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V1 VoIP Streamlines Call Centers with ACD Queues


A VoIP call center works around a VoIP phone system. VoIP call centers usually are not only on a VoIP network but also use VoIP phones. V1 VoIP can streamline the effeciency of these call centers by providing automatic call distribution (ACD) queues.

Call centers are groups of workers that is set up to handle nothing but calls, calls, calls. Typically the incoming or outgoing calls are for one purpose, such as tech support, poll taking or sales. Regardless of the size of a company, they usually employ at least one call center, however you might not refer to it by that name. For example, a real estate company might employ 20 people with the majority being agents. However there might be two or three people whose sole purpose is to call and inform clients about open houses. They need a phone system that can handle calls correctly, minimize wait time for callers, and improve company efficiency, which only becomes more important for companies with more employees.

V1 VoIP specializes in inbound VoIP call centers and Automatic Call Distribution, or ACD queues. An inbound VoIP call center receives incoming calls and distributes them to the workers in the department handling calls. Think of calling customer support, it routes calls to the support department and reaches the first available person, which cuts down on the amount of hold time. This type of call routing across multiple people is handled by ACD queues. V1 VoIP ACD queues can have multiple methods for call distribution, such as load-balancing, or routing to a specific department based on description, or even hierarchical routing that moves entire groups of people in to help take calls when load is heavy. Even small companies like the real estate example, can benefit from V1’s well-implemented ACD routing.

Traditional call centers which use legacy phone switches have to wire all of the involved phones into one system, while a VoIP call center can enable the use of a VoIP phone from anywhere with a broadband internet connection. A feature of V1 VoIP call centers is workers that are part of the VoIP call center don’t need to work in the same location, as opposed to traditional phone lines or PBX equipment. This type of call center is known as a distributed call center, and allows for mobile workers or employees from satellite offices.

It doesn’t matter what kind of company you have or how many employees are working, we can streamline your technology, making it more efficient and save you money. To learn more about how V1 VoIP can help you implement a VoIP call center for your company with our state of the art ACD queues, contact a V1 VoIP call center representative today.

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