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Calling Internationally through V1 VoIP

V1 VoIP resellers out-price our landline competitors on international calls. Placing an international call through V1 VoIP is cheaper, quicker and often clearer—the same goes for receiving calls.

Before outlining the components of an international number, it’s important to emphasize the fact international calls through V1 VoIP do not use trunk codes—a single digit which precedes the domestic area code. Dialing internationally is not the same as calling domestically, as users quickly discover. There are more numbers involved, and thus first-timers can get confused.

An Exit Code—All countries have been assigned a number for outward dialing; an International Direct Dialing Number (IDD)—All countries have been assigned a number for incoming international callers.

Don’t ask us why, but international calls placed to cell phones typically do not require area codes either. This is because many countries use national dialing formats, distinguished only by a different starting digit. With that said, run a mobile code search when in doubt: doing so will save you the hassle of figuring out the proper international call formula.

Some service providers block international calls—both incoming and outgoing. There are many reasons providers do this, though at times the user does not realize it him or herself. Before calling a person internationally, then, inquire about any blocks that might interfere with your connectivity.

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