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Rent the V1 VoIP PortaOne Switch Partition

Posted on: September 14, 2021

If you want to become your own ITSP telephony company, you can do so by renting the V1 VoIP switch partition backed by powerful PortaOne technology. Being able to rent the V1 VoIP Switch Partitioning makes it possible for companies and people to terminate calls with noticeably reduced costs. Now, instead of setting up a complete ITSP environment and making significant investments, customers may simply rent a Porta Switch Partition from V1 VoIP and configure it in the way needed by the business and requirements from the users.

V1 VoIP offers next generation VoIP service to all customers and/or carriers that wish to establish their own ITSP services without serious investments and hardware installations. Partnered with PortaOne, V1 VoIP has the only platform that has all important business and technology parts seamlessly connected and working as a single platform.

Complete redundancy, billing and switching capabilities are included in this offer. With the V1 VoIP switch partition platform, you have access to the following features:

* Providing qualified IP services to the resellers or incorporating the system in enterprises for connecting a large number of users in a VoIP network
* Supporting the major VoIP services (call holding, waiting, forwarding, conferencing, etc.)
* Instead of purchasing the V1 solution and starting it on a private server, customers may rent the Switch partitioning from V1 VoIP and ask for a specific configuration on demand.
* drastic decrease of human error risks ensured by single interface and point of data entry
* extremely fast time to market when there is no need for interoperability tests and never-ending costly integration projects
* unmatched flexibility due to the availability of source code and XML API which no other established vendor provides
* high speed development process with feature selection driven by hundreds of carriers and service providers worldwide

Additionally, with the V1 VoIP Switch rental you can implement Wholesale least call routing, calling card, pinless, and callback services. These services may be used by VoIP ITSPs, large enterprises, calling shop owners, calling card vendors, etc. Each partition can have individual settings and limitations.

Contact a representative from the V1 VoIP sales team and take a demo of our switch rental today.

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