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On Hold Music Messages Help V1 VoIP Customers

Posted on: March 14, 2022

When V1 VoIP reseller customers ask about what benefits VoIP service can offer their business, don’t forget to mention on hold music and messages. This is the music or messages that plays while a person is on hold. This time can be beneficial and even revenue producing.

When it comes to the time spent on hold, V1 VoIP urges our resellers to ask businesses to think about the time their customer spends on hold to make it a pleasant and informative experience. For some, having on hold music is merely a way to indicate to the caller that they have not dropped the call. Other companies opt for information on hold as a way of better holding the attention and interest of the caller. Marketing-savvy businesses use the messages on hold as a marketing tool to deliver timely call-to-action messages to a captive audience. Such marketing on hold messages have proven to be effective, often prompting a caller to inquire further about something they heard while waiting.

Here are V1 VoIP’s on hold music and messaging tips:

1: Play Music That Fits:
Classical music is great for corporate use, but don’t forget to tailor it to the business. For example, if the client is a veterinarian office, wouldn’t it be great if Who Let the Dogs Out was the song playing? Think about the customers and adjust music accordingly.

2: Give Information:
Is the customer on hold with a restaurant while trying to place an order? Announce what the dinner specials are, have the chef talk about his favorite lunch choice, or promote a happy hour night. Callers often prefer information while they are on hold so use this time wisely. On hold messages used wisely like this may be able to increase customers and sales to the business.

3: Change the Information:
Keeping with that example, make sure that the on hold messages are changed frequently. This will ensure the most timely information, but will also ensure that it keeps a customer’s interest. Consider rotating the messages instead of playing the same one on a loop.

V1 VoIP offers our resellers different on hold options. Ask us what they are and pass this knowledge on to your customers.

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