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SIP Trunking FAQs for Businesses and V1 VoIP Resellers

Posted on: September 19, 2017

V1 VoIP answers reseller business customer frequently asked Questions FAQ about SIP trunk services solutions

Have you heard of SIP trunking? It might be a completely unheard of of new technology you have never heard of. If you are in the VoIP world, SIP trunking is one of the most asked about services from V1 VoIP resellers. In short SIP trunks can save a business both time and money, both of which everyone wants.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about SIP trunking:

What does SIP mean?

SIP stands for Session Internet Protocol. When talking about SIP, a resellers means the technology used to create a connection that allows audio communication to take place between two parties using the internet instead of a landline. In this case, a connection can be made between computers, telephones, servers and/or PBX Systems.

OK, so what does SIP Trunking mean?

SIP trunking refers to the virtual phone line now used instead of a physical phone line. This means less maintenance, meaning a business can expect to save up to half off of their monthly communication bills. Most of the newer telephone systems are suited and ready for SIP trunking, which means you’re not going to need any extra equipment. But if your system is older, you may need to purchase a gateway that allows you to convert both analog and digital telephone calls.

Do I need more than one trunk?

You will probably need one SIP trunk installed for approximately every three users. If your business receives many calls at one time, you may need more SIP trunks installed.

What does SIP trunks mean for my bandwidth?

How much bandwidth you will need for SIP trunks will depend on how many calls you receive on a regular daily basis. IF necessary, the circuit can be expanded.

The feedback from V1 VoIP resellers is that businesses who have made the switch to SIP trunking services are very pleased with their SIP trunking services and only wished they would’ve signed up sooner. By signing up with a V1 VoIP reseller for SIP trunking services, you can merge your voice and data traffic together while saving on telephone costs and improving the overall reliability of your business communication system.

Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of SIP trunking services, contact V1 VoIP today for a free demo of our SIP trunking services and we will put you in touch with a reseller who can meet your business needs.

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