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The Landline Offifially Dead to Millenials

Comedian Iliza Schlesinger released her new comedy special on Netlix called “Elder Millenial”. At 35, she begins by discussing things that kids of an ever-so-slightly younger generation do not understand. One joke she says ina witches voice: “Gather round the Snapchat children and I will tell you the legend of the landline.

It is official, the landline is a thing of the past. To this next generation of millenials time of death has been called. It is a relic that if you are under 30 you hear about in past tense because you were not there to experience it. Like boomboxes, the discman, and beepers. Sure, they are still areound, but hard to find and pieces of iconography of a time gone.

If you are still dbating about switching to VoIP the time is now. Landline users are on a technology that is already on its way out. Those graduating from high school this year do not know a world without social media. Do you think any of them talk on a house phone? No. Do you think once they integrate into the professional world they will want to be landlocked? No.

Besides, there’s a good chance landlines will be obsolete by then anyway.

Do NOT wait any longer to have your customers join the world of VoIP contact V1 VoIP today or sign up now to resell our services in the Landline community.

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Lowest e911 Rates for Canada by V1 VoIP

V1 VoIP offers lowest complete e911 emergency call rates voip coverage in CanadaFor our Canadian resellers and their Canada VoIP customers, V1 VoIP has stood up to meet their needs in the time of emergencies.

Many VoIP customers have ‘basic 911’ service which puts them in touch with a call center that takes down their address and contacts the closest emergency response center. Rather than have an address come up to a 911 responder or however their geographic location is defined, VoIP phone users are identified with their IP address. If calls are disconnected, the VoIP provider gives the customer’s last known address on file. However if using the enhanced e911 services provided by V1 VoIP, enhanced 911 service sends location information on customers directly to emergency services.

The Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission; the Canadian equivalent of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (CRTC) made a ruling in April 2005, that all VoIP providers must provide 911 emergency service.

V1 VoIP’s enhanced e911 solution provides nationwide E911 coverage in both the United States and Canada. Voice service providers simply need to establish a SIP trunk to V1 VoIP’s emergency services network. Customers can update and validate their locations in real-time using V1 VoIP’s provisioning interface, which can be incorporated directly into the VSP’s website. When 911 is dialed, V1 VoIP’s Emergency Routing Service delivers the call to the appropriate PSAP based on the caller’s registered location, ensuring that the correct location data and callback number appear on the dispatcher’s screen.

Contact V1 VoIP now to learn more about our incredible low rates and coverage for e911 for all of Canada as well as the United States.

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News: VoIP Services Have Not Yet Hit Their Peak

While global carriers are increasingly focusing on emerging over-the-top (OTT) and data opportunities, they must not forget traditional voice services, which are yet to hit their peak, an industry expert has warned. VoIP is in an ever-evolving state of flux, growing and changing to meet the needs of customers and the services they come up with.

A common misconception is that OTT players have stolen the voice market from operators, but in reality they have expanded it. The growing HD trend – including developments in HD voice, IPX and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) – delivers increased quality and is where operators have a distinct advantage over their competitors and where they can grow their minutes too.

HD voice is like HDTV, but instead of high-definition images, you get high-definition sound. There’s no background noise and crystal-clear voice quality. Offering these superior quality services is key for carriers and partnering with the right wholesaler is the first step.

Mobile Voice over IP (MVoIP), as a potential space for major growth. HD voice to mobile integrates voice, video, and private branch exchange communications to connect computers, telephone connections and internal/external mobile networks.

The rebirth of the voice services market is already beginning to happen and those who capitalise on it quickly will see the greatest success. At V1 VoIP, voice services and solutions are still very much at the top of our agenda and what our resellers and wholesalers are currently requesting most. V1 VoIp is confident that carriers who choose to voice services and solutions the same priority and take advantage of this opportunity will not be disappointed.

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V1 VoIP to Exhibit at 2015 ITEXPO at Booth 921 in Miami!

If you are freezing somewhere, now is a great time to head to Miami Beach for the 2015 ITEXPO and say hello to V1 VoIP at #Booth 921. ITEXPO is the world’s leading business technology tradeshow, and will converge education, latest technology, and networking across the entire community of IT professionals and thought leaders. That’s why V1 VoIP is a must-stop place at the Expo, where’ we’ll be talking about our $.15 DIDs and $5 channels.

At the ITEXPO, executives, technology buyers, sellers, resellers, and manufacturers from companies of all sizes and industries will assemble to forge new business partnerships, collaborate and learn together and from one another. There are dozens of conference sessions, keynotes, and panels that will be focused on helping attendees move their businesses forward.

At #Booth 921 V1 VoIP will be showcasing our unbeatable rates for DIDs and yes, we might mention that we work with over 9200 rate centers across the United States and service more than 55 countries worldwide. We’ll be giving live demonstrations of our proprietary and completely custom platform VoIP Portal.

We would love to meet you in person and talk about how we can differentiate our business from our competition and take your VoIP business to the next level.

Are you attending the ITEXPO? Send us an email so we know to look for you. (Unfortunately all set appointment times have been booked). See you at the show!

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V1 VoIP Reports Usage On the Rise in Australia

Voip usage in australia on the riseLast week’s Australian internet usage report contained a very interesting paragraph about VoIP usage in the country:

“During December 2010, 2.3 million Australians aged 14 years and over went online to make a VoIP call via their computer, 2.3 million used instant messaging and 5.4 million undertook activities relating to blogging and online communities. The number of persons who used such media as a substitute to traditional email usage almost doubled in the twelve months to December 2010 (1.4 million persons, compared to 736,000 persons during December 2009).”

This tells us millions of Australians are using VoIP and instant messaging. It also tells us that the number of people using them as a substitute for “traditional email” doubled last year, which could be a telling trend for the future. Australians are continuing to take advantage ofVoIP services and the proportion of adults using VoIP services increased from 15 to 24 per cent in the four years to 2014.

A steady increase in service providers and more convenient consumer options have boosted the take-up of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services in Australia since 2008 according to an Australian Communications and Media Authority report.

The evolution of VoIP can be attributed to a variety of factors, including the increased availability of broadband across Australia, developments in the OTT communications and media market, and the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets.

An ongoing increase in service providers in the VoIP market is leading to steadily growing diversity and innovation in business models and the types of offerings made available to consumers. More providers are offering VoIP and broadband services. Meanwhile, there is an emerging trend for ISPs to include VoIP services as a part of a bundled package, especially over naked DSL.

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VoIP in 2016 American Presidential Election Campaigns

Voip is being used more than ever for political campaigns in the 2014 american elections with power dialers and robo dialersNow more than ever, political campaigns are turning to VoIP technology to make phone calls. In the 2016 presidential election, the advancing world of VoIP technology will impact the way that political organizations reach voters. Traditional ways of garnering attention like signs posted on street corners and those always-lovely negative television advertisements are still prevalent, however the personalized touch of a phone call may ultimately make or break a voter’s decision to support a candidate.

Political VoIP with Power Dialers
Large-scale cold-calling operations that political campaigns need to reach voters, require more of an aggressive dialer system. Some of these are simply “power dialers,” which through a computer system, places one outbound call for each available agent. When the agent hangs up, the system automatically dials another call and connects it to the agent’s phone. This pattern continues as long as the agent remains logged into the system. V1 VoIP Power dialers allow an outbound call center to place far more calls than could be accomplished manually. However, there is still some agent time wasted handling calls that do not connect, reach answering machines or otherwise fail to reach the target.

Political VoIP with Robo Dialers
Sometimes a campaign needs a dialer systems which is completely automated. These place calls then play messages to the answering party or machine. An example is when your phone rings, and the candidate has left a message of encouragement for you to vote. These systems are also commonly used for notification purposes. Think of your child’s school getting cancelled for a snow day, or your dentist reminding your of your appointment the next day. Some automatic dialer systems support additional features like surveys or transfers to live agents.

Who will win the 2016 presidential election? We shall find out soon. But we already know that VoIP has come out a winner!

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Schools Use VoIP Increase Communications and Safety on Campus

schools use voip to increase communications and safety on campus while saving money and cutting costsThe growing trend of VoIP adoption in schools will continue to develop in the future, because it simplifies communication on campus, increases safety and mobility. This makes local education campuses an attractive place for V1 VoIP resellers to look at these organizations as customers.

Schools of all education levels depend on the proper functioning of communication systems, as it allows for more cohesive communication between teachers and the staff in other buildings, increased mobility for those teachers traveling around campus, and the ability to utilize more security applications. College campuses rely on communications even more so for safety.

VoIP adoption for schools from grades kindergarten through high school is on the rise. According to two surveys from Market Data Retrieval, 37% of K-12 public schools (from “The College Technology Review”) and 70% of colleges and universities (from “Technology in Education”) report that they do use wireless networks.

Large education campuses are looking at a hosted solutions for their telephony needs. The decision was either made to reduce the stress on the internal IT staff or to shift the cost to an operation expense. With today’s technology and the ability to leverage the data network, management and deployment of a VoIP PBX is much less complex. The return on investment for VoIP systems that are competitively priced, usually yield a higher ROI versus a hosted solution within a year. Additionally, the institution will own the solution and can have greater control on the behavior of their telephone network and advanced features. Certain solutions even offer free software upgrades allowing the campus to stay on the cutting edge without an additional investment a year down the road.

Since faculty may spend a large portion of their time traveling to other classrooms, they need to be reachable wherever they go. While cell phones may be implemented as a solution, they have proved problematic for most schools because they are expensive and difficult to regulate.

V1 VoIP’s large variety of features for resellers at an affordable price makes the decision for institutions to change to VoIP very easy. Contact V1 VoIP today to find out more.

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V1 VoIP News: VoIP Growing to $40 Billion Market by 2015

Voip market growing projected to be 40 billion by 2015The year was 2010 when V1 VoIP made the prediction that by 2015 VoIP usage (the voice over internet protocol market) would double to $40 billion. It looks like we were right!

Research firm Point Topic showed that in 2010 the global growth of fixed-line VoIP services grew 12.6% with $17.3b revenue. As far back as March 2010, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said that consumer and business use of VoIP rose 21 percent in the year to June 2010 while usage via traditional lines fell 8 percent.

“VoIP has all the hallmarks of a classic substitution commodity,” Point Topic senior analyst John Bosnell said. “We expect there to be over three quarters of a billion fixed line broadband subscribers by the end of 2015, in theory all of them are targets for VoIP.”

The research firmed warned, however, there were so many variables that forecasts could easily be off by a wide margin. An increasing number of subscribers for example have no fixed line telephone service at all, relying instead on mobile.

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