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V1 VoIP DID Origination Services in US and Canada

got numbers? V1 VoIP offers wholesale voip did origination phone numbers at $.15 per DID and services across the United States and Canada

V1 VoIP offers United States and Canada DIDs at $0.15 per number and $5 channels. At V1 VoIP, our wholesale direct inbound dialing origination is a tiered service that provides our customers with access to numbers worldwide and where we specialize in our footprint in the United States and Canada.

This tiered Wholesale VoIP DID origination service offers the ability to customize service packages by individual DID in the form of TN, telephone number, and numbers. By offering our wholesale VoIP DID origination service in tiers, it allows our customers maximum flexibility with service options such as wholesale CNAM caller ID storage, SMS, T.38 faxing, fax-to-email, email-to-fax, E911 emergency and alert notification services, and more.

Wholesale – US and Canada Wholesale DIDs
V1 VoIP provides businesses with access to Wholesale DIDs in the United States and Canada from over 9,000 rate centers. Through our proprietary VoIP Portal, V1 VOIP customers have instant access and provisioning to more than 500,000 Wholesale DIDs. Our web management portal additionally delivers the freedom to search, purchase, and provision Wholesale DIDs in real-time.

If you are looking for individual wholesale DID numbers, they can be customized online with add-on features such as CNAM (caller ID delivery and storage), SMS, T.38 (faxing over IP), fax-to-email, email-to-fax, E911 emergency and alert notification service, and 411 directory assistance. Telephone numbers can be selected in several ways: by network, tier, NPA, state, rate center, LATA, and vanity.

Wholesale – Toll-Free DIDs
Toll-Free DIDs are the hottest phone numbers for businesses to offer customers because they can be dialed from any phone in the United States at no cost to the caller. V1 VoIP offers wholesale Toll-Free DIDs available for instant provisioning. At V1 VoIP we can also port existing Toll-Free DIDs to our network.

Vanity wholesale Toll-Free DIDs (think 1-800-GOT-JUNK) are also available with numbers that, when associated with a traditional telephone number pad, spell out a relevant word or phrase.  These Toll-Free DIDs are great for businesses as it is easier for customers to use and remember and are a great way of attracting potential customers with a statement.

Wholesale – International DIDs
With global presence in over 60 countries and thousands of area codes around the world, V1 VoIP offers one of the largest wholesale international DID origination coverage in the VoIP industry. Our extensive selection of Wholesale International DIDs gives our customers access to local phone numbers in thousands of cities.

Each Wholesale International DID is billed on a flat-rate service. This means a fixed monthly fee, with no per-minute charges and our customers converse as much as they want for a low, monthly charge. They enjoy unlimited number of calls, with no limit on the length of each call. Moreover, each number is provided with two channels, allowing two concurrent incoming calls on the same number.

To find out more about the Wholesale VoIP Origination DID options V1 VoIP can provide you, as well as our International Rate list, please contact one of our representatives now!

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Dialer Short Duration V1 VoIP Termination Traffic

V1 VoIP offers dialer short duration voip termination traffic

A problem with dialer traffic is that is can overload a network infrastructure because the traffic can be delivered in high volume of calls per second with lower connection rates and short duration times. This ultimately results in the need for substantial hardware and connectivity infrastructure in order to accommodate such traffic.

V1 VoIP has a segregated platform that allows us to provide the highest quality US and Canada VoIP termination service for dialer and short duration needs. If you need to pass those calls and in high volume, V1 VoIP is the provider for you!

Many SIP termination carriers of dialer traffic often increase rates to handle the amount of traffic. Their difficulty is the large amount of cost needed to support that type of load given the low revenue per call that results from this type of traffic.

However, V1 VoIP delivers service that allows customers that use auto dialers to take advantage of new technologies while simultaneously keeping costs low. If you have dialer traffic, we invite you to try out V1 VoIP’s termination service solutions.

Unlike most wholesale termination carriers, V1 VoIP welcomes, invites, and caters to all types of service. Speak to a V1 VoIP representative today and let us save you money on your dialer termination with unlimited capacity and guaranteed quality!

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How You Can Make Money as a V1 VoIP Reseller

how you can make money as a V1 VoIP white label service reseller

Want to make money reselling VoIP services? At V1 VoIP we help you make recurring monthly money easily while you sell a service that business owners actually need and want… and you even save them money in the process! Let us break down how easy it is for you:

V1 VoIP resellers earn income by providing their customers with incredibly low-priced telephone service through the internet. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a residence or an enterprise business, phone service works the same way. At it’s most basic form, V1 resellers offer minutes for their customers. You get these minutes from us and then you charge your customers as you see fit.

From there, you can offer your customers so much more depending on their needs. Whether your customers need faxing services, virtual and toll free phone numbers, cloud based services, hosted PBX, SMS, V1 VoIP can help you provide these services and solutions and so much more!

Not only do we provide you with everything your customers need, but everything you need to maintain them as well. Through our proprietary VoIP portal, you can maintain all of your billing needs, your customers can access their accounts, and contact you with issues or questions.

Even better, not only do we help you set up with ease, but because you are a reseller of our services, you don’t have to come out of pocket with huge upfront costs for expensive servers, gateways, platforms and other startup needs that can cost $500,000 and more. We offer you access to all of ours and do so in a secured interface.

Technology is always evolving and VoIP is primed to take the place of the traditional telephone system. There are tremendous moneymaking opportunities to be sought for someone that is good at marketing and selling a product. There are opportunities to provide service and support to customers while being self-employed. For a V1 VoIP reseller, the opportunities are tremendous. To become a V1 VoIP reseller contact us now!

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V1 VoIP Wholesale Carrier Services for Businesses


V1 VoIP’s wholesale carrier services for businesses can help reduce costs, improve reliability, and transform the way your business communicates on an IP platform.

When compared to retail VoIP solutions, V1 VoIP wholesale typically provides access to even lower rates, with discounts based on volume. It is typical that you be asked to commit to a certain monthly amount of traffic (in minutes or in cost) in order to qualify as a wholesale customer. The more you buy, the more you’ll save. V1 VoIP can also provide greater technical and business flexibility allowing you to aggregate your traffic (wholesale VoIP minutes), burst in channels (concurrent calls), or resell these solutions. Depending on your preference, low flat-rate as well as A-Z rates are available.

V1 VoIP’s wholesale carrier services are best suited for business that either have a large volume of VoIP minutes, hold a large inventory of phone numbers, or whose system require large channel capacities. Our wholesale carrier services can help you whether you are an ITSP, large call center, or an enterprise with a large volume of voice traffic, or a small or medium size business.

After knowing your volume, you will need to decide whether or not you would prefer a flat rate or “rate deck” service. If you have an advanced VoIP platform with an LCR, and can keep track of your usage, we typically recommend “rate deck”. However, if you would rather not deal with the complexities of having to keep track of your rates and usage, a flat rate service may be best. Note that unless you are terminating calls to a single country, flat rates are almost never available for A-Z international routes because the large variations in international rates.

For a list of rates and a free demo of our wholesale VoIP carrier services for businesses like yours, contact a member of our sales team to get started saving money as a wholesale VoIP provider with V1 VoIP.

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