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V1 VoIP Short Duration Dialer Termination

V1 VoIP offers special pricing on dialer short duration termination voip services and solutionsIf you are looking for short duration dialer termination, V1 VoIP offers you a special pricing model for it. On the V1 VoIp segregated platform, we provide the highest quality US and Canada termination.

Many other providers find it difficult to provide short duration dialer termination traffic because of the large amount of costs needed to support that type of load given the low revenue per call. Dialer traffic has the ability to overload a network infrastructure due to the tendency for the traffic to be delivered in high volume calls per second with lower connection rates and short duration times. This ultimately results in the need for substantial hardware and connectivity infrastructure in order to accommodate such traffic. This is why many VoIP providers shy away from their customers when they need this.

V1 VoIP doesn’t have that problem.

V1 VoIP customers use auto dialers to take advantage of new technologies while simultaneously keeping costs low. If you want to have dialer traffic then take advantage of the V1 short duration termination service.

At V1 VoIP, we cater to all types of dialer traffic, including unlimited capacity. For answers to your questions about short duration dialer traffic and termination, contact a member of the V1 VoIP today.

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Cutting Call Center Traffic Costs with V1 VoIP Termination

call center voip termination traffic passed by V1 VoIPWhether you operate an inbound, outbound, or a blended call center, V1 VoIP’s wholesale VoIP carrier services can help you cut costs on large volumes of termination and origination minutes. By evaluating your current situation and recommending a solution or combination of solutions to decrease costs and increase flexibility, quality and reliability, V1 VoIP will help your call center find the perfect termination and origination solutions that will help your business fly.

Many service providers shy away from call center termination traffic. V1 VoIP is especially useful for call centers utilizing a dialer platform. V1 VoIP can help with your dialer traffic, even if it is being turned down by other carriers. Whether it’s high CPS, low ACD, or low ASR, V1 VoIP will accommodate your dialer traffic.

Call termination for call centers, especially large volumes of interstate and intrastate traffic, can get expensive even with dedicated long distance lines. By converging both your voice and data traffic over a single connection with V1 VoIP, not only can you save money on port fees, but also on a per-minute basis as well.

For more information regarding our call center traffic cost-cutting service offerings, contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today for a free consultation online. We are ready to help you get started saving money on your call center traffic today!

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V1 VoIP Saves Call Centers Money on Traffic

V1 VoIP saves call centers money on termination voice traffic minutesIf you are a call center then you understand that call termination, especially large volumes of interstate and intrastate traffic, can get expensive even with dedicated long distance lines. V1 VoIP can save your call center money on termination traffic by converging your voice and data traffic over a single connection, you can save not only on port fees, but also on a per-minute basis as well.

V1 VoIP can help call centers lower their costs on large volumes of termination minutes. While other VoIP providers may shy away from call center traffic, V1 VoIP welcomes it. We specialize in dialer SIP termination, voice broadcasting termination and call center SIP services. V1 VoIP also offers predictive dialer solutions for call centers so they may fully capitalize on their time.

V1 VoIP termination routes are dialer friendly with no added penalties or surcharges for dialer traffic. And, our billing increments and rounding are tailored to contact center termination to ensure you are not penalized for short duration calls typical for predictive dialing.

As well, our infrastructure and the infrastructure of downstream carriers have been extensively tested for high calls per second (CPS) usage typical of dialer traffic. We support Caller ID and Caller Name on outbound calls on most of our routes.

Don’t keep spending a fortune on your call center termination traffic. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP call center team today and ask about the options we have to save you money on your call center termination traffic costs.

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Efficiently Manage VoIP Call Center Operations

manage your call center operations using V1 VoIP hosted inbound call routing platformVoIP has become an integral way of efficiently managing and operating a call center. If you are looking to resell or offer V1 VoIP services to a call center, V1 VoIP has the call routing abilities that you need. V1 VoIP predictive dialers can support thousands of simultaneous call center agents which is significantly more than most six figure legacy premise based devices.

The V1 VoIP Hosted Inbound Call Routing Platform was designed to allow you to have total control over the flow of your calls in your inbound call center. With key features geared specifically to call centers such as flexible scheduling, skills-based call center agent selections, and our queue routing engine, you have the ability to route calls exactly to your specifications.

With the V1 VoIP hosted inbound call routing platform you can maximize your call center agent’s productivity with our true predictive dialing engine. To take it to the next level, V1 VoIP offers proprietary dialing algorithms written but a team of top level engineers combined with highly effective call progress detection ensure your agents are always working.

V1 VoIP’s fully self-service call center management platform makes it simple and easy to manage and monitor your call center from anywhere in the world. All you need is web browser and an internet connection.

For answers to your inbound call routing questions as well as pricing, please contact a member of the V1 VoIP team.

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V1 VoIP Predictive Dialer Solutions for Call Centers

V1 VoIP offers predictive dialer solutions for call centersIf you are a running a call center, then you need to contact V1 VoIP about our VoIP predictive dialer. With our VoIP predictive dialer, you can enhance your productivity based on patented, innovative technology. The V1 VoIP predictive dialer can automate your outbound contacting campaigns and bring unrivaled capabilities to thousands of business of all sizes worldwide.

If you are looking to optimize your outbound call center, then the V1 predictive dialer is a must have. Call centers are all about sales. When you use the V1 voIP predicitive dialer, it will triple the amount of time agents are productively connecting with live prospects and having real conversations that yield greater revenue.

The V1 VoIP Predictive Dialer boosts efficiency by automating the dialing of multiple numbers per contact, tripling the amount of time your agents are productively connecting with real prospects. The V1 VoIP predictive dialer offers a broad range of features that are robust and unique, yet easy to use. Our predictive dialer solution is more in the forefront of accelerating contact center performance than any other on the market.

With the built-in dropped calls setting, administrators can track and adjust each campaign’s abandoned call percentage to make fewer dropped calls. Multiple automated dialing solutions like predictive, power, preview, and progressive dialing, allow your organization to choose the automation technology that aligns best with your sales environment and goals. And, with the automated agent scripting capabilities, your agents will always be on-script with a consistent conversation geared towards lead qualification and a winning sales pitch.

The V1 VoIP predictive dialer solution brings world-class campaign management, predictive dialing, and unique active blending capabilities to your sales or marketing organization. Complete previous sales success and achieve greater efficiency with the feature-rich VoIP predictive dialing technology.

By enabling the V1 VoIP predictive dailer, your call center can take advantage of the following benefits:

• Shortened average call times
• Increased agent/rep productivity
• Fast campaign and script creation
• Better Campaign Results
• Reduced ramp-up times for new agents
• Fast campaign and script creation
• Instant access to caller records in your CRM
• Choose the number you display
• Call Recording
• Post Call Surveys
• Activity Tracking and Reporting
• Quick integration to CRM systems
• DNC regulatory compliance

Don’t wait any longer to make your call center more efficient. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP predictive dialer team today and take a free demo of what our dialer can do for your traffic and sales.

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V1 VoIP Wholesale VoIP Termination Services

V1 VoIP offers wholesale SIP termination carrier-class services over our reliable and fully-redundant network, covering more than 150,000 rate centers in the contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. Our outbound service, which currently supports G.711 and G.729 codecs, allows you to take full advantage of the best available call quality.

The V1 VoIP carrier-grade switch platform brings you the best in call quality and reliability. Our custom-built, least cost routing engine enables us to route our numbers strategically, giving you the best possible pricing. At V1 VoIP, we create strategic relationships with the top telecommunications carriers, leveraging our high-volume traffic to negotiate aggressive rates.

Dialer Termination
If you are a call center or a predictive dialer, our dialer rate deck offers low rates for your short duration calls. We aggregate the top carriers in one competitive and easy to use product, in turn creating route diversity and the best call completion in the industry. If you operate a predictive dialer, call center, telemarketing, or mass communication company.

If you are in need of wholesale VoIP termination services, look no further than V1 VoIP for all your carrier service needs. Contact a representative of the V1 VoIP team today so we can show you our amazing one price rates.

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Short-Duration and V1 VoIP Call Center Dialer Termination

short duration and V1 voip dialer termination specifically for call centersWhen it comes to making phone calls, call centers are more than just your average business. V1 VoIP and our resellers understand the unique communication requirements that involve this business segment, which makes us the preferred call center VoIP termination provider in over 30 countries. V1 VoIP offers resellers for call centers specific solutions including short duration and dialer termination.

With our short duration calls and auto-dialer termination, V1 VoIP can easily handle the concurrent call capacity call centers need thanks to our platform’s tailored high-performing switch and redundancy capabilities – handling blasts of spontaneous calls per minute is our bread and butter.

V1 VoIP services for call centers include short-duration calls of per-second billing increments, making V1 service promise of the highest call quality level, real-time monitoring, web-based CDR’s and managing tools, superior service, reliability and uptime.

V1 VoIP offers call center businesses increased productivity, security, scalability, flexibility, and high call quality. All of this ensures that VoIP based call centers take advantage of price efficient termination for both domestic an international calls.

Are you running a customer service call center? V1 offers VoIP services you will want to take advantage of. Sophisticated speech recognition software allows computers to handle the first level of customer support to allow better customer handling of calls. To learn more about V1 VoIP’s short duration and dialer termination services for call centers, contact one of our representatives for more information and a free demo of our capabilities for call centers.

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Main Features of V1 VoIP Predictive Dialer

V1 VoIP offers a predictive dialer for call centers with features benefits and advantagesOne of the most popular products V1 offers call centers is our predictive dialer. A predictive VoIP dialer is an automated phone dialer that connects only live answers to agents. The dialer makes calls on multiple lines and either skips answering machines or leaves a message. When a live person is detected, the software hands the call to the agent, then helpfully pops up an information window with information about the person.

Predictive VoIP dialers are popular with call centers because they cut down on time agents waste trying to get a live person on the phone. As a result, agents deal more directly with actual humans and therefore are able to increase their sales by making their time more productive.

The V1 VoIP predictive dialer is extremely popular mainly because of it’s ease of use. The V1 VoIP predictive dialer can be downloaded and setup in less than 30 minutes, so agents aren’t wasting time going through manuals and learning how to make it work to their advantage.

But that’s not the only advantage the V1 VoIP predictive dialer offers! Check out these awesome features:

1. No new hardware! The V1 VoIP predictive dialer uses your company’s existing PBX system.
2. Scalability: Our predictive dialer can handle thousands of simultaneous calls on a single, ordinary computer
3. Agent Dashboard: a unified agent desktop software for call control and quick CRM access
4. Predictive Dialing Mode: In this operational mode, agents are connected only when a live person answers, while voice messages are left if an answering machine picks up. Predictive dialing mode also skips busy lines, now answer lines or disconnected phone lines to ensure maximum productivity from agents.
5. Mobility: an agent can now work from anywhere as long as there is internet connection
6. Call reports: campaign stats and agent activities
7. Monitoring and management
8. Software integration: with any Window based software like SQL database and SugarCRM,

Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of these amazing features and benefits. Achieve maximum productivity from your sales agents today by contacting V1 VoIP to get our predictive dialer.

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How to Set Up Least Cost Routing with V1 VoIP

v1 VoIP explains what least cost routing LCR is and how to set it upDo you know what Least Cost Routing (LCR) is and how it can help save you money with your VoIP business? Whether you have heard of LCR or are new to the idea V1 VoIP is going to explain what it is, how to set it up, and how it can help your business.

LCR is really ideal for most dialer traffic or even for Non-Dialer traffic if you are pushing in the millions of minutes per month. The benefit of LCR is that you will get the lowest cost route on every call based on which carrier had the lowest cost for that destination. Rather than pay a flat rate per minute you can easily lower your costs 15-20% or more using LCR.

If you own a proprietary VoIP switch or use a software driven server you might already have LCR as a feature in your hardware that makes your calls. If you don’t have it then there are a few options available to get it set up

If your volume is not large or you prefer to set this up in house then you need programming done by companies who specialize in LCR programming for SIP trunking on dialers/switches, etc. If your hardware is open-source, such as Asterisk, then you either need to have a very robust server with a lot of processing speed or get a separate server for the same kind of programming.

The most cost effective strategy for getting started are “hosted in the cloud” solutions which have no real upfront investment and are pay as you go.

There is an additional step in the process of cost-cutting with LCR measures and that is LRN Dips. LRN dips are an additional strategy for selecting the lowest cost route for all calls including phone numbers that have been ported from one carrier to another. The LRN Dip is a computerized Dip into the phone number pool of ownership to see which carrier owns the number and if the number has been ported you will many times get an even lower rate than just using Least Cost Routing. It’s a strategy you can easily save an additional 15-25% on top of the LCR savings.

V1 VoIP can help you in any of these situations to connect with the right companies to assist you in getting LCR/LRN Dips set up, so when you’re ready to start the process please contact us and we will get you started.

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V1 VoIP Guide to Reselling Cloud-Based Call Center

V1 VoIp guide to reselling cloud-based VoIP services and solutions private label to business call centersThere are many benefits to be had when a call center is cloud-based, including the ability for employees to work from their home. This means a business can be more selective in who they choose to hire, which should equate to customers receiving better customer service. V1 VoIP resellers are taking advantage of reselling private label cloud based VoIP solutions to businesses for their call centers. Here V1 explains several other key benefits resellers will want to relay to their potentail cloud-based call center customers.

When a call center is cloud-based, both employees and managers as well as anyone else who needs access to the information held in the cloud-based call center is able to access this information with ease. Instead of a call center taking place in one or multiple physical locations, lots of companies are now choosing to move their call centers to the cloud.
A reseller of V1 VoIP’s cloud-based services means that the call center is going to allow a company to run much more efficiently due to its increased speed of operation.

Benefits of having a cloud-based call center with VoIP services include greater flexibility, more mobility and a much better chance for an increase in scalability.

1. True Call Volume
With cloud-based call center services, a business can now see their true call volume. Many companies don’t realize how many incoming calls they actually have due to all the busy signals. If all of the call center lines are busy at the same time, customers will get a busy signal instead of getting through making it impossible for a company to know how many of their customers actually never got through.

2. Peak Hours
Using a cloud-based call center means being able to see the busiest times the business is receiving telephone calls. This allows the manager to make an appropriate schedule, saving on staffing costs.

3. Visibility
Managers are not only able to see how productive their employees are being, they’re given access to tools that can help with training and performance development if needed.

If you have call center clients that should be moving to the cloud, contact V1 VoIP today to learn more about how cloud-based VoIP services can benefit call center businesses.

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