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Features a V1 VoIP Class 5 Softswitch Offers

Posted on: September 28, 2017


What is a Class 5 Softswitch?The V1 VoIP Class 5 softswitch offers a carrier-grade platform for business and residential VoIP routing. It also provides other VoIP phone services including call waiting call, call transferring, call holding, and call forwarding. V1 VoIP’s class 5 softswitch is mostly intended for end users requiring local and long distance VoIP telephony services.

The V1 Class 5 softswitch platform is powered by PortaOne and is based on open interfaces and protocols. Any company can augment its revenues easily by offering services such as wholesale voice and SMS termination, calling card (phone-to-phone), callback, broadband phone calling: all made available through a class 5 softswitch.

The V1 VoIP Class 5 softswitch makes the following VoIP options possible:

Feature-rich Unified Communication/PBX system in the cloud for your enterprise customers.
Cutting edge retail services from Calling cards through Callback to Callshops.
Next generation residential telephony with VoIP Portal and Provisioning for devices
Mobile VoIP with Rich Communication Suite for smartphones and tablets.
Multilayered ownership structure to support your reseller/partner channels and networks of sales agents.

The Class 5 softswitch can deliver service to end users in a multitude of ways. The most direct method is to use IP phones or phones using IP adapters that connect directly with the softswitch. End users can also access VoIP services from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet using a mobile dialer (or softphone). In effect, mobile dialer apps function as IP adapters for mobile devices, allowing these devices to interact with a Class 5 softswitch.

Class 5 Softswitches can also provide service to non-IP devices such as regular phones and cellphones. Examples of such service are PINless and Calling Card services. While IP phones connect directly to the softswitch and communicate with it through IP, the aforementioned solutions allow end users to dial into a local Class 5 softswitch, which can then provide them with VoIP services.

The V1 VoIP Class 5 switch primarily deals with subscription type telephone services and route calls through local areas. The V1 Class 5 softswitch allows residential VoIP service providers the ability to offer a wide variety of IP phone services to their customers. It is a complete solution that includes call routing, billing, DID assignment, auto-provisioning, e-commerce, and invoicing, all in one easy-to-use package. V1 VoIP also offers a Class 4 softswitch.

Take a free demo of all that our Class 5 softswitch is capable of. Contact a member of the V1 switch team today to test out our switch and learn more about our softswitch services.

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