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The Difference between a V1 VoIP Class 4 and Class 5 Softswitch?

Posted on: February 12, 2022

the difference between class 4 and class 5 voip softswitch explained by V1 VoIP

V1 VoIP is proud to offer both Class 4 and Class 5 softswitches. These softswitches are software-based platforms that organize and route telephone calls virtually.

What is a softswitch?
A VoIP softswitch routes calls rather than a traditional PTSN calls. If you are wondering what the difference and capabilities between the two are, allow V1 VoIP to explain:

Class 4 Softswitch
A Class 4 softswitch routes calls over long distances, for example between San Francisco and Washington D.C. A Class 4 switche routes large volumes of traffic including all the traffic between various Class 5 areas.

Class 5 Softswitch
A Class 5 softswitch routes calls between end-users or consumers in relatively small areas like a single city, town or even small state like Rhode Island. Even a small country can be operated by a Class 5 softswitch. Class 5 softswitch platforms are best suited to residential areas and small home offices. Therefore, VoIP and telecom service providers that wish to sell telecom service to residential customers use a Class 5 switch to do so.

If you have questions about which softswitch will work best for your business, please contact member of the V1 VoIP team. We will be happy to hear about your VoIP business and help you decide which softswitch will help your service grow.

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