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Hosted PBX Installation and Deployment

Posted on: December 17, 2020

White Label VOIPInstallation and Deployment

It usually takes around 30 days to successfully deploy VoIP services so that the quality of services meets the customer’s expectations, as it provides enough time to perform the following:

· Site survey: Always perform a site survey prior to installation of VoIP services. Crucial prerequisites available should be collected in order to get acquainted with the merits and shortcomings of the site. It is also advisable to hire a technician who is ready to analyze and educate you on the various aspects of the VoIP system after making a note of your requirements.

· Order or Verify proper Internet Access: For employing an efficient VoIP system, the internet speed plays a very important role as all the communication happens via the internet. In an organization, you must be careful while selecting the right broadband provider. A VoIP system shares the common internet connection which is used for other purposes too. Therefore, the average uploading and downloading data must be taken into account to calculate the bandwidth available for VoIP service to operate. Although, all the telephone lines will usually not be engaged at the same time, you must know the number of operating telephone lines available so that multiple calls must be accommodated concurrently.

· Port the customer’s telephone numbers to the White Label network: The 10-digit Local Routing Number is used to incorporate Local Number Portability eliminating the need of a PSTN to route the calls. The first 6 digits of an LRN contain a combination of Number Plan Area or the area code and a Central office code which can be used to port the customer’s telephone numbers to a White Label VoIP system. The calls hence made are moved from the carrier in use to the new carrier to establish a connection.

· Installation schedule and training: The installation must be scheduled a day or two before the number is ported to White Label VoIP. On the day the porting is done, a technician should be placed onsite to ensure that the transfer is done properly and to perform end-user training on the new system.

White Label provides a secure, cost-effective, reliable and speedy platform for the installation and deployment of a Hosted PBX system. It emphasizes on even the smallest factor which can affect the credibility of the system. In short, it ensures that you get the best services available in the market.