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Fax Machines in the VoIP World

Posted on: September 28, 2017

If you thought those big clunky fax machines are relegated to a 1990’s technology era come and gone, thing again! V1 VoIP will tell you the fax machine has been welcomed into the digital age with fax to email service.

V1 VoIP fax to email service turns the old school fax experience into modern technology practice. Many people now use faxing more than they ever thought they would and all while replacing another phone line they needed to keep.

For most businesses who remember that huge device that they used every once in a while, email replaced faxing for fast transmission of documents more than a decade ago. But for those who needed or wanted to send faxes, fax to email is a life saver. A range of industries use faxing extensively – from architects sending designs to lawyers sending time sensitive documents. There’s no sign of faxing going extinct anytime soon.

So how does V1 VoIP fax to email service work? By attaching your document to an email, and sending it to your designated V1 VoIP fax number, your fax is sent like a normal email. V1 VoIP fax receives the message and transmits the attached document to the number specified by you. Similarly, when someone sends a fax to your fax number, the service takes the fax and sends it to your email address as an attachment.

If you are in need of fax to email service, contact V1 VoIP now to find out how easy it is to offer this service to your customers to bring their fax service into the digital age! Fill out the form below and take a free fax to email service demo!

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