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SIP Trunking and Simultaneous Calls

Posted on: September 4, 2018

Now that you have access to V1 VoIP’s SIP trunk services, you will need to determine the number of SIP trunks you will need is calculating your trunk requirements. To do this you will need to know your call volume and your bandwidth.

1. What is your call volume?
Call volume is the amount of both inbound and outbound calls made at the same time. If you are not running call monitoring trafficking software, have an assistant or receptionist keep track of the amount of inbound calls during the week. Have them monitor if one day is busier than another or a specific time of day? It is more important to know an approximate number of calls than to say one trunk for every four employees. For outbound calls, estimate how many employees are originating calls (versus answering incoming calls) during a busy hour and how long they are on the phone.

2. How much bandwidth do I need?
Once you understand your call volume needs, then you can determine the bandwidth you will need for your SIP trunks. You don’t want to waste bandwidth you don’t need. Most businesses new to SIP trunking have an inclination to either be super stingy with their bandwidth and hope the connection is clear enough for the company needs or to over-design for the highest clarity. V1 VoIP recommends to use approximately 20% additional bandwidth to be available to cover administrative traffic, control and signaling.

Do you have questions about your SIP trunk needs and how many simultaneous calls you will be able to pass? Contact V1 VoIP or sign up now for answers to your questions.

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