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News: VoIP Services Have Not Yet Hit Their Peak

Posted on: September 28, 2017

While global carriers are increasingly focusing on emerging over-the-top (OTT) and data opportunities, they must not forget traditional voice services, which are yet to hit their peak, an industry expert has warned. VoIP is in an ever-evolving state of flux, growing and changing to meet the needs of customers and the services they come up with.

A common misconception is that OTT players have stolen the voice market from operators, but in reality they have expanded it. The growing HD trend – including developments in HD voice, IPX and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) – delivers increased quality and is where operators have a distinct advantage over their competitors and where they can grow their minutes too.

HD voice is like HDTV, but instead of high-definition images, you get high-definition sound. There’s no background noise and crystal-clear voice quality. Offering these superior quality services is key for carriers and partnering with the right wholesaler is the first step.

Mobile Voice over IP (MVoIP), as a potential space for major growth. HD voice to mobile integrates voice, video, and private branch exchange communications to connect computers, telephone connections and internal/external mobile networks.

The rebirth of the voice services market is already beginning to happen and those who capitalise on it quickly will see the greatest success. At V1 VoIP, voice services and solutions are still very much at the top of our agenda and what our resellers and wholesalers are currently requesting most. V1 VoIp is confident that carriers who choose to voice services and solutions the same priority and take advantage of this opportunity will not be disappointed.