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Give Business Makeover with New V1 VoIP Phone Number

If your business is looking for an image makeover, a more targeted calling operation, increased visibility, or a phone number that makes a better impression on prospects, you might want to consider purchasing a new inbound number with your new phone system. Buying a new phone number gives you a chance to customize your number for the convenience of your customers. You can purchase a vanity, toll free, or vanity toll free number to increase your business’s visibility and accessibility.

Set Up Today
Get your business up and running so your team can start making and receiving calls right away. Purchasing a phone number from V1 VoIP will allow you to setup your phone system in some cases, less than a few hours. You can select and assign most inbound phone numbers directly from your phone system’s admin web page.

Vanity and Toll Free Numbers
A vanity number (555-BUY-CARS) spells out a name or phrase, which makes it easier for customers to remember your phone number. A vanity toll free number could make a difference in the way customers communicate with you and purchase your product. A toll free number (1-800-555-5555) allows customers to call you without incurring any charges. Studies have found consumers are< 75% more likely to recall a vanity toll free number than a numeric toll free number. Lower Phone Costs
Porting a phone number generally costs between $15 – $30 dollars per number. If you have multiple phone numbers than that can add up really quickly. In comparison, purchasing a new number comes at a relatively low cost. The average local area code number costs about $10 to purchase, along with a small monthly fee thereafter. Toll free numbers go for around $10, while vanity numbers can go for $30, with monthly charges thereafter. At these low rates, you can purchase not just a new inbound phone number, but a few outbound lines for calling customers outside of your area code.

Businesses in highly competitive markets like big cities have only so many phone numbers available within each area code, and in some cases, the scarcity of the numbers outweighs the demand to use them. That’s why finding a new number for a very popular area code might be tough. In this scneario, porting an existing number may be preferable to purchasing a new one with a different area code.

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