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Pros and Cons on BYOD Cloud Based VoIP Services

Posted on: October 3, 2018

One of the latest and most popular trends that’s connected with updating ones business communication network so that it can now support VoIP technology includes Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This trend means that both staff and employee’s are allowed to bring their own mobile devices to work in order to use it for work related reasons.

Even though thousands of business owners are embracing BYOD, it’s important for those who want to resell cloud VoIP services to put an emphasis on addressing any BYOD issues that are currently in place in order to understand it in it’s entirety.

The businesses that are embracing and thus utilizing BYOD are reporting that their employees like the fact that their ability to bring their own device to work, which is increasing their overall employee satisfaction, which in turn increases their overall productivity.

The two main questions raised with BYOD that are raised are business confidentiality and proper management. Both of these are concerns V1 VoIP resellers hear from BYOD customers. While both are legitimate questions they can also be easily discussed. Let’s look at both issues a little closer:

BYOD Confidentiality
Many businesses are concerned that when an employee uses their own device there’s a higher potential to unknowingly share confidential information about the business. Think about the type of information those in medical and finance relay on a regular basis. In cases where confidentiality is paramount, it’s imperative to make businesses aware of the firewalls and verification procedures that can be put into place to help protect the business’s confidential information.

BYOD Management
If an employee is using their own device, than an owner wants to make sure they are using it for work purposes. Conversely employees are reporting that they don’t like the fact that they don’t have as much freedom when away from the office because they’re always connected to their personal mobile device.

If you’re someone who wants to resell BYOD VoIP services, please contact us today or sign up now! More than half of small and midsized business owners are looking for V1 VoIP resellers who can assist them when it comes to upgrading their outdated landline communication system.

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