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Start Selling V1 Voip Prepaid Calling Cards

Posted on: September 28, 2017

how to start your own V1 VoIP calling card company business with prepaid pinless calling cards

V1 VoIP pinless calling card services are an especially popular service with VoIP resellers new to the industry. Among mobile phone end users, these pinless calling cards are an excellent an alternative to mobile operators’ outrageously high international rates and roaming fees. Whether prepaid or post pay calling cards, looking to launch a prepaid calling card business or simply add these services, V1 VoIP offers pinless VoIP calling card solutions in demand by resellers.

Prepaid and postpaid calling card services represent one of the fastest-growing types of enhanced voice services asked for by V1 VoIP resellers. VoIP resellers say from students and travelers to expatriates and far away family members, the growth of prepaid pinless calling card services are fueled by a variety of groups with various needs.

VoIP resellers and other service providers interested in offering V1 VoIP calling card services to a wide range of important target communities should contact V1 VoIP today to get started adding this profitable service to your portfolio of solutions.

Features of V1 VoIP pinless calling cards:

* Unlimited number of prepaid calling cards hosted by the V1 VoIP system
* Easy management of calling cards, batches and corresponding accounts (PINs)
* E-commerce module for web signup, and credit card payment system
* Customizable reporting of CDRs
* In-depth analysis per VoIP carrier based on traffic and generated revenues
* Fully compliant with the Visa security standard
* Toll free, original line information, roaming

If you are interested in the V1 VoIP pinless calling card solution, please contact a member of the V1 VoIP team now.

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