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Make Money as V1 VoIP Reseller Offering Toll Free Numbers

Posted on: September 28, 2017

increase voip revenues by offering voip toll free numbers as a V1 voip reseller

If you are starting your VoIP reseller business one of the easiest ways to get off the ground and make money is reselling toll free phone numbers. V1 VoIP resellers have proven successful for businesses, particularly in the areas of customer service and telemarketing as they provide potential customers and others with a “free” and convenient way to contact businesses.

Toll-free numbers are also increasingly popular for personal use. For example, parents can obtain toll-free numbers to give to a young adult who is away at college, allowing that young adult to call home anytime without having to make a collect call or pay for the call.

Toll-free numbers allow callers to reach businesses and/or individuals without being charged for the call. The charge for using a toll-free number is paid by the called party (the toll-free subscriber) instead of the calling party. Toll-free numbers can be dialed directly to your business or personal telephone line.

A “vanity” toll free number is a telephone number that also spells a person’s or company’s name or spells a word or acronym that is chosen by the subscriber, such as 1-888-NEW-CARS. To find out whether a specific toll-free number is available, contact any RespOrg or toll-free service provider.

Toll-free numbers are numbers that begin with one of the following three-digit codes: 800, 888, 877, 866, or 855.

V1 VoIP resellers have success offering toll free services and solutions:

• They charge the calling party in another way, such as for technical support calls.
• They make a sale following the call to the toll-free number.
• Sales were enhanced with the inclusion of toll-free support.
• Improvement of customer satisfaction by providing free after-sales support in certain products/services.
• They want friends and family to be able to contact them without paying long distance call charges.
• They are operating a non-profit service intended to be free to the client.

Start increasing your profits by offering your customers the ability to have a 1-800 toll free number. Or, grow your own reseller business by creating your own! Contact V1 VoIP now to inquire about toll free VoIP numbers.

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