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Access International VoIP Termination Services

V1 VoIP carrier of termination services for reseller voice solutions to make moneyV1 VoIP offers resellers everything needed to build an international termination reseller business with services based on your needs. Designed for providers and resellers with per-minute competitive pricing, the V1 VoIP network allows you to focus on your core business of selling VoIP services and solutions while still maintaining a suite of services that’s attractive to your customers.

V1 VoIP offers international calls to virtually every destination worldwide, and keep you connected to a wide selection of carriers. Because your international voice termination service is managed in real-time, V1 VoIP can help protect you from fluctuations in demand and route quality. Whether you are in need of A to Z termination with routes of several tiers or A to Z on overflow, we have a the products you need at aggressive pricing.

V1 VoIP offers the pricing you need at the flexibility you need it. Our international VoIP termination uses dynamic routing based on cost and quality. We can react quickly to changing costs, quality and market conditions, because finding an optimal route per customer affects only that customer.

No two V1 VoIP resellers are the same and we know that. Your businesses and customers have different requirements based on your focus. V1 VoIP International termination service provides a broad range of fully customized routing, pricing, and billing increment options. Whether you are selling services into wholesale or retail markets, you can get the right combination of pricing and performance to meet your specific needs.

See how we can fulfill all of your international termination needs. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP termination department today!

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Commonly Used V1 VoIP Predictive Dialer Terms

V1 VoIP wants resellers to know predictive dialer termination glossary and terms for private label VoIP resellers

V1 VoIP resellers love offering predictive dialers to their call center clients. As an in-demand part of all types of telecommunications campaigns, V1 VoIP resellers offer services and solutions to call centers and earn huge money as a result. Here are some definitions to V1 VoIP predictive dialers our resellers should know:

Predictive Dialer: Predictive dialing was introduced for the purpose of increasing efficiency within calling centers. They are computer based system that automatically dial groups of telephone numbers, and then passes live calls to available agents. The V1 VoIP predictive dialer utilizes sophisticated algorithms to speed up and slow down the call rate based on, number of available agents, number of available lines, the campaign’s average call time and other statistical information.

Auto dialer: makes thousands of calls screening for busy signals, no answers, fax machines while detecting answering machines/voicemail and delivers pre-recorded messages. V1 VoIP’s Auto Dialer is a low cost solution for voice broadcasting.

Dialer: generic term for any computer-driven device that places outbound calls and connects the answered calls to an agent or operator.

Agent: telephone professional to whom a predictive dialer sends the ready call.

Quick Connect: Quick Connect allows your agents to log in one-to-one with a phone line. This option is great for B2B purposes, especially when your agent needs to be on the phone line through the entire call.

Fixed Dialing: Fixed Dialing gives your call center manager the power to manually set the volume of calls. The software will then automatically dial a predetermined number of lines per agent. Fixed dialing is ideal for political campaigns, charity campaigns, and other situations drop call ratios are not a factor.

If you are interested in becoming a provider of predictive VoIP dialers as a V1 reseller, contact a member of the V1 VoIP dialer team today to get started.

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V1 VoIP Short Duration Dialer Termination

V1 VoIP offers special pricing on dialer short duration termination voip services and solutionsIf you are looking for short duration dialer termination, V1 VoIP offers you a special pricing model for it. On the V1 VoIp segregated platform, we provide the highest quality US and Canada termination.

Many other providers find it difficult to provide short duration dialer termination traffic because of the large amount of costs needed to support that type of load given the low revenue per call. Dialer traffic has the ability to overload a network infrastructure due to the tendency for the traffic to be delivered in high volume calls per second with lower connection rates and short duration times. This ultimately results in the need for substantial hardware and connectivity infrastructure in order to accommodate such traffic. This is why many VoIP providers shy away from their customers when they need this.

V1 VoIP doesn’t have that problem.

V1 VoIP customers use auto dialers to take advantage of new technologies while simultaneously keeping costs low. If you want to have dialer traffic then take advantage of the V1 short duration termination service.

At V1 VoIP, we cater to all types of dialer traffic, including unlimited capacity. For answers to your questions about short duration dialer traffic and termination, contact a member of the V1 VoIP today.

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Cutting Call Center Traffic Costs with V1 VoIP Termination

call center voip termination traffic passed by V1 VoIPWhether you operate an inbound, outbound, or a blended call center, V1 VoIP’s wholesale VoIP carrier services can help you cut costs on large volumes of termination and origination minutes. By evaluating your current situation and recommending a solution or combination of solutions to decrease costs and increase flexibility, quality and reliability, V1 VoIP will help your call center find the perfect termination and origination solutions that will help your business fly.

Many service providers shy away from call center termination traffic. V1 VoIP is especially useful for call centers utilizing a dialer platform. V1 VoIP can help with your dialer traffic, even if it is being turned down by other carriers. Whether it’s high CPS, low ACD, or low ASR, V1 VoIP will accommodate your dialer traffic.

Call termination for call centers, especially large volumes of interstate and intrastate traffic, can get expensive even with dedicated long distance lines. By converging both your voice and data traffic over a single connection with V1 VoIP, not only can you save money on port fees, but also on a per-minute basis as well.

For more information regarding our call center traffic cost-cutting service offerings, contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today for a free consultation online. We are ready to help you get started saving money on your call center traffic today!

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V1 VoIP SIP Termination and Trunking

V1 VoIP SIP termination and trunking services and solutionsThe cutting edge wholesale solutions offered by V1 VoIP enable enhanced IP service providers to offer long distance VoIP access to residential and commercial customers. V1 VoIP offers a completely managed and customizable wholesale VoIP carrier solution.

We provide a reliable and fully-redundant, carrier-grade termination service on one of the industry’s most extensive voice networks. Our outbound service, which currently supports several SIP codecs, allows you to take full advantage of the best available call quality.

V1 VoIP is proud to also have a segregated platform to provide the highest quality termination service for dialer / short duration traffic. While dialer traffic typically overloads most carrier network infrastructures, we have a dedicated infrastructure to support traffic being delivered in high volume calls-per-second that has lower connection rates and short duration times. Users of auto dialers are welcome to use our V1 VoIP wholesale termination service, as long as the traffic is identified as short duration traffic from the beginning.

To allow us to provide one of the most comprehensive nationwide footprints in the industry today, V1 VoIP has partners with a blend of Tier I carriers. At V1 VoIP, we currently offer new DIDs in the US 48 and support LNP (Local Number Portability). Through our online portal we offer an advanced API which you can integrate into your website or application for real-time ordering and provisioning.

Our fully-redundant network and failover forwarding features provide extra insurance to hedge against potential outside issues, and all of this is fully-backed by our award-winning customer support team. With our unlimited usage model your costs will have a predictable, flat-rate each month; as your volume grows – so will your savings.

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Short-Duration and V1 VoIP Call Center Dialer Termination

short duration and V1 voip dialer termination specifically for call centersWhen it comes to making phone calls, call centers are more than just your average business. V1 VoIP and our resellers understand the unique communication requirements that involve this business segment, which makes us the preferred call center VoIP termination provider in over 30 countries. V1 VoIP offers resellers for call centers specific solutions including short duration and dialer termination.

With our short duration calls and auto-dialer termination, V1 VoIP can easily handle the concurrent call capacity call centers need thanks to our platform’s tailored high-performing switch and redundancy capabilities – handling blasts of spontaneous calls per minute is our bread and butter.

V1 VoIP services for call centers include short-duration calls of per-second billing increments, making V1 service promise of the highest call quality level, real-time monitoring, web-based CDR’s and managing tools, superior service, reliability and uptime.

V1 VoIP offers call center businesses increased productivity, security, scalability, flexibility, and high call quality. All of this ensures that VoIP based call centers take advantage of price efficient termination for both domestic an international calls.

Are you running a customer service call center? V1 offers VoIP services you will want to take advantage of. Sophisticated speech recognition software allows computers to handle the first level of customer support to allow better customer handling of calls. To learn more about V1 VoIP’s short duration and dialer termination services for call centers, contact one of our representatives for more information and a free demo of our capabilities for call centers.

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V1 VoIP Offers Wholesale Dialer Termination

v1 voip offers a to z wholesale auto dialer termination services and solutionsWhen your business is auto-dialers, you have three main concerns for running your company smoothly. They are 1) restrictions, 2) penalties, and 3) hidden fees pertaining to your dialer VoIP traffic. With V1 VoIP, you can handle virtually unlimited dialer traffic at no extra costs to US and Canada.

Start your VoIP auto-dialer business now with V1 VoIP giving up to 1,500 channels, 75 CPS and can scale up in a matter of days at no extra fees! Whether you are a carrier, call center, voice broadcaster or simply need high CPS, you will be in good hands with V1 VoIP by using our wholesale dialer termination. We understand every business is unique, which requires vendors to be flexible. High capacity dialer traffic is not only handled, but encouraged!

V1 VoIP’s wholesale dialer termination offers many amazing features, including:

* No Hidden Fees or Dialer Penalties
* No Capacity Restrictions
* No Monthly Fees or Start-up Costs
* No Commitments
* No Confusing Contracts or “Gotchas”

To allow customers to gain confidence in the services, we offer free live head to head testing to make sure you are completely satisfied with our wholesale VoIP products. Test the services with no contract, no obligation and no fees. Testing can be set up in a matter of hours and only requires a short questionnaire for us to build your free test account.

To learn more about V1′ VoIP’s wholesale dialer termination services and solutions, contact a member of the V1 VoIP termination team today!

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Ten Features and Benefits of V1 VoIP Predictive Dialer

ten reasons and benefits of using a V1 VoIP predictive dialer for termination

Call centers can drastically increase productivity by adding predicting dialing services and solutions and V1 VoIP’s call center predictive dialer solutions offer best-in-class performance. V1 VoIP’s predictive dialer is a must-have for companies looking to optimize their call center solutions. With the built-in dropped calls setting, administrators can track and adjust each campaign’s abandoned call percentage to make fewer dropped calls.

The V1 VoIP predictive dialer delivers automated outbound contacting campaigns and brings unrivaled capabilities to thousands of business of all sizes worldwide. With a broad range of features that are robust and unique, the V1 VoIP predictive dialer solution is easy to use and simple for accelerating contact center performance than any other on the market.

Here are the top ten features and benefits of using the V1 VoIP predictive dialer for call centers:

1. The predictive dialer manages the process of dialing tens of thousands of calls or tens of millions of calls in its lifetime.

2. The predictive dialer detects the result of the call, as an example: no answer, busy, fax, bad number, answering machine without any presence of human expertise. Consequently it will save you time by only transferring calls which are voice connects to the agents locally or remotely.

3. Using predictive dialers increases the productivity of the company by drastically increasing the time agents spend on the phone talking to actual customers or prospective clients.

4. Predictive dialer users get the ability to organize and better manage the client information, no lost notes scribbled on pieces of paper. The database used by the dialer organizes the calling structure.

5. The most significant task is to predict, which means always making an effort to get a live call to the available agent with the shortest amount of wait time. This is achieved by self learning algorithms within the predictive dialer to increase or decrease the dial ratio per agent, logged into the system.

6. Inbound calls can be better dealt with by allowing the customers to wait on hold in an IVR system, or a way to leave a message they’d like a callback while the agent is busy talking with other customers.

7. The most important benefit of a predictive dialer is it reduces expenses for your company over a period of time since you do not need to buy and deploy a complex and sometimes extremely expensive PBX system. Your company will experience return of investment (ROI) in a period of six to twelve months.

8. A predictive dialing system can effortlessly fit into your companies existing infrastructure since it is software controlled.

9. The call routing logic and the contact management is all included in one software package. Your call routing logic implemented as per your specifications. Since it is a software package it can easily be upgraded even if you are located remotely with the help of internet.

10. Predictive dealers provide an added cost effective method of managing the client database by giving the user of the predictive system ability to rework your database on previous call results.

Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of this hot technology. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP dialer team today.

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V1 VoIP Quality Short Duration Termination Dialer Traffic

V1 VoIP is offering special pricing for highest quality short duration termination dialer trafficDialer traffic has the ability to overload a network infrastructure due to the tendency for the traffic to be delivered in high volume calls per second with lower connection rates and short duration times. Because of this, it results in the need for substantial hardware and connectivity infrastructure in order to accommodate such traffic.

V1 VoIP is now offering special pricing models which allow us to provide the highest quality short duration termination dialer traffic.

Many providers won’t provide this this type of traffic because of the large cost needed to support that type of load given the low revenue per call that results from this type of traffic. Most routes have at least three backup routes in place and some as many as six.

V1 VoIp will deliver service! We allow our customers that use auto dialers to take advantage of new technologies while simultaneously keeping costs low. If you have dialer traffic, we invite you to use our service!

V1 VoIP can provide short duration and dialer traffic termination in the following:

* Billing is in 6/6 second increments.
* All calls are dipped and routed and rated by LRN (located routed number)
* Short duration calls are welcome with no short duration penalties
* All calls with indeterminate ANI billed as intrastate on jurisdictional rate deck
* All calls originating from 800 toll free and international ANIs are rated as intrastate

V1 VoIP short duration termination dialer traffic features include:

* Call Center
* Pre-recorded Messages
* Live Operator Representative
* Answering Machine Only
* Predictive Dialer
* Telemarketing Dialers
* Smart predictive Dialer
* Hosted predictive Dialer
* Call Blaster

Contact V1 VoIP now to discuss our short duration termination and dialer traffic pricing models!

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V1 VoIP Predictive Dialer In Election 2016

Did you know that the Obama campaign spent more than $2 billion dollars to win his second Presidential election? It sounds like a lot, doesn’t it. And the VoIP industry saw a huge chunk of that money, mainly from the predictive dialer services. Many polls are still conducted via phone and that’s how those election numbers on the news are generated on a daily basis as the election draws near.

Four years later, the VoIP telecommunications world is gearing up again for another American presidential election and the predictive dialer needs that will be required. V1 VoIP carriers and providers enjoy being able to pass the traffic to those calls about who you would vote for in an election. Sure they are annoying, especially when they interrupt dinner, but to V1 VoIP predictive dialer traffic providers, they sound like money.

Predictive dialers are also used in large call centers, automatically dials calls and screens them for no-answers, busy signals and answering machines. , etc. When an answering machine picks up, a recorded message is left or the call is skipped. When a live person answers, the V1 VoIP predictive dialer hands the call off to a volunteer and produces a pop-up screen for the volunteer, providing the dialed person’s name and address. Imagine the boost in productivity campaigns get when volunteers aren’t spending most of their time dialing phones and listening to them ring! What’s more, the virtual nature of the system means that your campaign volunteers can work from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

If you are interested in providing predictive dialer traffic for the 2016 presidential election, contact V1 VoIP today. Over a year away, this field of candidates is making the race interesting for voters (thanks Trump and Hilary!), so traffic is only going to go up in spikes as next November draws near.

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