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No More Busy Signals with V1 VoIP Business Phone Features

Posted on: October 31, 2018

V1 VoIP business solutions offer features replace the awful busy signal with smarter and more beneficial business features. V1 VoIP resellers see their prospective business customers jump at the idea of having their clients never hear a busy signal again. This way you can expedite the waiting process and enhance the calling experience as customers wait for a representative. This allows your business to minimize dropped calls and keep callers engaged, even if nobody is currently available to answer the phone.

Ring Groups
Ring groups diminish waiting times for customers by notifying more people of incoming calls. By utilizing ring groups, a caller will ring multiple employees simultaneously so their call will be answered sooner. Perhaps someone is busy on a call, but other members of the department are available to take it. Ring groups enable these team-wide calling strategies. Ring groups direct calls to multiple people rather than a single phone. This setup ensures that calls are answered not based on any single employee’s availability, but rather on the availability of the group. In a hunt group, members are called in a specified order, with each caller given a set window of time to answer the call before it moves on to the next phone.

Music on Hold
A study was recently conducted saying customers left on hold for 30 seconds without any music thought the wait was 90 seconds long, while customers who listened to music for the same duration thought the wait was only 15 seconds long. The conclusions are clear: if you place customers on hold, it’s much more enticing to play music in the background. But music on hold can also mean incorporating a custom message to offer information about your product or service while you have callers on the line.

Call Queues
Queues eliminate the need for a receptionist to route calls, saving your business money, and preventing human error from losing track of what call came in first. Call queues are configured to automatically distribute calls so that the caller who has waited the longest is matched with the next agent who becomes available. This matches callers with agents in the most efficient manner possible, thus minimizing wait times. Queues can also have rules such as maximum wait time, so during busy hours, callers are immediately routed to a voicemail box or secondary line, instead of being put on hold indefinitely.

The worst part of a caller getting a busy signal is the idea that you’re “unavailable” to the customer. In a world of social media, email, and video calls, the busy signal is not just an annoying beeping noise. It’s essentially a dead end for customers, and an invitation for them to contact one of your competitors. Contact V1 VoIP or sign up now so that your customers never hear a busy signal again.