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Rent the V1 VoIP Switch Partition to Establish Your ITSP

rent the V1 VoIP switch partition backed by PortaOne technology and establish your own ITSP telephony businessSwitch Partitioning or Outsourced Switching is relatively a new service in VoIP Industry; however it has already been proved to be a solid and effective business model. The V1 VoIP Switch Partitioning makes it possible for companies and people to terminate calls with noticeably reduced costs. Now, instead of setting up a complete ITSP environment and making significant investments, customers may simply rent a Porta Switch Partition from V1 VoIP and configure it in the way needed by the business and requirements from the users.

If you want to become your own ITSP telephony company, you can do so by renting the V1 VoIP switch partition backed by powerful PortaOne technology. V1 VoIP is offers next generation VoIP service to all customers and/or carriers that wish to establish their own ITSP services without serious investments and hardware installations. Partnered with PortaOne, V1 VoIP has the only platform that has all important business and technology parts seamlessly connected and working as a single platform.

Complete redundancy, billing and switching capabilities are included in this offer. With the V1 VoIP switch partition platform, you can do the following:

* easiness and affordability of operations with more automation and less ongoing staff costs
* drastic decrease of human error risks ensured by single interface and point of data entry
* extremely fast time to market when there is no need for interoperability tests and never-ending costly integration projects
* unmatched flexibility due to the availability of source code and XML API which no other established vendor provides
* high speed development process with feature selection driven by hundreds of carriers and service providers worldwide

By renting a V1 VoIP Switch partition, you have access to the following features:

* Providing qualified IP services to the resellers or incorporating the system in enterprises for connecting a large number of users in a VoIP network
* Supporting the major VoIP services (call holding, waiting, forwarding, conferencing, etc.)
* Instead of purchasing the V1 solution and starting it on a private server, customers may rent the Switch partitioning from V1 VoIP and ask for a specific configuration on demand.

Additionally, with the V1 VoIP Switch rental you can implement Wholesale (LCR), Calling card, Pinless, Callback services. This service may be used by VoIP ITSPs, large enterprises, calling shop owners, calling card vendors, etc. Each partition can have individual settings and limitations. For example, one customer may offer attractive billing options on long-distance calls to specific countries while other customers may want to make a focus on the duration of the calls, i.e. long calls will be billed less than short calls. Other customers may want to use the service to connect the staff of the large enterprise headquarters into the redundant and safe VoIP network and define specific settings for VoIP services for each headquarter users.

Make your VoIP business profitable to yourself and enjoyable to your clients! Contact a representative from the V1 VoIP sales team and take a demo of our switch rental today.

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V1 VoIP’s Glossary of Most Common VoIP Terms

V1 VoIP defines common VoIP definitions and terms used in the industry for our glossaryVoice Over Internet Protocol is a field of ever-growing and upgrading technology. Every few months, new features, accessories uses and benefits are created for resellers, wholesale agents and end user customers. V1 VoIP wants you to stay up to date with the latest in the VoIP industry. Here is our list of some of the most currently common used VoIP terms used in voice communication.

If there is a term you need more information about or want to add to your portfolio of VoIP service offerings, contact a member of the V1 VoIP team. We are more than happy to answer your questions and more broadly define what these terms are and what they can do for your business.

ASR – stands for Answer / Seizure Ratio. It is the number of successfully answered calls divided by the number of attempted calls.

Asynchronous Communication – The transfer of data not synchronized by a clock signal; the process requires both a start- and end- bit to identify the packet’s source and destination.

ATA – stands for Analogue Telephone Adaptor. ATAs are hardware devices used to connect a PSTN telephone to the Internet. VoIP gateways and modems perform similar functions.

Bandwidth – The maximum amount of data that can be uploaded/downloaded over a single line over a fixed duration (i.e. bits per second). You’ll need this to operate VoIP.

Broadband – High speed internet via cable TV, DSL, or telecom.

Clipping – When sections of a conversation — the beginning or end of words — drop-off.

Codec – The compression-decompression process; it compacts data into a smaller format for lighter transmission, then unpacks it again at the destination.

Echo-Path Delay – The duration between a transmitted signal and its reflection.

Echo-Path Loss – The difference in signal strength between a transmitted signal and its reflection.

Frame mutes – The frequency of clipping during a conversation, expressed as a percentile.

Full Duplex – A form of communication in which both ends may send and receive data simultaneously.

Interactive Voice Response – commonly called an IVR, it’s a platform that translates a caller’s touch-tones and voice commands into computer information for access over the phone or vice versa. For example, a voice menu that requires a caller to punch in a pin or select an option.

IP – stands for Internet Protocol, which dictates how data packets are transmitted over the internet.

IP Address – An Internet Protocol Address is a unique identifier machines use to connect to the Internet. Both fixed and dynamic IP addresses exist, ranging from to IP mapping is the process of geographically locating a device based on its IP address.

Jitter – A temporary transmission flux caused by early or delayed data packets.

Latency – The delay between the initiation and transfer of data.

Packet – A group of datum containing both a destination and source. Packet loss occurs due to latency or switching overload, at which point the data never reaches its destination.

POTS stands for Plain Old Telephone Service, you know, those old school landlines. Traditional phone service over the Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN.

Router – A network device that stores and forwards packets.

Sampling – A method used to measure and encode analogue signals into a digital format.

SIP – stands for Session Initiating Protocol, which is a standard for initiating, maintaining, and terminating interactive user sessions like video calling, instant messaging, or VoIP.

WiFi Hotspot – A wireless Internet access point, typically found in public, retail, and corporate environments.

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V1 VoIP Services Can Benefit Your Business

V1 VoIP resellers offer services and solutions that benefit businesses like flexibility and scalabilityIn the world of business communications, VoIP has been a revolutionary technology, revitalizing the way we interact that needed to update with the changing world. VoIP uses your existing internet connection to power your phone calls in place of traditional analogue phone systems. When a V1 VoIP reseller offers a business V1 VoIP services and solutions, the benefits for the business are substantial. By utilizing V1 VoIP services and solutions, a business becomes enabled to take advantage of these benefits by making the switch to VoIP from analogue phone systems.

Here V1 VoIP explains the benefits of utilizing our services and solutions:

The Bottom Line
Historically, traditional phone systems have come with the cost of line rental for the physical phone lines that are used to provide you with the service. V1 VoIP doesn’t rely on phone lines because it is powered using your existing internet connection. At the most basic level, all you need is a phone and an internet connection to get started with making and receiving calls. Depending on the size of your business, one or more phones lines may have been required to provide the desired service. After that, the physical system itself would have needed installing with costs for the hardware and installation work itself. With V1 VoIP, setup costs are greatly decreased.

Today’s business environment has changed so much from only a few decades ago and that change requires flexibility. Remote working, periods out of office, and mobile technology have fundamentally changed how business is done on a day to day basis. Communication is of fundamental importance in business, so the changing environment has altered the requirements organisations have for their communications service.

V1 VoIP services offer complete flexibility to the business user because configuring your communications can be done online, generally through an administrative control panel. Do you want to redirect calls to your mobile while you are out of office for the afternoon? You can do it in seconds. Need to reassign phone numbers to other employees? You can easily take care of it yourself. Want to get your voicemails from your mobile and your landline in one place? No problem.

Hopefully, your business is going to be a success which requires growth, and growth means needing more phones for your expanding team. V1 VoIP allows businesses to easily scale their communications. The capacity of traditional analogue phone systems for phone numbers and users was reliant on the physical hardware of the system. If the number of phones that you needed jumped above what your hardware was capable of, you either had to upgrade your existing system, or install a new one. Never mind the expense of this undertaking, it almost assuredly meant that new members to your team would be without a direct phone number for a period of time.

With V1 VoIP services, as long as your internet connection is powerful enough to support additional users, all you have to do is get the additional phones you need, with no systems installations required. This is because your phone system, known as an IP PBX is hosted in the cloud. There is plenty of other hard work to be done. Getting the necessary phone numbers and handsets set up for people so that they can do their job should be easy. With VoIP, it really is easy.

As a business, you should expect more from the services your landline communications are offering. V1 VoIP resellers know that when you sign up for our services and solutions, we offer real, tangible benefits and features while lowering your bottom line. Find out more what V1 VoIP can do for your business today. Contact V1 VoIP today to get your business in the modern communication age.

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The Basics of V1 VoIP White Label Solutions

the basics of V1 VoIP white label voip solutionsThe V1 VoIP white label program allows resellers to re-brand their services i.e. the reseller can sell his services with his own name. V1 VoIP reseller programs are considered as a good option for users that posses specialized marketing skills in their geographical domain.

The best part of V1 VoIP services is that the telecommunication market also encourages the users with the low investment to venture into various streams; thanks to the V1 VoIP private white label reseller option, as the hardware required for call termination are provided by the voice over IP providers or wholesalers. V1 VoIP resellers act as a mediator between the wholesaler and end users.

To pursue its services to end users, resellers avail some portion of the IP switch from the wholesaler. The end-users thrive on VoIP services to reduce the cost of long distance and international calls by almost half of the cost. The wholesaler sells his services to resellers in choice of two programs, namely private label V1 VoIP and white label V1 VoIP.

V1 VoIP Private label VoIP is an effort to deliver services with a system of brand building thrown in for good measure. The telephony needs are met with some extra software that cuts down on the initial expenses- often incurred by a client. The up keeping costs are very minimal. And the clients can offer their services to the end-users under their own brand names. All these benefits make private label VoIP services very much in demand among different categories of users.

With the installation of V1 VoIP’s private label VoIP, it becomes possible to set up a Power Platform system that can be used to serve customers worldwide. Thus it leads to the reduction of costs as now there is no requirement of expensive engineering and design teams to maintain their efficiency in services. The broadband service provider can rely on this technology and concentrate their resources and budget in the development of the company as a whole.

V1 VoIP reseller programs in which private label VoIP service is a part, includes features such as call waiting, voice mail and inbound caller ID. This service is not just limited to home based users but can also serve large corporations with facilities such as conference calls, voice mails converted to emails and multilingual operations. Thus, a trend has emerged wherein these services are being availed from resellers, which in turn lease the services from the wholesalers. The telecommunications market has been more than happy with the private label VoIP reseller programs. It actually means that the resellers can sell the services accessed from the wholesalers with some scope for brand building. This allows the company to offer the services to people of a particular domain under their own brand names and identities.

The user on the other hand can avail the services of their private service provider without having much technical knowledge. Just installing the software and hardware required solves the purpose. The rest is based on a high speed internet connection and an effective white label VoIP or private label VoIP provider. The services once accessed leads to low cost telephony becoming a reality. The user can now make calls to any corner of the world at the low costs.

Do you have questions about V1 VoIP’s private and white label VoIP solutions? Contact a member of V1 VoIP, a representative would love to answer your questions and explain what V1 VoIP’s private and white label services can do for your VoIP company.

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Wholesale V1 VoIP Services for White Label Resellers

Wholesale v1 voip sersvices and solutions for white label resellers and voip service providers Wholesale VoIP services with V1 VoIP are a way of entering into the lucrative telecom market without having to bear the enormous cost of infrastructure rollout. Wholesale VoIP is simply like any other type of wholesale arrangement, with a reseller, service provider or Internet entrepreneur purchasing services on a wholesale basis and then reselling them through their own brand.

Reselling Voice over IP services can be as easy or complicated as you want to make it. Almost any type of service, including international and domestic calling, direct inward dial (DID) numbers, fax service, and much more, can be acquired wholesale for subsequent resale. The simplest way to get into the business via a wholesaler is by purchasing wholesale calling card services, which can simply be resold under your own brand, either online or physically.

The telecom market is highly dynamic and represents a lucrative opportunity, and every day, new entrepreneurs move into this market. Wholesale services can be obtained through several sources with only a small investment, either directly from the provider (Reseller) or through a marketplaces.

The greatest advantage is that by going into this business on this basis, it is not necessary to shoulder the burden of up-front capital expenditures, which for the carriers, can be very costly. Buying the services wholesale and reselling them retail allows you to bypass all that, and get into business with a very low up-front investment. Traditional telecom businesses must endure high levels of capital expenditures to build out physical points of presence, but the wholesale option bypasses this requirement, allowing the retailer to instead focus on marketing and building the business.

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V1 Shows How to List Your VoIP Number in Local Directories

V1 VoIP shows you how to get your VoIP phone number listed in local directories directoryGetting your business listed in the 411 directory is a vital part of the business building process. You may heard that in order to get a 411 business listing you had to have a dedicated business phone line because VoIP wouldn’t work. That’s a myth! Here V1 VoIP explains how you can get your VoIP number listed in local directories so customers can find you.

Having your phone number listed as a business is so important. A key factor for getting a 411 listing is in driving customer sales for your business. Don’t ever let a customer call Directory Assistance to find your company and find a dead end because it wasn’t listed. Below, V1 shows you the steps for listing a VoIP number in some of the biggest online phone books.

411: Call “Directory Assistance” and explain your current situation. This may not work but it’s worth the attempt. The 411 directory reports to numerous other services such as White Pages.

Google: Add up 100 listings on “Google My Business,” each complete with a physical address, phone number and photo/video. To confirm your listing, though, you must wait for a phone call or postcard, which can take weeks. Secure VoIP numbers with local area codes to avoid signup problems. Doing so on similar search engines, such as Bing or Yahoo, follows relatively the same procedure.

List Yourself – This is a free 411 listing service and once you submit your business information it offers several options for you to validate your business phone number. Once your number is validated then your information is sent to the directory assistance databases used by all of the major carriers.

Verizon Business – There are four main Verizon offices with each servicing several states. You will need to call and say that you want to get a “foreign listing”. You will need to provide them your name, company name and business phone number. The cost varies in each state and if you’re located in California it costs a $30 set up fee and $3.25 per month.

Wireless Listings: You can now get your business cell phone number listed in the 411 and the print directories no matter which wireless carrier you use. There is a monthly fee for this service and you can also select which Verizon print directories you want your number to appear on.

Yellow Pages: Locate the “Listing Management Center” once logged in and enter your business’ virtual phone number. Either fill in or correct the rest of your profile, clicking “Finalize” to complete the request.

Yelp: Create a free account and “unlock” or add your business to the website. You will need to enter a series of credentials before the site asks you to locate and verify your business. This means that following registration, Yelp will give you a call and recite a confirmation code. Keep this code safe moving forward.

Keep in mind that because this is a free service it may take you several attempts to get your number successfully submitted and listed. It will not only legitimize your company but also help potential customers find you. Don’t let a non listing cost you business credit and potential sales for your company. Contact V1 VoIP today to find out more.

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V1 VoIP Reseller Local Virtual Numbers for Businesses

V1 VoIP resellers request local virtual phone numbers for businessesV1 VoIP resellers continually tell us that their business customers, small all the way up to enterprise, repeatedly ask for local virtual phone numbers. Sure, businesses think toll free 800 numbers are the necessity in the business world, but they often overlook the value of local virtual phone numbers.

V1 VoIP local numbers give businesses — small and large — access to directories and loyal customer markets. They establish a larger point of presence in more than one market. By doing so, they appeal to a larger customer base that thinks they are local and can make competition think they have a larger footprint geographically.

Customers Think Locally
There are many customers who prefer to shop locally, investing in small businesses rather than global corporations. Yet businesses need only to appear local in order to show up in local directories. V1 VoIP virtual local phone numbers allow users to purchase virtual local numbers and connect them from anywhere in the world, giving the appearance of locality without having physical roots in that location. In this sense, a business can access multiple directories by simply choosing various area codes and call packages.

Intimidate Larger Competition
If you want to be a successful company than you need to dream big for yourself. One of the easiest ways to appear to be bigger is to utilize V1 VoIP local virtual phone numbers. By having more than one phone number, a company can now ‘have offices’ on different coasts of the country, giving customers and colleagues the ability to dial a local phone number and pay local phone rates for making the call.

Customers Calling a Local Virtual Number
Local virtual numbers benefit business customers in two main ways. First, callers do not incur long-distance charges, and while toll free 800 numbers offer this advantage across the country, they also lose the local illusion. Second, local virtual numbers can employ interactive voice response (IVR) menus in each city. This could include a tailored greeting and/or daily specials, sales and offers. Doing so also helps businesses track call traffic, as one city may engage more than another does.

Don’t wait any longer to offer your business customers a local virtual phone number. Find out how easy it is to resell a V1 VoIP local virtual phone number today! Contact us now to learn more about how easy it is to give your business this competitive edge.

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Small Businesses Upgrade from Landlines to V1 VoIP SIP Trunks

small businesses turn to V1 VoIP resellers for state of the art VoIP services and SIP trunk solutions upgrading from landlinesLandlines are going the way of the Dodo bird as an outdated and soon to be extinct way of doing business. This means that those small and medium size businesses still on landlines need to start investigating the world of VoIP and how this state of the art technology can not only update their communications, but help take their business to the next level.

V1 VoIP resellers continually see small businesses looking to SIP trunks when they make the transition from landlines. SIP trunking can provide the ability to save money off of their communication budget. SIP trunks offer much more flexibility for a business, allowing a business more options for a unified communications.

SIP trunks do require technical knowledge, so businesses are quick to say they want to jump in head first with a technology they don’t quite understand. That’s why V1 VoIP resellers are completely knowledgeable as to what SIP trunks are, what they do, and what they can offer businesses.

V1 VoIP resellers understand their customer needs, wants, and how to achieve their goals. V1 VoIP resellers know that businesses making the switch to VoIP technology want to understand exactly what they are getting into and how it can help. Knowing what potential clients are going to ask is one way that V1 VoIP arms resellers with knowledge.

V1 VoIP looks forward to resellers signing up with us because your success is our succes. When you successfully upgrade a business communication system from an outdated landline to VoIP technology, you are providing a service that this business actually needs and will save them money, all while making money yourself. Contact V1 VoIP today to get started offering our VoIP services and solutions.

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V1 VoIP Vanity Number Business Guide

V1 VoIP vanity phone numbers provide businesses name recognition, marketing boost and branding opportunityBusinesses still rely on making phone calls. Whether it’s connecting with clients, providing customer service, making deals, or speaking with colleagues, the phone is always being utilized in the professional world. That’s why a good, memorable phone number is such a valuable asset. And V1 VoIP can provide resellers to businesses with the vanity phone numbers they have been looking for.

V1 VoIP Vanity Number Guide

Does a company remember your name? Brand recognition is a challenge with so many companies in the world. But if your existing and potential customers know it, your company’s name could be a critical component to selecting a vanity phone number. A vanity telephone number that’s used with a business phone system can play a strong role in reinforcing the brand association with a company’s product, service or even just its name.

If your business name is unavailable or if your company name is shorter than seven letters, do not worry. There are ways to create a memorable vanity number with phrases and keywords. For example, abbreviations and/or descriptive nouns and adjectives can expand or truncate a vanity number’s length. If your company name is Proud, your phone number could be 1-800-BE-PROUD. These tactics apply to businesses without name recognition as well, those that need catchy vanity numbers to reflect their offerings instead. Such strategies work in numerous other settings, including web addresses, domains and hashtags.

Add some instant recognition to your business with a V1 VoIP vanity phone number. The call becomes toll free for your customers and will give your company an instant marketing boost! Contact V1 VoIP for your vanity number availability today!

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Your Business Needs a V1 VoIP Toll Free Virtual Number

V1 VoIP provides businesses with virtual toll free phone numbersYou run a business that you want to be competitive, both with your contemporaries as well as with larger enterprise corporations. One of the easiest ways to compete in today’s market is with a toll free virtual phone number which you can get from V1 VoIP.

Virtual toll free numbers allow customer, clients, and vendors to reach your company without paying any long-distance fees. Instead, you cover all inbound charges – an act of professionalism and gratitude. The per-minute fee is actually extremely low, especially when used over V1 VoIP, making it a small cost with huge return on investment. Toll-free numbers invite more customer calls. People are eager to get in touch when it doesn’t cost them money.

In the past toll free numbers were associated with businesses involved in customer service and telemarketing. But now any business with a website needs one. The online world has given all businesses a chance to target new markets outside of their immediate communities. Your company phone number appears in many locations: your website, business cards, brochures, directories and more. It is a vital part of your brand identity. Thus, you should procure a number that lends professionalism and credibility to the brand. Toll-free numbers do this well, as they construct grander corporate images.

Toll-free numbers resonate with consumers more so than local ones, especially when used together. They can provide the illusion that your base is larger than a local area making your business appear more global.

To learn more about toll free numbers and ways they can increase your business contact V1 VoIP today. We can set you up with a toll free phone number for your business which comes with flexible call forwarding for your office.

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