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Find Me, Follow Me V1 VoIP Feature

Posted on: September 28, 2017

V1 VoIP Find Me Follow Me feature for small to medium size businesses

When a small to medium size business upgrades from a landline to a V1 VoIP phone system, the features and benefits they will be provided are immense. Sometimes, it’s the smallest feature that turns out to be the most important. For example, take our Find Me Follow Me feature! It ensures that you never miss that important phone call you’ve been waiting for ever again!

Whether you’re typically in and out of the office, or you just stepped out for the day and want to maintain an “at work” presence, or you’re looking to increase your availability, you will enjoy the Find Me Follow Me phone feature. The idea of this feature is to forward your calls from your office phone to different phones until the call reaches you. You’ll never miss a call again!

With V1 VoIP’s Find Me Follow Me, you can set up the “Find Me Follow Me” behavior by choosing failover destinations for your call in the admin portal. You can keep it simple and say after 15 seconds, fail over your office calls directly to your cell phone. Or, you can send the call to as many registered devices as you like and finally to an external phone.

For example, you could have your V1 VoIP phone in your office ring for 15 seconds (about 3 rings), then your soft phone on your computer ring for 15 seconds, and then your cell phone ring, and then (if you don’t answer), your cell phone’s voicemail will pick up the call. If you have any of those phones/devices off or on “Do Not Disturb” it will simply cut out that link of the chain and the caller will get to your voice mailbox a little quicker.

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