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Reasons Businesses Become V1 VoIP Resellers

Posted on: August 3, 2021

Over time, V1 VoIP has seen more and more business organizations turn themselves into resellers so they can decide on their own profit margins and make money month over month. Like all V1 VoIP resellers, the reseller is is responsible for billing their customers, but they also have the freedom to charge whatever monthly rates they want, just as long as the cost covers what they owe to V1 VoIP as the primary provider.

For example, a low rate like $15.99/month for landline home phone service for customers can still turn a profit for resellers. The $15.99/month plan might include 500 pre-paid minutes, but those minutes may only cost the reseller about $5.00 at a rate of $0.01/minute. The reseller must also pay an E911 fee ($1 per line) and occasionally a Universal Service Fund fee, but those are very low costs. So, a reseller that charges $15.99 for a monthly plan stands to gain almost $10 per customer.

How can a V1 VoIP reseller attract customers?
One way a reseller can attract customers better than a nationwide provider is by establishing itself as a local brand. In many cases, customers seek out providers that doesn’t see them as a face in the crowd or one of a million subscribers where their business is not valued. The reseller doesn’t need to service the entire country, but can instead choose a specific area and offer competitive rates that will entice customers. Also, the reseller can offer a personal touch to every one of its customers, treating them as if they are the only one. This kind of finesse goes a long way when getting and maintaining customers.

Do you have customers that you can resell V1 VoIP service too? From law firms to office building complexes, V1 VoIP can help you earn extra income. Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to get started making money.

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