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V1 VoIP and Call Centers Make a Happy Marriage

V1 VoIP offers call centers features and benefits including cloud based hosted pbx and toll free numbers

By using an VoIP-based Internet calling network, V1 VoIP helps call centers save money and work more efficiently. At V1 VoIP, we offer call centers the features and benefits they need to succeed and handle many calls simultaneously. This is what makes V1 VoIP and call centers a happy marriage.

Non-VoIP phone systems often see difficulty with the high call frequency and low call duration commonly associated with call centers. However, VoIP offers lower bandwidth usage and provides many features you would think are designed with call centers in mind. With resourceful call management tools, call recording options (think of the voice that says ‘this call may be recorded’), and more powerful calling features, VoIP is a powerful asset for any call center.

V1 VoIP is proud to work with some amazing call centers. Here are the features that they love from us:

1. Cloud Hosted PBX
Along with being expensive to purchase and the time necessary for a business to be down to install, traditional PBX phone management system requires almost constant maintenance, which wastes both time and money. By using V1 VoIP’s cloud hosted PBX systems call centers eliminate the need for on-site hardware and the phone maintenance that comes with it. For a low monthly rate, call centers can simply connect to an off-site PBX located at V1 VoIP. From there, all of the hard work and skilled labor is done by us, letting call centers focus on actually taking and making calls instead of tinkering with the phone system all day.

2. Range of Toll Free Calling Options
Having a toll-free number gives a business a national presence and allows customers to contact them globally for free. A toll-free number serves as a catch-all for connecting users to a calling center. Toll-free numbers are offered at a much lower rate with V1 VoIP. V1 also has the ability to block certain toll-free numbers coming from unwanted sources, with the effects taking place immediately.

3. Virtual Numbers
V1 VoIP offers virtual phone numbers, which forward calls made to a custom phone number directly to a calling center. V1’s virtual numbers in the same area code as a target demographic give the impression that there is a call center in that region. The custom area codes for these numbers function as if they originated from that region, including the associated low rate of local calling for both parties.

4. Higher Quality, Lower Rates
When calls are sent in a digital format they are compressed more densely than traditional analog phone signals. They also require a far smaller infrastructure than the miles of telephone wires stretching across the country, which lowers the required costs for making calls. This allows for a call to be much higher in quality, meaning no more ‘can you hear me now?’ Higher audio quality means that customers will never have to hear a garbled message again, which boosts relations further.

If you are interested in obtaining V1 VoIP’s services for call centers, contact a member of our call center team now to answer any questions you may have.

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V1 VoIP Call Center Campaigns with Sip Dialers

Press 1 call center campaigns using SIP dialers

Everyone has been on the other end of a Press 1 call center campaign. You know those calls that ask you to ‘Press 1’ for a further option? That’s what we are talking about. If you are running a call center and are operating a Press 1 campaign, you need V1 VoIP and our high calls per second (CPS). If your call center has Press 1 campaigns with a SIP dialer and your current provider either doesn’t allow for the high calls per second or you are seeing too many dropped calls because of the high traffic, then you need V1 VoIP.

You want to be sure you find a SIP carrier that will give you enough capacity on your calls per second to maximize your dialers effectiveness. V1 VoIP is a SIP provider that can handles this kind of high volume traffic because of our switch. Many dialers are not very effective for press 1 campaigns because of the dialer ratio maximum settings. Some dialers max out at 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 and with the exception of high quality lead lists your dialer may not have the horsepower to truly maximize this kind of campaign. V1 VoIP is ready for your traffic!

Want to test us out? Start off with a program that charges for the minutes you use and see how effective this kind of campaign is going to be profitable enough to justify acquiring your own dialer that has the necessary speed.

V1 VoIP wants our users to make sure they are on top of the latest Federal Government rules and regulations when it comes to operating a call center. If you have not ventured into a call center campaign environment or are now considering launching one then there are a few components to address, such as the capabilities of your dialer and call compliance with the latest Federal rules. Here is a link to help you out: FTC Telemarketing Sales Rules.

If you would like to learn more about the power of V1 VoIP Dialer Rate decks, Localized DID numbers and how V1 VoIP SIP can help your Press 1 campaign, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the V1 VoIP call center specialized team.

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V1 VoIP Predictive Dialer Definitions To Know


Predictive dialers are a great way that V1 VoIP resellers are making money. Predictive dialers are an in demand product for call centers of all kinds and sizes and aid in their telecommunication campaignss. V1 VoIP offers resellers and white label resellers the solution of predictive dialers to their clients. Here are some definitions to V1 VoIP predictive dialers our resellers should know:

Predictive Dialer: Predictive dialing was introduced for the purpose of increasing efficiency within calling centers. They are computer based system that automatically dial groups of telephone numbers, and then passes live calls to available agents. The V1 VoIP predictive dialer utilizes sophisticated algorithms to speed up and slow down the call rate based on, number of available agents, number of available lines, the campaign’s average call time and other statistical information.

Auto dialer: makes thousands of calls screening for busy signals, no answers, fax machines while detecting answering machines/voicemail and delivers pre-recorded messages. V1 VoIP’s Auto Dialer is a low cost solution for voice broadcasting.

Dialer: generic term for any computer-driven device that places outbound calls and connects the answered calls to an agent or operator.

Agent: telephone professional to whom a predictive dialer sends the ready call.

Quick Connect: Quick Connect allows your agents to log in one-to-one with a phone line. This option is great for B2B purposes, especially when your agent needs to be on the phone line through the entire call.

Fixed Dialing: Fixed Dialing gives your call center manager the power to manually set the volume of calls. The software will then automatically dial a predetermined number of lines per agent. Fixed dialing is ideal for political campaigns, charity campaigns, and other situations drop call ratios are not a factor.

If you are interested in becoming a provider of predictive VoIP dialers as a V1 reseller, contact a member of the V1 VoIP dialer team today to get started.

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Hidden Advatages of Predictive Dialers in Call Centers


In order to have a successful call center there’s really only one word that will achieve it: volume. This is where the predictive or auto dialer comes in. The predictive dialer is the main ingredient to making lots, and we mean massive amounts of calls among customer service and call centers. But did you know that predictive dialers provide additional advantages which are often overlooked? Here are a few V1 VoIP would like you to know about

An average increase of at least 50% in talk time (and consequently, an increase in sales). According to this blog post by Promero, the predictive dialer doubles the call center agent’s sales power by the system’s prediction of when the agent will finish his or her current phone call, and dialing the next customer.

Overall call center productivity
Thanks to the predictive dialer system’s prediction algorithms, scheduling, callbacks and agent-matching capabilities, a call center ends up reaching out to more customers and generating more sales per day.

Good Leads
In addition to the automation of recycling voicemails and busy numbers which ensure high conversions of call leads, predictive dialers help in keeping leads hot since call leads require quick calling in order to leverage the leads and keep them fresh. The predictive dialer does just that.

Real-time call statistics
This valuable data or real-time visibility lets call centers know in real-time how their agents are performing, the call volume handled at any given time, and each call’s duration, among other important variables.

The predictive dialer ensures call centers and their call campaigns comply with regulations, which means call center owners needn’t worry about the risk of paying huge fines for not complying.

Sales Agent Confidence
Predictive dialers tend to boost a call agents’ mood as the auto dialer offers a diversified blend of inbound and outbound calls throughout the day. This helps to take the edge off the daily routine. Additionally, the auto-dialers help agents become more successful, taking a big part in calling customers at the right timing, and setting the overall pace and flow of calls.

V1 VoIP offers highly competitive rate decks of dialer termination and short duration for call centers. Add all these hidden benefits to your call center by contact V1 VoIP to get more information on our dialer.

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