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V1 VoIP Recalls the History of Caller ID

V1 VoIP recalls the history of the caller ID feature

Caller ID is one of the most asked for feature from V1 VoIP resellers. Whether is business or residential, we live in a world where we want to see who is calling. Here is V1 VoIP’s history of caller ID and how it is implemented in the VoIP world.

Caller ID is two bits of information: the caller’s number and the subscriber name associated with that caller’s number. This information is transferred in the following way: When a call is made, the originating phone switch sends the caller’s number. Then, with the caller’s number, the callee’s service provider is responsible for looking up the caller’s subscriber name.

Caller ID began as a vanity feature for calls, and is still considered one. Caller ID was born with BellSouth as one of the ‘TouchStar’ services on July 7, 1984 in Orlando, Florida. According to Wikipedia, the Lines of Business marketing department in BellSouth Services named the service ‘Caller ID’. When it was developed, the world was primarily a realm of Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines, and the caller information was tied to the Central Office switch to which the wires were connected. Since there were also relatively few carriers at the time, it was easy to keep track of the caller ID information in one place.

Today is a completely different world, with mobile, wireless and VoIP phones, hundreds of local/long distance carriers, Baby Bell breakups, consolidations and mergers, the map has gotten much more fragmented.

Unlike phone numbers and DNS, wherein there are internationally recognized databases that are authoritative sources, there is no central authority or regulation for caller ID. There are no FCC guidelines regarding its accuracy by carriers. While there are federal regulations regarding telemarketers and spoofing, carriers can maintain their caller ID databases as they see fit.

At V1 VoIP, our resellers are happy to offer Caller ID to their customers. Contact us now to learn more about how Caller ID can be used by your customers and make sure you are providing this feature.

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