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Sell International Prepaid Calling Cards for Profits

Posted on: September 28, 2017

make money selling v1 voip international prepaid calling cards

One of the easiest ways to start making money with as you get your foot in the door of the VoIP industry is to start selling V1 VoIP prepaid International calling cards.

With a calling card business, your customers pay a certain amount for the calling card and receive cheap per minute calls, whereas an alternate type of card gives the customer a certain amount of minutes for one all-inclusive cost. It’s often much cheaper than making phone calls from their own home or even using their cell phone. There is a built-in market in many International cities for these cards and it’s easy to make money selling them when you’re a V1 VoIP VoIP reseller.

Here are some quick V1 VoIP money making tips for selling prepaid International calling cards:

First register as a business and fill out the paperwork for a tax identification number. Most companies offering wholesale calling cards require a business license or tax identification number. This indicates that you’ll pay taxes on all sales you make from your cards.

Now sign up to become a V1 VoIP reseller. We can offer wholesale pricing on prepaid VoIP minutes and give you great cheap pricing on calling cards.

Next research the calling card market. Depending on which destination you choose, find out of there are stores in the area that will offer to sell your prepaid calling cards. Now you’ll be ready to market your business. Don’t forget to offer the cards for sale more than you paid, it will also let the shop make a profit and keep them coming back to you as a vendor.

Get started today selling V1 VoIP prepaid international calling cards by contacting a member of our sales team today. We can have you selling in less than a day!

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