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Successful Features of V1 VoIP Origination Resellers

Posted on: August 2, 2021

V1 VoIP explains successful features of VoIP origination service resellers

Whether you are new to the VoIP reseller game or have been offering origination services and solutions for years, V1 VoIP understands why our resellers succeed. Successful V1 VoIP resellers are able to showcase certain factors which make them relied upon by their customers for their inbound, origination services. Here’s a run down of these key features:

1. Price
Most businesses approached by V1 VoIP resellers care only about their bottom line. When it comes to offering a good price for origination services, resellers won’t be able to find lower than what V1 VoIP offers. V1 VoIP even offers both pre-paid or pay-as-you-go plans. Resellers simply need to figure out which payment plan works better for you and your company.

2. Quality
While our resellers are offering the lowest origination rates possible, V1 VoIP backs it up with our quality and our redundancy for reliability. V1 VoIP resellers feel confident knowing their service provider has taken the time and resources to invest in a redundant network with extensive coverage.

3. Coverage
You might be surprised by how many VoIP providers claim to offer global coverage when in fact their network offer offer only limited coverage at best. V1 VoIP has points of presence in multiple locations for amazing coverage.

4. Support
V1 VoIP resellers do not disappear into the night once a sale is made. Great VoIP origination resellers come with support teams that are there for their customers when they are needed.

While these four features might seem obvious, resellers with customers looking to make the switch to VoIP for their inbound, origination services see them as the four pillars to making a successful sale. V1 VoIP’s origination services set up our resellers for success. And when our resellers succeed, so do we! Contact a member of the V1 VoIP team today to learn more about reselling our origination services.

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