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Selling V1 VoIP To College Students

Posted on: September 28, 2017

selling V1 voip to college students

VoIP technology that enables users to make calls over the Internet is the most cost-effective way to call long distance. V1 VoIP’s low cost phone service is ideal for students who have computers but don’t necessarily have the budget for expensive landline or mobile calling plans.

Every year there comes a time when college freshmen pack up and set off to discover themselves in their quest for higher education. While there are many who choose to study near their homes, the vast majority fly from the nest to broaden their horizons. The transition to living hundreds or sometimes thousands of miles from home is a huge step for students who frequently find themselves calling family and high school friends. To ease this time of initial separation and to keep the lines of communications open throughout the school year, VoIP technology has proven to be an extremely useful tool for calling home easily and affordable.

College dorms are frequently provided with WiFi clouds, but students have no way to hook a VoIP internet phone adapter to the university’s modem. Hotel rooms and internet coffee shops are other places where you might not be able to physically hook into a modem. So what can you do about it?

A wireless voip phone might be the easiest solution, however you shouldn’t overlook the possibility that a WiFi bridge might solve your problem. Bridges receive the wireless internet signal that’s being broadcast and allow you to physically plug in devices like VoIP adapters or a computer. Then you can connect your phone line to the adapter and bam! You have VoIP! Without all the geekery of speaking to your computer.

Many students might be interested in finding out that you can use your computer as a wireless VoIP bridge if you use your Wireless and Ethernet cards at the same time. Just, plug your phone adapter into the Ethernet port and grab a signal using your wireless card. Enjoy your VoIP!

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