly, many small and medium sized business who are only now signing up for VoIP services are still unclear with how secure the cloud is.

This is why V1 VoIP educated our resellers about cloud services and solutions, and more importantly, cloud security. No company wants to have their data hacked into and/or stolen by another entity creating a real need to improve cloud security in order to protect all users. Here, V1 VoIP gives our cloud resellers some tips to give to their customers to help ensure the cloud stays safe and protected.

1-2-3-4-5, it’s the type of password an idiot would have on their luggage. Not only should a company have a complex password, but they should have more than one. Include capitol letters, numbers and some type of punctuation.

By limiting access to only a few employees, this will greatly improve security members. The fewer employees who have the keys to the castle, the less concern for security breaches. Plus you can have employees have access to only certain parts of the cloud with other parts being completely off limits.

Firewalls allow you to control the traffic. Using them can ensure only certain connections to come in and go out. A firewall service is going to make your overall security be that much stronger.

Update often
By updating your cloud often, you can reduce weaknesses like worms and bugs. Updating your system at least once a month is highly recommended, and can easily be scheduled to be done automatically.

If you would like to get started reselling cloud services, contact V1 VoIP today. We can educate you not only on cloud security, but how it will benefit your customers. Allow us to give you a free demo of our cloud services.

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V1 VoIP Toll Free Service 800 Numbers are In Demand

V1 VoIP toll free phone numbers 800 vanity numbers and DIDs for business customers

Do you need instant access to 800 DID numbers right now with superb inbound rates from the US, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii and over 50 features available including voice mail and extensions? V1 VoIP offers some of the best toll free wholesale rates in the industry. V1 VoIP offers toll free DID (direct inbound dialing) numbers in 800, 855, 866, 877, 888, 800 and international prefixes.

Toll free phone numbers provide a convenient way for companies to connect with customers, no matter where they may be located. They generate instant trust, and can improve marketing and branding. The rise of internet telephony has made toll-free service even more attainable. Even though more people are using cell phones as their primary telephone, V1 VoIP resellers report that toll free VoIP phone numbers for business are still very much in demand.

For nearly 50 years consumers have learned to trust companies that give them the option of a toll-free contact number. They inherently associate these numbers with large corporations that can handle their needs efficiently. Toll-free numbers give new and small businesses the chance to compete with larger, more established companies. Vanity toll free telephone numbers allow companies to incorporate a bit of branding into every customer call. These personalized numbers also help improve customer recall, making advertising far more effective.

800 number service delivered over V1 VoIP SIP trunks can cut costs out the middle man just like a long distance only T1/PRI thereby offering the lowest toll free rates. What’s even better about V1 VoIP SIP trunk toll free service is that you can buy as little as one SIP trunk and still get the best rates. We have SIP trunk toll free rates starting as low as $0.014/min for volume users. Our 800 numbers can also be routed to any existing analog POTS lines like the one you might have in your home or business.

Don’t wait any longer to save money on your toll free service. To get your customers a toll free number today, contact V1 VoIP to look at our database of toll free and vanity numbers.

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Customized V1 VoIP White Label Solutions and Services

V1 VoIP customized voip white label solution and services for VoIP resellersAs a V1 VoIP white label VoIP reseller, VoIP providers can custom brand our white label solutions which will allow you to increase your revenue streams, diversify your VoIP product offerings, and differentiate yourself from your competitors. The V1 VoIP full featured VoIP phone solutions address all types of Internet connections and network connectivity.

V1 VoIP white label VoIP solutions are ideal for cable, telecom, and Internet Service Providers, as well as large retailers and resellers who wish to add consumer VoIP to their product lines. Our solutions enable companies to build, custom brand and rapidly launch complex direct to consumer VoIP, data, and Internet products with minimal risk and investment.

The V1 VoIP team of experienced telecom and Internet professionals will help you implement your customized solution. We provide step by step support:

Project &Account Management: V1 VoIP has designed a project and account management process that guides you toward implementation efficiently and expeditiously. From planning, design, integration and implementation, to post-launch and program management, we’re with you every step of the way.

Billing and Reporting: V1 VoIP offers an extremely flexible hosted billing system that integrates your business requirements with your existing billing structure. Our back office suite of billing and reporting tools provide real-time data feeds regarding every aspect of your VoIP solution.

Customer Service: Our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) provides technical support and troubleshooting on any technical issues that might arise. With our web-based Customer Service Interface (CSI) and trouble ticket system, we offer the applications you need to ensure support, service and reliability for your customers.

Benefits of V1 VoIP White Label Solution:

Low VoIP rates & High bonus/commission
Advanced Management Tools
Real Time Billing Software
Fully Branded PC to Phone Dialer
Fully Branded End User Interface
Wide Variety of VoIP Hardware
Wide Variety of VoIP Solutions and Products

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