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Sip Viable Business Opportunity for VoIP Resellers

Posted on: November 26, 2020

A Viable Business Opportunity for VoIP Resellers
In the online world, VoIP communication is the norm. The VoIP industry is thriving but not all businesses are able to put up their own networks because of the large up-front investment needed for infrastructure and the specialized manpower required. VoIP reselling is a viable business option.

The reseller program of White Label Communications allows resellers to resell private label SIP trunk solutions and other VoIP applications to end users using their own company and brand. Since WLC provides all the infrastructure and expertise needed, prospective resellers can have more time focusing on reselling, cementing customer relationships and building no less than their own brands.

An organization is as good as its communications. Because of digitization and globalization, businesses use communications more today than ever before. Resellers can thus enjoy as much as 70 percent gross margins on recurring revenue because people now have more chances to stay connected wherever they may be.
The WLC platform is a versatile and flexible network that is able to meet the requirements of VoIP resellers as well as fulfill their customers’ needs. For instance, new features are continuously upgraded and moves, adds and changes are controlled remotely with no additional cost. Scalable from 1 to 1000 users, the private label SIP trunk service has an easy to use customer web portal, can run in offsite locations and can operate in a Bring Your Own Device or BYOD scenario. This means that whether you’re using an ISDN or analogue system, an open source PBX or a home grown proprietary network, WLC can customize the services that you require using your existing network with minor modifications.

After a seamless installation process, WLC continues to provide comprehensive support to meet any potential challenges that resellers face. With virtually no infrastructure to build and maintain, you can yet bring your business to new heights and improved bottom lines with VoIP reselling.