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Start Your Telecom Company with V1 VoIP Solutions

Posted on: November 30, 2021

Even the Goliaths of the VoIP industry had to get started somewhere. If you’re new to the VoIP marketplace, V1 VoIP offers complete turnkey VoIP solutions for beginners and those new to the market.

With V1 VoIP you can easily start a new VoIP company without additional costs with a cloud-hosted Class 5 V1 softswitch. Class 5 softswitches are intended for work with end-users. These softswitches are both for local and long distance telephony services. As a V1 VoIP reseller you can use it with our premium high-quality routes absolutely free of charge.

Get all the services as one package.

V1 VoIP’s softswitch is proprietary and the innovative was developed by V1 VoIP with PortaOne. The V1 VoIP Softswitch has integrated VoIP billing with advanced features and convenient report generation system. The range of services available in V1 VoIP softswitch is wide and includes: Calling card platform, Multilevel IVR ; Residential/Hosted IP PBX; Call Shop; SIP-trunking ; DID-numbers DID-number (Direct Inward Dialing) is a unique phone number assigned to an individual or company, completely unassociated with any physical land line, and programmed to ring to a specified destination number anywhere in the world. support, etc.

Don’t worry about server collocation. The V1 VoIP Class 5 VoIP softswitch is installed on company’s servers. Our servers are situated in large data-centers with stable Internet connection. V1 VoIP guarantees the stable and uninterrupted work of the servers and high level of data security.

You won’t have to wonder about route suppliers. V1 VoIP will provide you with A-Z routes in premium quality. Our company supplies the customers with high-quality VoIP services and VoIP products since 2004. We offer stable connection and competitive prices. V1 VoIP has long-term cooperation with major international telecommunications companies.

Get the complete VoIP solution for free now by contacting a V1 VoIP sales rep to get you started in the VoIP business.

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