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Start Reselling Hosted PBX with V1 VoIP Today

Posted on: November 21, 2018

Hosted PBX is one of the fastest growing VoIP services as cloud-based technology becomes more accepted by businesses of all sizes. You can start your own Hosted PBX business with V1 VoIP today without any huge upfront costs in infrastructure. V1 VoIP provides you with the cloud-based switching and billing you need to start a scalable, profitable Hosted PBX business.

Here are the four keys to your Hosted PBX reselling business success:

1. Reliable Services
Uptime and performance is crucial to retaining lucrative business customers. Business customers are very different from residential customers in that they are more demanding of reliable service. A business phone service is the lifeline because if the business appears down, their own customers can walk. Just as they turn to you for reliability and uptime, you need to make sure your own technology offers the performance and peace of mind you can count on.

2. The latest IP Phones
You may upgrade your mobile phone every year, but surprisingly the same is not usually true of business phones. Phones need to be upgraded to match the internet protocol phone sets. Supplying IP phones is usually not a one size fits all endeavor, which is why V1 VoIP gives you access to a variety of trusted models and manufacturers for you to offer to businesses on a variety of budgets.

3. Provisioning
So your clients have phones, now you need to provision them to handle the wide variety of features. An automated provisioning solution will save you time and money, for fast and easy provisioning without needing a physical installer. Automated provisioning means that once the phone is plugged into an IP network, it can reach out to your switching environment and quickly download a complete provisioning profile to set up the phone.

4. Features! Features! Features!
How do you sell V1 VoIP’s Hosted PBX? By talking about all the features! There might be a feature for every problem that a business customer might have. Even if your customers rarely use a feature, just knowing it’s there can become a powerful selling point positioning your Hosted PBX business as a feature-rich robust provider.

Do you want to learn more and get started reselling our incredible Hosted PBX services? Contact V1 VoIP todayor sign up now. We only succeed when you do.

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