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The Components of a V1 VoIP Cloud Hosted IP PBX

Posted on: July 27, 2021


A PBX system is a private branch exchange system, but do you know the main components of this cloud hosted system? Here, V1 VoIP explains what the inner workings of this system are for easy understanding.

The PBX components themselves are relatively simple to understand as they consist of the normal telephone exchange components which allow communication. One of the easiest ways in which to understand the components on internet protocol private branch exchange is to think of them as the components in a traditional private branch exchange, just the next generation and digitized.

Cloud based hosting simply refers to and means that the private branch exchange is in fact hosted by a third party service provider. It is this service that in fact makes up one third of the components related to IP PBX. The service provider is essential in hosted internet protocol private branch exchange functionality, without the service provider the hosted system simply cannot exist at all. The service provider ensures the band width allocation for broadband internet access as well as ensuring that every call that you make ends up going through the PSTN network. V1 VoIP takes care of all of the components that you will be suing from soft phones top the actual protocols needed to make the system work such as the voice over internet protocols.

The next component is the actual phone or phones. The physical phones are really the components that most users will understand automatically. While the system is fully digital in terms of the private branch exchange, the handsets can still look very traditional. It is more about how the exchange actually works. Of course there is also a choice between hard phones, which are the more traditional handsets and soft phones. Soft phones are not actually handsets. Soft phones are really computer software that allows calls to be made on that computer; users simply plug a head set into the computer in order to use it.

The last component in the IP PBX hosted system is the actual connections needed. This is the actual private branch exchange and with an IP hosted PBX system the connections are handled by V1 VoIP and is not actually onsite at your business.

Are you now ready to get started with a cloud hosted IP PBX system? Contact V1 VoIP today to get started!

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